Top 10 Strongest Characters in The Rising of The Shield Hero (Updated)

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In this article, I have listed the Top 10 strongest characters in the Rising of the Shield Hero. As an Isekai anime The Rising of the Shield Hero is filled with many powerful characters and I will enlist the 10 Most Powerful Characters in The Rising of the Shield Hero.

Tate no Yusha no Nariagari or, in English, The Rising of The Shield Hero is a Japanese anime series within the genres of Dark Fantasy and Isekai. This series has been written by Aneko Yusagi and illustrated by Seira Minami.

The story focuses on the life of Naofumi Iwatani who was summoned to another World wielding the Legendary Shield to fight against the inter-dimensional hordes of monsters called the Waves. But being betrayed and mocked by everyone, he starts his lone journey to become strong and searches for a way to return to his world.

The ranking is done based on the strengths and achievements they have accomplished at the end of the second season of the anime. So, engage yourself in the Top 10 Strongest Characters in The Rising of The Shield Hero.

10. Itsuki Kawasumi

Itsuki Kawasumi

Itsuki Kawasumi is one of the summoned Cardinal Heroes who yields the Bow, a supporting weapon having a great attacking advantage with excellence in accuracy and damage but is inept in defense. Itsuki thinks of himself to be the strongest and so, undergoes secret missions to kill corrupt nobles to earn the respect and praise of the citizens.

Itsuki, being the Bow Hero has the main strategy to use his powerful damaging arrows toward the closest enemy and protect his team. Being in the dilemma of being the ultimate hero, he was driven by the principles of justice and superiority. He hates others when they overshadow him and practices regularly for bigger achievements.

9. Ren Amaki

Ren Amaki

Ren Amaki is one of the summoned Cardinal Heroes who yields the Sword, a highly lethal weapon, dealing killing blows to his enemies. He is one of the powerful heroes and is renowned as the Sword Hero with exceptional swordsman skills but he acts as a lone warrior, treating his teammates as extra support, with his intentions to upgrade and strengthen himself.

Ren, being a former VRMMO gamer, thinks his new life too is a part of some game, and hence his presence of mind at the required time lacks which caused the death of several villagers from the poison of the zombie dragon. Ren often attacks carelessly and heeds to none but he believed in Naofumi when he was falsely accused. Without a doubt, he is one of the Top 10 strongest characters in the Rising of the Shield Hero

8. Motoyasu Kitamura

Motoyasu Kitamura

Motoyasu Kitamura is one of the summoned Cardinal Heroes who yields the Spear, a highly combative weapon that deals a great deal of damage to his opponents. Being the strongest and titled the Spear Hero, Motoyasu commands the other heroes and practices daily to increase his combat powers as the frontier warrior.

Motoyasu is naive, gullible, and too loyal to his allies. He is a muscle head who is swayed by the conspiracy of his teammate, Malty against the Shield Hero, Naofumi Iwatani, and supported her. Being controlled in her palm, he deliberately offended and hated Naofumi and even attacked him based on false accusations.

7. Therese Alexanderite

Therese Alexanderite

Therese Alexanderite is one of the heroes of another world who came into Naofumi’s world to defeat the Cardinal heroes, mainly the Shield Hero. She is a member of the Jewel Race and reflects a calm, composite, and courteous character. She is extremely powerful dealing both attacking and defensive magic spells through the gemstones present on her body.

Being a companion of L’Arc, Therese is one of the most powerful heroes of the other world and also the strongest mage who is a reliable supporter of the team as well as can suit her position on the attack and defense lines when required. She is a gemstone collector and gets excited about splendid gem works and crafts.

6. L’Arc Berg Sickle

L’Arc Berg Sickle

L’Arc Berg Sickle is the Vassal Scythe wielder of the other world beyond the Waves and hence called the Scythe Hero. Though he is the king of the country of the other world, he is a carefree and relaxed person and likes freedom. He has high morals, is kind to his people and subjects, and never hurt those who are not involved in his missions.

L’Arc is one of the strongest heroes and is a great warrior. He could take on and easily defeat the three Cardinal Heroes and even fought the Shield Hero on equal grounds. His attacks deal heavy damage and even cannot be stopped by the legendary Shield of the Shield Hero as his scythe can deal penetrating attacks. These feats alone are testimonial for him to be in this list of Top 10 Most Powerful Characters of The Rising of The Shield Hero.

5. Raphtalia


Raphtalia is a beast-woman who is the first dependable companion of the Shield Hero, Naofumi Iwatani. Raphtalia’s parents died and their village was destroyed by the Waves and she became a slave of the Slave Merchant. Later, after being sold to Naofumi, she regained her health and hopes for the future and swore to support her master as the sword.

Raphtalia was trained by Naofumi to wield a weapon and attack his enemies because of his inefficiency in attacking. Being a demi-human, she is extremely fast and strong and was chosen as the Katana Hero, wielding the Vassal Katana of the other world. She is permanently bonded with Naofumi and has deep feelings for him.

4. Glass

Glass The Rising of the Shield Hero

Glass is one of the strongest heroes of the other world beyond the intermediate Waves belonging to the race of spirit people. She wields the Vassal Fan and hence called the Fan Hero and together with her spiritual powers, she is one of the strongest heroes. She has a stern, cold, and serious look and has a strong sense of loyalty to her friends.

Glass, while invading Naofumi’s World, she defeated the three Cardinal heroes except for Naofumi. She fought him on equal grounds and even put him at a disadvantage but later, got defeated with his shield’s soul eaters’ powers depleting her spiritual powers. Her infinite stamina and endurance makes her worthy of being the strongest hero.

3. Kyo Ethnina

Kyo Ethnina

Kyo Ethinina is one of the main antagonists of the anime, The Rising of the Shield Hero who is known as the Book Hero, one of the Vassal Wielders from the other world. He refers himself to be a genius, creating cunning and devilish ideas and stealthy attacks and his wish to control the Waves of Calamity causing chaos in both his world as well as in Naofumi’s world.

Kyo used the power of his Vassal weapon in the wrong way and for the wrong purpose, hence was despised by The Book, the Vassal Weapon. His experience of adventuring the World gave him the knowledge to invade Naofumi’s world and take control over the Spirit Tortoise.

He used the Spirit Tortoise’s energy to create demonic weapons and created his Wave of Calamity bringing chaos and destruction in his world. Later in his fight against Naofumi, the Sheild Hero he was defeated by the most powerful attacking laser beam of the Spirit Tortoise shield. Without a doubt, he is one of the Top 10 Rising of the Shield Hero Strongest Characters.

2. Naofumi Iwatani

Naofumi Iwatani

Naofumi Iwatani is the protagonist of The Rising of The Shield Hero anime series. He led a normal life in Tokyo, Japan but was suddenly summoned into a world of magic and fantasy to serve as the Shield Hero, wielding the Legendary Shield. Being the only Cardinal Hero having no attacking power, he was treated harshly and was betrayed and falsely accused by his companion and princess, Malty. 

Being treated as a criminal and despised by the citizens, he left the capital to become strong and clear his name from the false accusation. He despised every citizen of the world and formed a team with dependable companions namely, Rapthtalia, Filo, and Melty and which was strong enough to defeat the Waves single-handedly.

Naofumi leveled himself up and made his shield capable of dealing both attacking and defensive attacks. He unlocked the Wrath Shield due to his rage and hatred which gave him immense energy to defeat his enemies. Moreover, the Spirit Tortoise Shield gave him the most powerful attacking beam, making him the strongest of all the heroes.

1. Fitoria & Filo

Fitoria & Filo
Fitoria & Filo – Strongest Characters in Rising of the Shield Hero

Fitoria is the former queen of the Filolials and is called the Carriage Hero in the anime The Rising of the Shield Hero. She was raised and brought up by the previous Sheild Hero and has survived for many generations to prevent the conflict between future Cardinal Heroes. She is the strongest character having immeasurable powers who killed the sealed dragon in a single hit.

Filo is one of the main and strongest characters and serves as the Carriage Hero for the Shield Hero, Naofumi Iwatani as she was raised by him. She defeated Fitoria in a mock battle in their human forms and was titled the Filolial Queen. She is young, inexperienced, and childish and often acts like a spoiled child but she is smart and caring towards everyone especially Melty, her friend.

Though Filo has not yet developed the full potential of the former Filolial Queen, Fitoria, she has exceptional powers and may exceed Fitoria soon. Moreover, her immense strength and unbelievably speedy attacks make her worthy to be one of the strongest in the anime.

Your Questions on The Rising of The Shield Hero

Is there Shield Hero season 3?

Yes, the anime is renewed for Season 3. Crunchyroll has officially confirmed it and soon we will get to see its new teaser or trailer for Season 3.

Is season 2 of Shield Hero over?

After the immense popularity of the 1st Season. They started airing the 2nd Season of The Rising of The Shield Hero on 6th April 2022 and Season 2 ended on 29th June 2022.

Does Naofumi become the strongest?

Naofumi is indeed one of the strongest characters in the series. But he has not become the Strongest yet. But with his exceptional growth rate & broken powers soon he will be on the top of the chain.

Article Summary


This anime is one of the Best Isekai Animes in 2023. and it will be releasing its third season very soon. So, if you have not yet watched this anime, then you have missed a masterpiece of an anime with a serious plot and amazing character development.

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