Anime Birthdays September: 16 September to 30 September

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Today we’ll share anime characters’ born in September month. In this article, we categorize anime birthdays September from 16 September to 30 September.

Millions of people love to watch anime for their entertainment. Many particular things are there that attract fans to watch anime like the art style, storyline, music, genre, and most importantly character building. Most of us are emotionally very connected with one or multiple characters. That led us to follow the anime more and more.

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Hardly there could be any fan who didn’t want to know his/her favorite character’s birthday. Did you know how large is the list of birth dates of our favorite anime characters born in SEPTEMBER? So today in our article we are gonna list a few of that huge list.

Anime Characters Born In September ( List, Short Intro With Their First Appearance)

Anime Birthdays: 16 September

Maki Oze

Maki Oze, a second-generation fire soldier of the Fire Force, is a capable fighter and one of the main protagonists of the Fire Force. Shw is a 19-year-old teenager.

First Appearance:-  Fire Force (2019)

Anime Birthdays: 17 September

Yami Sukehiro

Yami Sukehiro, the captain of Black Bulls Squad, is one of the main Side CHaracters. He uses Dark Magic as his attribute. He is one of the strongest characters in the Clover Kingdom.                   

First Appearance:- Black Clover (2017)


Kuina, the childhood rival and a friend of Zoro, was the daughter of their martial art teacher of Zoro. She was better than Zoro in swordsmanship. Unfortunately, she fell down the stairs and died.

First Appearance:- One Piece (1999)

Higari Maijima

Higari Maijima, a.k.a. Excavation Hero: Power Loader, is a member of U.A. High School. He has metallic claws which are good for mining.

First Appearance:- My Hero Academia (2016)

Anime Birthdays: 18 September

Charlotte Roselei

Charlotte, the captain of Blue Rose, is a cold-hearted woman who hates men. But he has a crush on Yami Sukehiro. Her magic allows her to manipulate Briar’s.

First Appearance:- Black Clover (2017)


Karasu, the commander of North Revolutionary Army, has eaten an unknown Devil Fruit. His Devil fruit lets him turn his body and clothes into crows.

First Appearance:- One Piece (1999)

Anime Birthdays: 19 September

Nagato Uzumaki

Nagato Uzumaki, A.K.A. Pain is a broken hero. Nagato was a student of Jiraiya along with Yahiko and Konan. After the battle with Hanzo, he created Six Paths of Pain.

First Appearance:- Naruto (2002)

Yumichika Ayasegawa

Yumichika, the 5th seat (became 3rd seat after Ikkaku) of 11th Division of Gotei 13, is the wielder of Fujikuzyaku. His shikai form is one of the strongest shikai in the Entire Anime.

First Appearance:- Bleach (2004)

Don Krieg

Don Krieg, A.K.A Foul-Play Kreig, is the Admiral of Krieg Pirates. He has dominated a fleet of 50 pirate ships. His armor has many weapons hidden in it which is Krieg’s main offense and defense.

First Appearance:- One Piece (1999)

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Anime Birthdays: 20 September

Koutarou Bokuto

Koutarou is an energetic captain of Fukurodani Academy. After getting blocked in cross spike several times he practiced straight spike and mastered it.

First Appearance:- Haikyuu!! (2014)


May, a Top Coordinator, is their former traveling companion of Ash. She traveled through Hoenn and Kanto with Ash and his other companions.

First Appearance:- Pokemon (1997)

Anime Birthdays: 21 September


Kuzan, one of the former Admirals, is the current user of The Hie Hie Nomi. Although his ice abilities are weak against Akainu’s Magma, he fought against Akainu in equal terms for straight ten days.

First Appearance:- One Piece (1999)

Anime Birthdays: 22 September

Shikamaru Nara

Shikamaru, one of Naruto’s classmates, is the advisor of the 7th Hokage (Naruto Uzumaki). He was the smartest student in his class. He has shadow possession ability.

First Appearance:- Naruto (2002)

Ryuko Tatsuma

Ryuko, A.K.A. Dragoon Hero is the current no 10 Pro Hero. She has Enhanced Strength, Immense Durability as well as transforming into a dragon.

First Appearance:- My Hero Academia (2016)

Kiyone Kotetsu

Kiyone is the lieutenant of 4th Division of Gotei 13. She is the former 3rd Seat officer of 13th Division of Gotei 13. She is the sister of the Captain of 4th Division ( Isane Kotetsu) of Gotei 13.

First Appearance:- Bleach (2004)

Anime Birthdays: 23 September

Ino Yamanaka

Ino, a member of Ino-Shika-Cho trio, is the head of Konoha Barrier Team. Her ability can sense opponents’ chakra changes and inform them to her allies.

First Appearance:- Naruto (2002)

Momo Yaoyorozu

Momo is the vice president of Class 1-A. She can create any nonliving object if she knows the molecular structure of it her quirk. Momo’s Intelligence was ranked S Level.

First Appearance:- My Hero Academia (2016)


Emilia, a candidate to become the 42nd King of the Dragon Kingdom, is a half-elf. She has a gift to form a contract with spirits. She was formerly contracted with the great fire spirit.

First Appearance:- Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (2020)

Shikadai Nara

Shikadai is the son of Shikamaru and Temari. Like his father, he is also a member of the Ino-Shika-Cho trio and he has shadow possession ability also.

First Appearance:- Boruto (2018)

Aoi Todo

Aoi is a grade 1 Jujutsu Sorcerer and a 3rd-year student of Jujutsu High. Being one of the strongest in Jujutsu High, he is also the best friend of Itadori Yuji (The Main Character).

First Appearance:- Jujutsu Kaisen (2020)

Anime Birthdays: 24 September

Fuki Harukawa

Fuki is a side character from Lycoris Recoil. He is the ex-partner of Takina. He was adopted and raised by the DA.

First Appearance:- Lycoris Recoil (2022)

Anime Birthdays: 25 September

Akaya Kirihara

Akaya is the only 2nd year student of the Rikkai-Dai line up. He joined the Rikkai-Dai because he heard that the school has a very strong tennis team but his hopes were crushed soon after.

First Appearance:- Prince of Tennis (2001)

Jinin Akebino

Jinin, one of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, was reincarnated in Fourth Great Ninja War

First Appearance:- Naruto Shippuden (2007)

Anime Birthdays: 26 September

Luke Siss

Luke was a participant during the 57th Expedition Outside the Walls. He was a skilled member of Survey Cops.

First Appearance:- Attack On Titan (2020)

Anime Birthdays: 27 September

Bruno Bucciarati

Bruno is the leader of his own squad within the powerful Neapolitan gang. His Sticky Fingers ability lets him create zippers on any where he wants and open or close it.

First Appearance:- JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (2012)

Himawari Nohara

Himawari, the sister of Shinchan, is the youngest member in the Nohara Family. When she grew up she became a fine police officer.

First Appearance:- Shinchan (1992)

Joseph Joestar

Joseph, the grandson of first arc’s Protagonist of Jojo’s Adventure, is the one of the main protagonists of the Anime. He is a natural born Ripple User.

First Appearance:- Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (2012)

Langris Vaude

Langris, the former vice captain of Golden Dawn, is jealous of his brother Finral because Finral was praised for being kind and well-liked by others. So he tried to kill his brother after the match.

First Appearance:- Black Clover (2017)

Anime Birthdays: 28 September


Jack, one of Kaidou’s three closest confidants, is a member of Beast Pirates. He has eaten a zoan type fruit which lets her transform into a Mammoth.

First Appearance:- One Piece (1999)

Anime Birthdays: 29 September

Rangiku Matsumoto

Rangiku, the former lieutenant of the 10th division of Gotei 13, is a female Shinigami that hailed from the North Rukongai. She is fire-resistant. And also she is a Kido Expert.

First Appearance:- Bleach (2004)

Hitohito Tadano

Hitohito Tadano is a male character from Komi Can’t Communicate. He is the main male protagonist of the anime. His goal is to help komi to get 100 friends.

First Appearance:- Komi Can’t Communicate (2021)

Irina Shidou

Irina, a childhood friend of Issei, is an angel who is one of Issei’s Fiancees. She was reincarnated by Archangel Michael through one of the brave saints.

First Appearance:- High School DxD (2012)

Ryo Shishido

Ryo, A.K.A. Hyoutei’s Dash Specialist, is an overconfident player. He is a counterpuncher whose playstyle is defined by his deep-hitting Rising Shot.

First Appearance:- Prince Of Tennis (2001)

Anime Birthdays: 30 September

Asuna Yuuki

Asuna Yuuki is the main female character in the Sword Art Online series. She was one of the sub-leader of the Knights of the Blood.

First Appearance:- Sword Art Online (2012)


Kuyo was the roommate of Rei and a former student of Western Public High School. He was also known as Ponytail.

  • First Appearance:- UnOrdinary (2016)


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