Top 10 Strongest Characters of Dr. Stone

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Today I will enlist the Top 10 Strongest Characters of Dr. Stone. Dr. Stone is a gem of new gen anime and it has a lot of powerful characters I will enlist Top 10 Most Powerful Characters in Dr. Stone.

Dr Stone is a sci-fi, adventure, supernatural, time-travel, genre anime while being sci-fi genre this anime remains quite realistic and always shows inventions, discoveries known to mankind and the story takes place on Earth. There is only one fantasy but that one day out of nowhere a green light covered the whole Earth and every living being is now petrified which has led to the destruction of modern civilisation.

Everyone who has been petrified has now lost consciousness and fallen into a deep sleep wherein our main protagonist Senku Ishigami a 16-year-old boy is one of the people who still had consciousness even after being petrified and was counting to evaluate how much time he had been petrified which was about 3700 years.

After this amount of time, there was no sign of human civilization and Senku determined to rebuild civilization which is quite possible for him due to his vast knowledge of science and intelligence. Here are the top 10 strongest characters in Dr stone up until 3rd season of the anime.

10. Magma

Magma Dr. Stone

Magma is one of the villagers who lived in Isigami village and was the antagonist for some time because he wanted to become the village king and is considered the strongest in the village.


He is a muscle head and is not good at anything else than physical work or fighting due to his muscle strength and thinks that he can solve any problem with his strength.

9. Kinro

Kinro Dr. Stone

Kinro is the Isigami Villages main guard and always follows the rules whatever the situation may be he is loyal and always sides with justice though he and Ginro are both village guards and their strength increases when they both are together but Kinro is still the main reason as Ginro is quite incompetent.


Kinro is a spear user and once was gifted a gold spear from Senku as a gift. He also thinks that Science is important and tries to learn many new things. He is also near-sighted and Senku helped him by making powered spectacles for him. Without a doubt, he is one of the Top 10 Strongest Characters of Dr. Stone.

8. Ukiyo Saionji

Ukiyo Saionji Dr, Stone

Ukiyo was one of the people from the modern world and was a sonar man in a submarine. He was de-petrified by Tsukasa and joined his group against Senku’s Science Kingdom but when both kingdoms merged he joined Senku’s Science Kingdom.


He is ranked 8th because his hearing skill makes him a perfect sniper. He usually uses a bow and arrows to fight. And later he became the sonar man for the ship Senku made.

7. Niki Hanada

Niki Hanada Dr. Stone

Niki is one of the people from the modern world and one of the strongest women after Kohaku in the science kingdom. She also joined the Science Kingdom after the stone war. She is a die-hard fan of Lillian an American singer


She just has brute strength and also does possess quite a normal level of intelligence not like other Tsukasa’s Kingdom muscle head. Without a doubt, she is one of the Top 10 Most Powerful Characters of Dr. Stone.

6. Kirisame

Kirisame Dr. Stone

Kirisame is from the petrification kingdom where Senku’s group went and is considered the strongest woman warrior and the one who possesses the ability to use the petrification beam but uses it when commanded by Ibara.


She has good aiming skills and is the one who possesses and knows what the device used for the petrification beam is. She is also good at close combat and her strengths rival Kohaku.

5. Taiju Oki 

Taiju Oki Dr. Stone

Taiju is from modern civilization and is Senku’s childhood friend and is an honest kind-hearted boy who despite his great stamina and power always seeks a solution without fighting. 


He is not the brightest and is quite a musclehead but has a great amount of stamina. 

4. Hyugo

Hyugo Dr. Stone

Hyugo is from modern civilisation and is an antagonist who still hasn’t changed and is being locked as a prisoner by Senku’s group as he follows Tusaka’s dream but a little bit differently as he thinks that only young talented people should get de-petrified and others should be killed and still holds that vision.


He is also a spear user and uses modern and specialised techniques to fight using a spear and was considered the second strongest to Tsukasa.

3. Kohaku

Kohaku Dr. Stone

She is from Ishigami village and is the younger sister of the Ruri who is the priestess of the Isigami village. She is most loyal to Senku and is considered the strongest woman in Isigami Village.


She has great strength, speed, and coordination. Her hunting skills are quite good and got great eyesight. She is also good at close combat.

2. Moz

Moz Dr. Stone

Moz is from the petrification village and is considered the strongest male warrior and fancies women.


Though Moz wasn’t shown fighting that much. He is the strongest warrior and he thinks he could even beat Kirisame and Kohaku and because he is so powerful he is never cautious about anything. He is very perceptive and was able to evaluate Kohaku’s strengths and says that he wants to spar with her sometime.

1. Tsukasa Shishio

Tsukasa Shishio Dr. Stone
Tsukasa Shishio – Strongest Dr. Stone Character

Tsukasa is from the modern civilization and he was de-petrified by Senku and Taigu to fight lions. He is considered the strongest primate high schooler and was the antagonist for some time as his goal was to make the new world of only good people and young ones not of those old scumbag humans that’s why he even tried to kill Senku because he knows that his dream won’t be fulfilled if Senku lives. But he couldn’t kill Senku so he made another Empire The Empire of Might and only de-petrified those who qualified.


He is the strongest primate high schooler and was able to defeat even lions and is quick to understand the situation and is quite able to lead a group of people and maintain order. He is quick to react and act and has a high intellect and knows that if someone can bring back civilization then it is Senku.

Article Summary


Well, the above ranking is fully based on strength and how quickly they can adapt and fight but Senku with some time and if prepared with his scientific instrument can win against every one of them with the help of Science Kingdom’s people. Most modern people don’t know how to fight as there is no need for those who are descended from the remaining people alive to struggle for survival have gotten stronger.

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