Top 20 Best Matured Manhwas to Read [2024]

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As a weeb, I am well aware of the eternal fetish of us towards the waifus. It’s a matter of truth that no weeb can deny. So as a saviour for all of us, I am going to present the Top 20 Best Matured Manhwas to Read in 2024.

Introduction – Best Matured Manhwas to Read [2024]

Matured Manhwas are a type of story that’s spiced up with romance, action, mature plots, etc and to add the savour last but not the least censored/uncensored scenes. But they are not Hanime even though I don’t know why but Matured Manhwas & Hanime or Doujins can’t be treated as equal. Maybe because they have something called a plot which Hentai lacks in most of the cases.

Please note that I am not going to compare the Manhwas so the ranks are merely numbers. Every one of them is great in their particular story types I am in no position to compare them.

Whatever, let’s proceed to the list without wasting any more time. I present to you the Top 20 Best Adult Manhwas to Read in 2024…………

1. Lucky Guy

Lucky Guy

Rating – 4.6 / 5

Chapter – 71 (End)

Lucky Guy is the first Manhwa on my suggestion list. Written & Illustrated by NOAH, Lucky Guy states a story about a certain guy named Jungsuk. Dude failed the most important exam of his life and lost his chance of admission to his target college. Thus his girlfriend dumped him. Guess everyone is thinking then how the hell is this guy lucky right?

Bro his life entirely changed because of that one failure. He joined a boarding cram school to re-appear in that exam. This school was entirely isolated from the outside world, no phone, or internet there’s only one thing to do and that’s study. Everyone was stressed and pissed about it. But some found a way to vent their stress……..

Our MC hooked the baddest teacher of the Carm School and he did not stop at that. Dude even hooked the…..  Nope, I am a man of culture bruh not gonna spoil you guys anymore just go and read the story. Honestly, you are gonna love it. It’s a beautiful story with a little romance & a spicy naughty top-up.

2. My Landlady Noona

My Landlady Noona

Rating – 4.7 / 5

Chapter – 132 (Ongoing)

My Landlady Noona is a famous Manhwa written & illustrated by Mamba. MC Min-woo was abandoned by his parents at a very early age. From then onwards his house owner’s elder daughter Hari Noona took care of him. Even though Hari Noona gave her everything to take care of Min-woo, he always humiliated and ridiculed Hari Noona in the worst possible way.

At the beginning of the story, every fan hated Min-woo to the core because of his behavior towards the angel like Hari Noona. But later it was revealed that Min-woo cared and loved Hari Noona a lot and he was afraid that she would leave him too that’s why he acted that way.

But the real story starts in a cupboard……… Ahm! Ahm! Any more than this my site will be in grave danger just go and read the story to know the rest. Ohh before that don’t worry Hari Noona isn’t the only one who took care of Min-woo so relax there are much more scenes & plots that you guys are gonna get in this story.

3. Queen Bee

Queen Bee

Rating – 3.8 / 5

Chapter – 308 (Ongoing)

Here comes the first NTR content of this list. Put your seat belts on and completely turn off your reasoning because in this story we have everything NTR, Blackmail, Old Bastard, etc. This is heaven for NTR lovers and for others. I will say that the plot itself is good and on the other hand, Active Volcano (writer) & Andrew (artist) are good with the way of art because every girl in this series is an absolute piece of art.

Junie or Piho the MC of the series is a tenant under the FMC’s father. And this father of FMC is the main antagonist of the series. Dude does every heinous act in his power and blackmails every tenant. Piho was tormented by the FMC. But one day Piho snapped out in rage and decided to take revenge.

The main story starts afterward. The character development of the MC is on another level and the story also has a decent amount of fight scenes. If anyone likes revenge-type stories then this is a perfect one for them.

4. Dorm Room Sisters

Dorm Room Sisters

Rating – 4.6 / 5

Chapter – 93 (End)

Dorm Room Sisters is a very nice romantic mature story. The author Team Biyang & artist Whistle created one of their best pieces of art with this story. This is a story about two sisters. They had a dark past and because of that past, they isolated themselves from the outside world. But our MC Shin Youngho cured them and gave them a new life.

After that, both of the sisters fell in love with him. When he returned to his dorm after finishing his army camp. They both confessed their feelings towards him. Dude was in a tight situation just imagine two goddesses proposing to you for their first time……..

But our bro was a real giga chad. He solved the issue in a way that nobody can ever imagine. I can assure everyone that while reading this story you will never feel sad or angry. This is a peaceful and beautiful story.

5. The Main Character is the Villain

The Main Character is the Villain

Rating – 4.5 / 5

Chapter – 95 (Ongoing)

So our first Isekai story is here guys. Our MC got reincarnated in an Erogame and the worst part is bro got reincarnated as a side character who’s gonna have a hard life ahead. To make his life smoother MC did everything he could and in the process of doing so, he became more villainous than the villain itself.

As he had already completed the game he thought that upon finishing the game he will get back to his world. But to his surprise, even after completing the game the story still went on and it completely changed from the original. So he decided to see it till the end and while doing so why not enjoy a Harem hehe?

The authors Faugner, Flower Storm & the artist Jun seriously went all out with the story. The first season of the story was a huge success and they recently started the 2nd season. Everything is great so far. I can assure you this one has one of the best & twisted storylines in the whole list of Top 20 Best Matured Manhwas to Read in 2024.

6. What’s for Dinner

What's for Dinner

Rating – 4/5

Chapter – 106 (End)

Another masterpiece of Active Volcano. Unlike Queen Bee, this story does not has blackmail & NTR kinds of stuff yet. But here also the MC was ridiculed & humiliated by his friends and all. MC’s mom left him when he was a kid & his dad was very rude towards him. He was grown in a very bad way and had a problem with obesity.

Suho (MC) was bullied by everyone because of his obesity problem. The only one who stayed with him till the end was his childhood best friend and the FMC of the story Sieun who is the most beautiful girl in the series. 

Suho was quite happy with the way his life was. He was an exceptionally good chef. But everyone has a limit right? Suho was humiliated and tormented in the worst way possible by his childhood best friend Min-Jae. Suho did not protest or anything, he abandoned everything and went to the Army.

But the night before he went to the Army he spent it with Sieun. She gave him something precious and Suho also promised her something. To know the rest follow the story. It’s really good, the art style and all. Specifically, Suho’s character development & Sieun’s plot is really interesting.

7. Elf Who Likes To Be Humiliated

Elf Who Likes To Be Humiliated

Rating – 4.6/5

Chapter – 76 (Ongoing)

This is a story about a certain Elf who likes to be humiliated. Sa-Yook Siljang (author) & CANAPE (artist) portrayed the world of elves & magic in a completely different way. The story begins with our MC Lord of the Deharem family taking in an elf slave. But soon he finds out that the elf he has is a ridiculously strong entity who can wipe out the entire kingdom if she wants.

He was afraid and could not understand why she was posing as his slave. He soon finds out that the elf is bored and wants to be humiliated. But our kind-hearted MC does not know how to treat a slave. So how will he get out of this crazy elf’s hand?

The plot & art style is awesome. The MC & the elf’s interactions are fun to read. The first season was a great success and they have returned with another awesome plot on the 2nd season. So without wasting any more time go and read it already.

8. The Real Deal

The Real Deal

Rating – 4.2/5

Chapter – 37 (Ongoing)

This is a complete Matured Shounen Manhwa with a lot of action & spicy naughty ahm ahm scenes. I must say that the author E_ryook & the artist ShiningCAT have their way with art & plots. The story is about a boy Hajin who lost both of his parents in a car accident.

His life was filled with problems and nothing was going in a good way. The only girl who supported him was his class president. But even she fell into a dire situation because of his bullies. Hajin lost all his rationality after this incident and went to take revenge against the bullies.

With a crazy turn of events & fate, he ended up falling into the hands of a Mafia. That mafia revealed that Hajin’s dad, who was a brilliant police officer, was killed because of pursuing a certain group. That guy promised Hajin that he will give him a chance to take revenge against those. Hajin took it and left everything he had held until then and became a new leaf. The story is filled with tempting fights & mind blowing scenes. Go read it ASAP!

9. Hyeonjung’s Residence

Hyeonjung’s Residence

Rating – 4.4/5

Chapter – 61 (End)

Junbae, the main character of the series has the weirdest dream among all the MCs on this list. He wanted to become a chauffeur of a luxury car. He achieved it and his owner was a pervert!

Dude used to get a blue ball in the driving seat because of his owner. But the owner died at a yort party. He was really tense about his job but surprisingly the Mistress of his previous owner appointed him as the private driver of the family and let him stay at their mansion.

But before that, our bro Junbae did something crazy with the eldest daughter of the family. Wanna know what he did & how he did it? What? I am not gonna say it just go and read it already.

10. Private Tutoring in These Difficult Times

Private Tutoring in These Difficult Times

Rating – 4.5/5

Chapter – 140 (Ongoing)

This Manhwa portrays a certain period when Korea is gravely affected by COVID and everyone’s trying their best to settle out with the way life is. Meanwhile, our MC Yu-chan has lost his job. Because he was a fitness trainer but the gyms are closed because of the pandemic. So his best friend introduced him to a family who wants a private tutor for their younger daughter.

The younger daughter is reappearing in an exam. Yu-chan gladly accepts this job because the family is generous and pays him well. But their student-teacher chemistry went a lot deeper than one can imagine.

Ahm! Ahm! This is a romance-based Manhwa so it’s fun to read and one can have a peaceful mind while reading it. So I highly recommend it for those who like a peaceful environment and the author LObeam & artist Rodong did not fail to amaze the readers with their art style.

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11. What do You Take Me For?

What do You Take Me For?

Rating – 3.5/5

Chapter – 160 (End)

“What do You Take Me For?” holds a special seat in my heart as it was the first Matured Manhwa of mine and how should I put it? It gave me a jolt of emotion that I have never felt. I am not exaggerating or anything btw.

Actually, as the name suggests this story portrays the life of a boy who is unaware of romantic feelings and thinks only through his lusts. You can say he is an innocent playboy and that question was imposed on him by his lover.

The story has a beautiful art style and I praise Kyun the artist for that. But at the end few chapters of the story the author Tharchog showed his expertise. The way he finished the story left the readers dumbfounded and heartbroken. I highly recommend this story because it actually has one of the best plots I have ever read.

12. Young Boss

Young Boss

Rating – 4.6 / 5

Chapter – 113 (End)

Young Boss is a very great story for romance lovers. Seung-ho the MC is a talented guy but he never got the proper job that he deserves. So he spent his life doing whatever jobs possible. But after lots of attempts, he got a decent job and fell in love with one of his section managers. She is young, intelligent, elegant to put it simply perfect in every aspect. One may find it tough to not love her.

But Seung-ho already had a girlfriend who stayed with him during his hard times. So it’s immoral to leave her now after getting a job. Seong-ho’s girlfriend was good and supportive but she had a bad side of spending too much money and being childish. Even though Seung-ho used to work so hard she would spend all the money on a whim.

So what do you think our MC will do? To know the answer go read the story. It’s actually great and I feel like what the MC did was not wrong. The author haron portrayed every character in a way where it felt that no one did anything wrong.

13. Bunk Beds

Bunk Beds

Rating – 4.4/5

Chapter – 67 (Ongoing)

Yet another masterpiece of haron the author of “Young Boss”. As mentioned earlier haron really has a way to unfold romance stories. In the case of “Bunk Beds” too it’s a magnificent romantic story.

Our MC Seungbin finally got into a prestigious university. Now he has to stay in the town so he started staying with one of his mother’s friend’s nephews. But little did he know that the nephew is actually a girl.

Now Seungbin has got someone he likes in the University and the best senior at their University is interested in him on the other hand that otherworldly beautiful Noona he is staying with. So who will he choose?

As the story is still going on even though I don’t know what haron has planned for the future. So without wasting any time let’s dig into this journey of Haron’s guys. Ohh btw the artist Grid 17 really has his way with the girls every one of them is peerlessly beautiful.

14. Lustful games

Lustful games

Rating – 3.4/5

Chapter – 64 (Ongoing)

Among all the stories in this list, this one has the most twisted and mysterious plot. The other name of this story is “Seniors of Class 5” so as the name suggests this story is about the graduated seniors of class 5.

One day all of them got a strange invitation to a game. They were also told if they accept the invitation they will be rewarded with 10 thousand Dollars. So all of them accepted the invitation. Later all of them were taken to an isolated island.

Now the many stories start here on that island one has to fight with life & death situations to survive. A lawless island players can do whatever they want and thousands of hidden cameras are constantly watching and recording their activities.

There’s no particular MC or FMC in this story. Every individual is important in this story. Where will their fate lead them? No one knows. Just read it already. It’s really interesting and tempting also because the author campeace & artist ziroon sure have their way with art & plot. You are gonna enjoy it.

15. My High School Bully

My High School Bully

Rating – 4/5

Chapter – 171 (Ongoing)

The MC Davey Jo was bullied in his high school because of his Gigantic ahm ahm. He isolated himself from the world and focused on studying to get out of that hell. After huge suffering he somehow made it to a good college and his university life was a thousand times better or something like that he thought……

Suddenly he realised that his nightmare has not left him yet because one of his bullies is here in this college. On top of that, the bully was one of the most beautiful girls among the freshers. So what do you think is written about his fate?

Guys believe me the turn of events and the plot twists are unbelievable for this story. Just go and read it already and the artist Kkokkio & author Andrew went all out with their unique designs.

16. Deviant Diary

Deviant Diary

Rating – 3.9 / 5

Chapter – 46 (End)

Deviant Diary has one of the best art styles and plots on the whole list. The way they represent their stories is quite different from others. Deviant Diary does not follow a particular storyline, instead it posted short stories of 2 or 3 chapters and each of them contains a deviant experience of some guy or girl.

It has more than 20 different short stories and each of them is unique on their own. Just go read it already and PYO (author) & Orambi (artist) went all out with their story & art styles.

17. Where is My Hammer

Where is My Hammer ?

Rating – 4.2/5

Chapter – 51 (End)

I am sure everyone will be surprised after I reveal the plot of this story. Seriously, I even want to know what was going on in Dolkong’s ( author & illustrator) mind when he wrote this story. So this is a story about the infamous Norse God of Mischief Loki and our beloved Thor, who is a tomboy here.

The plot follows like this: Loki was a transfer student in Asgard and Odin welcomed him wholeheartedly and proposed to him to stay with Thor in her house. Thor is an angry bumpy tomboy. She was the least bit interested in letting anyone stay in her mansion but she could not say no to Odin. So Loki started living with Thor & Sif (the Norse Goddess of Wheat, Earth, Harvest, and Family).

In actual mythology, Sif is the second wife of Thor. So suddenly one day Thor woke up and found out that she does not have her beloved hammer Mjollnir. She blamed Loki & beat him to death and went to exterminate ogres. Before leaving she instructed Loki to find the hammer. 

Now Thor is a girl here and our beloved Sif umm you know right was not satisfied. So behind Thor’s back, what do you think was happening between Sif & Loki? And not only Sif it’s Loki bruh the God of Mischief did not stop his triumph with Sif. LoL, I am not gonna say everything in this article just go and read this great piece of art xD.

18. Reborn with Big Rizz Energy!

Reborn with Big Rizz Energy!

Rating –  3.7 / 5

Chapter – 21 (Ongoing)

Another reborn Manhwa is on our list. This is a Manhwa adaptation of the famous matured web novel “Let me be born as a great creature!” from Pillar of Raging Fire. AhRaBa is the artist and he went all out with the art.

The story is about a middle-aged man Lee Jung-woo who has everything: money, frame, education, and talent. But the only thing he lacks is umm (get it bruh can’t make it any more clear). So he was tensed that his wife was not satisfied with the way he was. One day he caught his wife red-handed cheating with another guy. That guy killed him on the spot.

Now! Now! Don’t be disappointed here comes the real story. On the way to heaven, Bro was so pissed that he started arguing with god. So god promised him to give a second chance in life and asked him what he wanted in the second life. 

So what do you guys think he asked for? Nah I am not gonna answer just go and read it already the art style plot is great you are gonna love it for sure.

19. Night Hospital

Night Hospital

Rating – 3.1 / 5

Chapter – 40 (Ongoing)

Taegam (author) & Yidool’s (artist) new creation is the Night Hospital. The story has just started to unfold so it has yet to show its true colour to the readers. But up until now, it has proven enough to be on this list.

This story is especially BDSM content based. When the night falls in the Hospital every nurse finds themselves in a peculiar situation. One twisted Doctor does whatever he wants with the nurses and treats them like toys.

This story has some raw scenes which may be inappropriate for some readers other than that it’s good to go. So far they have released only 10 chapters and all of them are masterpieces. The art style is also great.

20. Brave New World

Brave New World

Rating – 4.3 / 5

Chapter – 225 (Ongoing)

When it comes to views Brave New World has the highest number of views in the entire list. This Manhwa states a story about a certain serviceman who bravely stands against all the plots, higher-ups, and everything. His turning into a new leaf is the main content of the story. But the road is not easy, it’s filled with obstacles and life-threatening problems.

In the beginning, he was nothing but a slave-type person who used to run with his tail for the Higher-ups. But now he has faced all of them and has done something unbelievable. I highly recommend this story to those who love revenge-type stories and the author Go Sonjak & artist Yoon Gan-ji have their way with art & storytelling.

Article Summary


So with these, our list has come to an end. I can assure you that there are tons of Manhwa that even I am not aware of. But every one of the Manhwas mentioned here is a masterpiece and I can assure you that you will not be bored reading them. Other than these Manhwas you can also try Midnight Taxi, Secret Class, Kid’s Cafe, etc and if you are interested to read uncensored stories then I suggest reading Golden Scale & Cartoonists NSFW. So bye guys hope you will love reading the stories and don’t forget to comment to let me know if the suggestions were nice.


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