#1 Gohan New Form Spoiler Alert

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Finally, one of the biggest spoilers of Gohan New Form has been revealed. So let’s dig some facts about Gohan New Form Spoiler.

Gohan New Form ?? Facts about Gohan’s new Form!! 

UE Vegeta will appear soon in DBS?

Can Goku Surpass the new form of Gohan?

Is Gohan Universally stronger than Goku?  

So guys it has been a long time since we got a new form in DBS. But in the latest Movie of Dragon Ball Super Heroes, we came across a new transformation of Super Saiyans, It is unlocked by Gohan The Elder Son of Son Goku ( the sain with no limits ). Now we are going to share Gohan new form spoiler that we get from the new DBS Movie, so now let’s begin:-

Some Facts About Gohan New Form Spoiler

#1 Gohan New Form Spoiler Alert

So the scene was going as a fight with a cell,( Yes guys it’s the same cell from DBZ, Which Goku has to take to the king kai’s planet to save earth )  so guys the color of the cells body is the same as before and its size is a little bit bigger than before. 

Then we can see on a hand straight up to the sky cell is holding the body of Pecolo (mentor of Gohan ) and he is injured and Unconscious or may be dead I don’t know but anyway by seeing this difficult moment Gohan power-ups and Finally Unleashed a new Form of Super Saiyan Form Which is Better than MUI and Legendary SS.

And all the Super Saiyans forms are previously shown, It is Broken Than MUI, Where MUI used to dodge the attacks in The new Form of Gohan Didn’t Dodge a massive punch of cell or stop it, Gohan literally takes the punch on the face and didn’t even move a single inch on that punch’s impact, it shows how broken the new form is! 

Beyond Ultimate Gohan!/ Final Gohan! Here’s your first look at the new form in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero!

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 The power Up really is something new we can see that after seeing Piccolo’s body, Gohan becomes angry and Sad then there’s an orange strike goes behind Gohan’s head and suddenly his eyes become orange then their black eyeballs start to dissolve, and then a purple light and the new Form of Gohan is unleashed.

A form with MUI vibes and White Hair With Orange Eye Balls And With nonother than Purple sparks around the body and also with White energy around it. The Final Form of Gohan is Finally Here.

UE Vegeta –

Yes, we will soon be seeing Vegeta UE – Ultra Ego form in the DB series we got some hints about it like the New Form of Gohan Made of anger ( Source of Purple Sparks ) ( same color as we are Expecting The UE Forms Colour )  And Sad so the anger can trigger the UE in Vegeta as the Fan theories and Leaks so Guys Stay Tuned we will gonna see UE Vegeta soon. 

Is Gohan The Strongest Fighter Alive? 

Yes, Gohan is the strongest Fighter alive.

Can Goku Sarpass Gohan ?

We already know that Goku did it all the time to reach every level possible may be for sure Goku can surpass Gohan Ya Goku Fans There is Still Hope.

The Answer to this Question can break the heart of Goku Fan but yes Gohan is the strongest Fighter alive, Confirmed by the Writer of DB own-self, Sir Akira Toriyama Stated that Gohan Has the Most Potential in him more than Goku and Vegeta, Ya and Sonly only thing is that he needs more training and guidance by His Teacher or Mentor to become Strongest. 

So Hope you guys like this Spoiler and Also Information gohan new form spoiler so that’s it, Guys Thanks for Reading – TEAM AnimeTel.

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