4Anime: Free Anime Streaming Website Review

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4Anime Website: Today I’m going to share my experience with the free anime streaming platform 4anime. Is 4anime legal? Is there any risk if you are using 4 anime and many more doubts? Clear all doubts about this free streaming platform.

If you are an anime lover then you might come across the 4anime site and you might think that is this website legal. So today in this post I am going to tell a 4anime website review so let’s get started 

What is 4anime? 

4anime is a popular anime streaming website developed by some anime enthusiasts, which is loved by anime viewers worldwide.

This website provides anime episodes for free to the viewers. That’s why 4anime gained a massive audience within a few years. 

4anime website history  

4 anime websites were first started in the year 2016 and after 2 years this site gradually became popular among anime lovers. 

After 2 years this site faces some serious legal cases due to privacy reasons and was taken down by the government. 

Many anime lovers who were dependent on this site felt sad after getting ban of this site but after a few months this website came up with a new interface and got relaunched with a new domain name this time 4anime tools complete care of user privacy to avoid serious security concerns  

Is 4anime safe and legit to watch anime? 

Due to some privacy concerns, this website was banned by the government but after reintroducing 4anime tools full care of user privacy and security so now it is safe to watch. 

But 4anime site as a streaming platform is considered a pirated or illegal site that copies streams and videos from other paid legit platforms and publishes it for free on its platform but still anime lovers like this site because it is providing free content whether it is legal or illegal.  But still, it is not recommended to watch from these kinds of websites.

This website uses pop ads for its monetization which is quite irritating to the viewers but still, viewers compromise it by removing them.

Does the 4anime website have an app? 

No, currently 4anime website does not have launched any app maybe in the future they will launch it. There are certain apps with the name 4anime but they are not made officially by the 4anime website. 

What do you think? Will 4anime will launch any app? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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Is 4anime still running or stopped?

4anime was shut down in many areas a few months back but now it is accessible in most areas and users can use it freely for streaming anime.

But for providing pirated content 4anime is still in trouble and may face some serious legal cases and government may ban the 4anime sites anytime.

Is there any risk to using 4anime?

No, there is no risk in using the 4anime site because of the site’s new privacy policy it will take complete care of user security so without any fear, users can access and use the 4anime site.

If you don’t want to use the 4anime site then you can try out the below alternatives.

Disclaimer: Even if using 4Anime is not advised, it is safe to do so if you know how to be safe online. Remember to ignore any pop-ups from 4Anime that prompt you to download software or click on external links if you ever see them. This could be the start of a fraud or a trick to trick you into downloading questionable software. We

What Types of anime are available on 4anime?

The types of anime which are available on 4anime are as follows

1. Action Anime:- This includes physical fights and action scenes 

2. Romance Anime:- This includes love, bonding and attraction, and relationships

3. Adventure Anime:- this includes finding new places and exploring 

4. Comdey Anime:- these anime intend to entertain people with the funny and comedy scenes in it 

5Horror Anime:- includes scary stories and aims to frighten.

There are many such types in the anime that which 4anime website shows.

Top 5 Best 4anime Alternatives to watch anime.  

If you have privacy or trust issues regarding this website you can try out some of its alternatives which I have provided below  

1. Crunchyroll:  According to me Crunchyroll is the best alternative for 4anime because Crunchyroll has a huge library of anime content that you can watch for free without any disturbing popup ads. 

Crunchyroll has an easy and user-friendly interface that is easy to handle, there is also a premium plan available in which you will get more external premium features unlocked. 

2. Kisscartoon: The reason for including kisscartoon in the best alternatives for 4anime is its huge collection of anime, cartoons, and many more movies and programs, which is accessible for free. 

Mostly this website is popular among kids and teenagers who enjoy watching anime. 

3. Anime planet: It is a free streaming platform as in the name it is a collection of anime, gradually this website is becoming popular day by day among anime lovers because of its huge collection of anime for free. 

The best thing that I like about this website is its interface and easy navigation. 

4. Funimation: Funimation is considered the most trusted platform because it is produced by legit company sony pictures. The collection of the website includes anime episodes. 

For anime lovers who love to watch anime in English, this website is the best platform because it provides dubbed content in English and various languages.

 5. Animefreak: This platform consists of a large collection of anime episodes that are accessible to everyone for free.

This website’s user interface is easy and simple which helps users to navigate through it.

Is 4anime the best platform to see anime?

4anime website is not the best but a decent platform to see anime series or movies.

The reason that I don’t consider the 4anime website as the best platform because of the pop-up ads which is displayed on the website, which are quite irritating.

There are many alternatives to 4anime which I already mentioned above, which do not show pop-up ads and are easy to navigate.


So guys in this post I reviewed the 4anime website in detail. From my point, I didn’t find any security concerns or privacy fear using the 4anime website, because a few years ago after getting banned this website modifies its privacy policies and terms and conditions and got relaunched so I don’t think there is any risk in using this site

Still, if you have any trust issues regarding the 4anime website then please try out its alternatives which I have provided in the post.

Disclaimer: Please note that the following website review is based on my personal opinion and experience, and may not necessarily reflect the views of others. It is also possible that the website may have changed since the time of my review. Therefore, I advise that you use your judgment and do your research before making any decisions based on this review

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