AkaGami Anime Quiz Contest 2022

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Hurrah! Finally, AnimeTel presents a big free anime quiz contest called AkaGami for you guys. Registration has been started for this anime quiz contest from 10 August onwards. There are many exciting prize pools for winners of the anime quiz contest

The Contest has been cancelled due to a technical problem.

Motto Of This Contest

To Create a balanced enthusiastic engaging and enjoyable anime atmosphere among every anime lover and fan.

Registration & Important Dates

Registration Date: 10 August to 5 September

Quiz Date: 11 September │Attempt Any Time on the day as per your comfort.

Registration Fees: Only 0.99 $ (Indian currency: 79 RS)

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Registration Process: For registration click here or register now(Button). Registration is done at the register.animetel.com

Eligibility: Anyone who loves and watches anime.

Anime Quiz Contest Rules

  1. In the contest, there are 25 questions related to everything about anime and manga. .
  2. Duration: 6 minutes, Topic: All About Anime.
  3. +4 for every correct answer, -1 for every incorrect answer, and 0 for unattempted.
  4. At any stage, it is found that if a candidate uses any cheating, their registration is going to be canceled.
  5. Tie Breaking Rules: Among the 25 questions, there is 5 star (*)marking. If more than one candidate has the same score, then prioritize on the basis of less negative marking candidates. If again the same then consider another star marking question. Candidates who correct more star marking questions will be given a higher rank.
  6. You have to attempt the test on the entire day of 18 September from 00:00 to 23:59.You can attempt only one time and the duration of the contest is 6 minutes.
  7. An email has been sent before 2 days of the test with the proper time zone checker. So that you can check and set your time as per your country.
  8. The AnimeTel team has the right to take any steps  (like cancel registration etc.) without any reason and the decision taken by Animetel is final.

Prize Pool

For 100+ Registration

  • 1st prize – Anime Printed T-shirt/Anime Wall posters + Printable Digital Anime Planners
  • 2nd to 5th – Crunchyroll 1 Month Membership (Sharing) + Printable Digital Anime Planners (Worth 25 $)
  • 6th to 10th – Printable Digital Anime Planners (Worth 25 $) + Winner Certificate

For 200 + Registration

  • 1st Prize– Anime Printed T-shirt +Printable Digital Anime Planners (Worth 25 $)
  • 2nd Prize– Anime Wall poster +Printable Digital Anime Planners (Worth 25 $)
  • 3rd – 6th– Crunchyroll Membership(Sharing) +Printable Digital Anime Planners (Worth 25 $)
  • 7th – 10– Printable Digital Anime Planners (Worth 25 $)
  • 300 + Registration different prize addon.

For 500 + Registration

  • 1st Prize – Anime Printed Hoody +Printable Digital Anime Planners (Worth 25 $)
  • 2nd Prize- T-shirt +Printable Digital Anime Planners (Worth 25 $)
  • 3rd Prize – Poster +Printable Digital Anime Planners (Worth 25 $)
  • 4th – 11th – Crunchyroll +Printable Digital Anime Planners (Worth 25 $)
  • 12th – 20 – Printable Digital Anime Planners (Worth 25 $)

We will disclose our registration numbers after the registration process. And also we will announce every prize pool as per the registration number. More registration brings more exciting & surprise prizes. So share Akagami Anime Quiz Contest with your anime friends.

Every winner will also get a certificate of achievement.

Note: Every participating candidate will also get a participation e-certificate.

Candidates are highly requested to join AnimeTel Telegram Group for contest-related updates, prize distribution, and many more.


Results will be directly emailed through their registered email with their participation e-certificate. The winners will be declared on our telegram group, Instagram, and our websites. And they will be contacted through their preferred id that they have filled at the time of registration.

For Collaboration Partner 

AnimeTel welcomes every collaboration partner warmly. We believe that your collaboration and support make this contest fruitful and big. We are really grateful to every partner.

Our Partners Are:

  • We will feature every collaboration partner on our site, Instagram with their logo.
  • We will definitely provide a collaboration certificate for their support.

We have also introduced a referral program for every collaborative partner. Check here.

Note: To become a partner simply send us an email at contact@animetel.com or dm on Instagram.

Finally, we are excited to make an anime quiz contest for every anime lover with some worthwhile prizes. Let’s just register yourself absolutely at only 0.5 $ to win a prize like T-shirt, Crunchyroll, Hoody, and many more. Click Here To Register.

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