[Charming] 10 Best Romantic Animes To Watch In 2023

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Top Romance Anime: Today we will talk about the Best Romantic Animes to watch in 2023. So in this article, we enlist the updated best romance anime series that you shouldn’t miss.

As we have come to the end of the year 2022 many romantic animes have been released all through this year. In the anime community, the Romantic genre is one of the most popular genres of all time, not to mention most of us fans mainly look for the animes of this genre to watch.

Romantic anime mostly focuses on building up the love between two or more characters. Sometimes love can be brutal, sacrificing, understanding, or even funny. This type of anime teaches us the value of love in one person’s life.

In today’s list, we will be sharing 10 new, popular, or even some ongoing romance animes. We made this list based on the story, character development, comedy, etc. Before starting we would like to let you know there is no ranking in this list below.

Best Romantic Anime Series To Watch

[Charming] 10 Best Romantic Animes To Watch In 2023

My Stepmom’s Daughter Is My Ex

This is the story of two teenagers Irido Mizuto and Yume Ayai who happened to be a couple in middle school. But they decided to break up just before entering high school, by fortune, their parents got remarried one another and they became step-siblings.

Now the story mainly focuses on a former couple becoming step-siblings and to maintain their newly found relationship they will make some of their own rules. And many kinds of stuff will happen in between.

This anime goes on our list with an overall rating of 6.79/10.

[Charming] 10 Best Romantic Animes To Watch In 2023

Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie

A young high school boy named Yuu Izumi whose life is filled with one mishap after another. Izumi faces trouble at every little turn of his life. Now that he is in the second year of his high school life, he wishes to spend more time with his cute girlfriend named Micchon Shikimori.

Shikimori is athletic, caring, and very popular at their school. Now that they are dating for years now, Izumi has seen a whole different side of his cute girlfriend and he thinks she is cool. Whenever Izumi faces trouble for his bad luck, his cute yet cool girlfriend was there to protect him. And one day Izumi’s bad luck will surely end thanks to cute Shikimori.

This anime is worth being in the list of “Best Romantic Animes to watch till 2023” with an overall rating of 6.94/10. 

[Charming] 10 Best Romantic Animes To Watch In 2023

Rent-a-Girlfriend Season 2

Rent-a-Girlfriend anime is exactly what it sounds like. Although it is in 2nd season right now, the previous story continues where our main character named Kazuya Kinoshita fell for a girl named Chizuru Mizuhara who works as a rental girlfriend and also as an actress. our MC Kazuya wishes to tell Chizuru how he truly feels about her and really wants to support her and her dreams.

Besides these two there are a few more female characters who are involved with Kazuya.

This goes in our bucket with an overall rating of 6.80/10 (although I think it deserves a solid 7.40/10).

[Charming] 10 Best Romantic Animes To Watch In 2023

When will Ayumu make his move?

A middle school kendo champion Ayumu Tanaka fell in love with his high school senior at first sight. Because of the want to see and talk to her, our main character joins the Shogi club with his senpai/senior Urshi Yaotome being the club president or we would say the only member of this club.

Urshi slowly starts to understand how Ayamu feels about her and she decides to stay quiet about it and waits for Ayamu to make his first move. Because Ayamu is the kind of guy who can say something embarrassing with a straight face our female lead every time gets embarrassed instead.

This anime definitely deserves a place in the “Best romance animes” list with an overall rating of 7.06/10.

[Charming] 10 Best Romantic Animes To Watch In 2023

A Couple of Cuckoos

Nagi Umino a book nerd student and Erika Amano a social media influencer, were not aware of each other until they found out that they were swapped at birth.

And right after knowing the biggest truths of their life, they were told that they are now engaged with each other. They didn’t like the idea at first but they agreed anyway and while living together they discovered many things about each other.

Aside from Nagi and Erika, two more important characters make this anime a real deal. With an overall rating of 7.03/10, it makes it in our top romance anime list.

[Charming] 10 Best Romantic Animes To Watch In 2023

More than a married couple, but not lovers

A high school student Jirou Yakuin is in love with his childhood friend named Shiori Sakurazaka. Because of this, he hopes to get paired up with her for marriage practicals. But instead of her, he gets paired up with a gyaru girl he feared, Akari Watanabe who also dreams to get paired up with her crush Tenjin.

Because the school selected pairs they started living together and they started to work hard just to reach tier A so that they can switch partners with their crushes.

This is an ongoing anime going on our list with an overall rating of 7.54/10 based on released episodes.

[Charming] 10 Best Romantic Animes To Watch In 2023

Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang out! Season 2 

This is the story of a girl named Hana Uzaki who loves her senior/senpai from high school but doesn’t understand that herself on the other hand her senpai Shinichi Sakurai also started liking her when they started hanging out in college. This is a prequel to the previous season. There are some new characters introduced in season 2 like Hana’s full family.

This is also an ongoing anime where we will see how things will turn out between these two and what their ending relationship will look like.

Uzaki chan Wants to Hang out season 2 goes on our list with a rating of 7.37/10 based on released episodes.

[Charming] 10 Best Romantic Animes To Watch In 2023

Call of the Night 

A boy named Kou Yamori is a normal high school boy who doesn’t understand the concept of love. He stops going to school because he feels he doesn’t fit in this culture of life. He suffers from insomnia due to all kinds of thoughts at night.

At night he suddenly starts roaming around on the empty streets and encounters a strange, weird girl named Nazuna Nanakusa who believes people are dissatisfied with their lives and that’s why they can’t sleep at night.

Later he gets bitten by Nazuna and finds out that she is a vampire. Much weird stuff roams around in his mind but it all clears off in an instant after Nazuna assures him the only way he can turn into a vampire is he must be bitten by someone he truly loves. Now our boy really wants to love this vampire girl and also make her fall for him.

And this one goes to our best love story anime with an overall rating of 8.09/10. 

[Charming] 10 Best Romantic Animes To Watch In 2023


Kiyoko Hori is an extroverted outgoing girl who is loved by every person in school, on the other hand, Izumi Miyamura is an introverted guy with no friends because of his mysterious aura. Even though they are in the same class they have never talked before. One day evening after school Izumi rescues Hori,s little brother and brings him back to their home. After recognizing Izumi Hori was hesitant to call him inside because of her being totally different from school right now. 

Because of that day, Miyamura started coming over almost every evening after school. They soon discover different sides of one another, and just like that Hori and Izumi started to develop feelings for each other.

Although this anime also features quite more interesting love affairs, this is the main focused one. It is one of the best romantic animes to watch in 2023 still if you’ve not watched out.

It is the only anime that came out in 2021 on our list with an overall rating of 8.20/10.

[Charming] 10 Best Romantic Animes To Watch In 2023

My Dress-up Darling

Wakana Gojou, a simple high school student spends his days perfecting the art of making Hina dolls. He wishes to inherit the shop by reaching the same skill level as his grandfather. One day he encounters a girl named Marin Kitagawa in the sewing room struggling with her costume and soon he finds out that this pretty girl Marin is into cosplay. Amazed by their sewing ability Gojou Marin requests him to help her with his dress.

And after completing one cosplay costume they start working together on one cosplay outfit after another and they can not help but grow close and discover each other’s secrets. Even though there is a thick wall parting their worlds.

My Dress-up Darling is the last anime appearing in our “Best Romance Animes till 2023 to Watch” list with an overall rating of 8.30/10.

Watch this anime and thank us later. We assure you these 10 romantic animes are worth your time. These animes will remind you of the importance of love in one’s life. These animes are not just romantic, they will entertain you at every turn of the episodes with comedy(comedy romance), drama, and many more but for that, you have to watch them first.

With this, we are afraid that our meeting has come to an end. Even though there are many more animes we haven’t mentioned but truly your time is worth it.

I think this is the time to say our goodbyes, well at least for now because we will soon be back with a new anime list of other genres until then farewell my friends, go and enjoy your anime. Let us know what you have watched already among these. 

We keep updating with the upcoming new romantic anime series when it will release. 

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