Goku All Transformation Detailed Explanation

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Today we are here to explain Goku all transformations in order with all Super Saiyan forms and transformations including UI & MUI. Now we are going to discuss all of Goku’s transformations, Goku all Super Saiyan forms their flaws & power-ups.

Throughout the Dragon Ball series, we have witnessed many Dragon Ball Goku transformations.

Son Goku All Transformations List In Order

1. Great Ape 

So throughout the DB series, this is the very first transformation of Son Goku. In Saiyan, this is the most common transformation. Every Saiyan who still has a tail can do this transformation. In Super Saiyan, this transformation can be done under The full moon if they consume the power from Blutz Wave power.

Goku made his very first transformation by staring at the full moon and consuming its Blutz Wave as an energy source. In this form, it awakened the dormant Saiyan trait in the Saiyan s making them like a beast and it also recalls the most painful and raging memories from the past and makes the Saiyan more violent and raging.

Great Ape Goku All Transformation Detailed Explanation

In this form the user is not in his right state of mind and harm and destroys everything around him, In this great Ape form the user is unable to hold his temperament, This form allows the user to hit or create the Blast beam from the Mouth and it allows the transformer to unleash his maximum amount of ki and overflowing strengthen.

Users need to continue Blutz energy consumption to remain or maintain this form properly user cant use a blast beam and Once when the Tail is cut from the user’s body user is no longer Abel to hold or transform in this From.

The only way to defeat or beat the Great Ape is to cut down the tail or cut the energy flow from the source, as what the Earth people have done multiple times to stop Son Goku. After his tail was cut down by Kami.

2. Super Saiyan 

It’s a different Transformation and also can be stated as the most iconic or most usual picture which comes into our mind when we talk about DB or Super Saiyans. This is what boosts the Dragon Ball franchise and also became a fan favourite.

It’s different from the Great Ape form. In Great Ape Saiyan transformed into a big ape but in SS1 it’s a clean and nice look where the Saiyan’s body is glowing with a golden aura and the hair colour is turned, Golden.

In this  Super Saiyan form, When Goku was in this form his power multiples around 50x his natural power level it’s a kind of boost which is achieved by only focus and intense training with rage and a Painful scenario in front of your eyes.

The Super Saiyan was finally accessible to Son Goku when Frieza killed Krillin and Goku went into a rage. This form is one of the most popular transformations throughout anime’s history. Also the most Iconic one 🔥.

Super Saiyan Goku All Transformation Detailed Explanation

In the SS1 form, the skin will be lighter and a little white with a pale little lighter while his eyes will be turned sterner and a little intense scattering light will be coming but Glowing a few Green shade eyes. And also the Hair will be changed as it will stand long straight up with a very good colour similar to blonde but it’s more likely light golden.

We can see some sparks around the body aura but it’s only in the anime in the manga there are no sparks. It’s the most aggressive form amongst all Super Saiyan Forms yet Revealed throughout the DB Series (Expect- Beast Gohan ).

3. Super Saiyan 2 

It’s a little bit upgrade version of SS ( Super Saiyan 1 ) although the changes in outlook are not massive someone can barely spot some difference between the Super Saiyan 1 and Super Saiyan 2 it Gives a massive boost in strength it’s as much high as Goku is now capable of destroying mountains With One Kamehame Ha.

Super Saiyan 2 Goku All Transformation Detailed Explanation

The strength is almost 100x greater than SS1

Goku can use Ki blasts more effectively.

It has more speed than SS1 in terms of Fighting skills.

4. Super Saiyan 3 

The Third boost and Developed version of SS1 are Super Saiyan 3  and it is the successor of the second transformation which is called SS2. By unlocking this form the body goes to a very high-risk level by taking every energy and ki from every drop of a Saiyan’s blood. The very first Saiyan who archived this form is Son Goku.

The person already unlocked the ability to transform into Super Saiyan 2 only that person can archive SS3 through an intense amount of training in Super Saiyan 2 form using every single ki and energy from his very soul can only obtain SS3.

It seems to be a form which can only be achieved under out-of-the-normal circumstances, for example, Goku Archived this SS3 when he was already dead.

Super Saiyan 3 Goku All Transformation Detailed Explanation

It seems to be where the 4th stage transformation of Super Saiyan is mainly based on the purpose of 100% utilization throughout his entire body potential, But in  Super Saiyan 3 transformation is mainly to expand or make a massive utilization of ki through every blood from the body and soul, and it’s the cause why it drains most of the body energy which makes this form hard to maintain.

The transformation takes around 4x more energy than  Super Saiyan 2 takes. This leads to expanding levels of fatigue, even long after powering down. If the person is already dead and if it’s not from a living body, the pain caused or the strain caused I’d be lesser and additional energy consumption will be minimised highly.

In Goku’s case when he was fighting the Majinbuu for the first time. There is a massive difference between Super Saiyan 3 and Super Saiyan 2, its overwhelming power, will be easily noticeable in terms of speed, endurance, and strength. These things will no longer be kept within a boundary they will surpass the limit which is far from imagination. Super Saiyan 3 is an explosion of power when it’s turned about its awakening 💀 … A Super Saiyan 3 just solos the opponent which is far beyond SS2‘s limit. 

The most noticeable thing in SS3 is the massive changes in the physical appearance of the user. All this time the hair of the DB characters is a kind of proof that it’s turned out to be a brand new form it’s also applied to the SS3 Form.

In SS3 the hair of the user- blonde hair of the Super Saiyan 2 turned smooth and flowing again and passes the Saiyan’s Waist (unless the user is blad as Saitama 🙂). If the user’s hair is already around the waist of his body then it would turn out to be a more massive and exposing growth of hair and it will also grow around the Feet of the person.

The colour of the hair in Super Saiyan 3 will be still golden and a bit blonde but it will turn into a darker shade and more yellow shade of blonde and gold in comparison to the previous Super Saiyan forms, which had a lite or paler slightly glowing shade of gold when it’s not covered or surrounded by an aura.

In anime, The eyebrows vanish entirely without any sign, which makes the eye and The forehead more big and wide. It appears larger and bigger this is what also she said …..

The traits do not apply to female Super Saiyan 3 (Khalifa was a good example even though she never got SS3 but turned herself into Legendary SS ). When  SS3 was awakened and used by an ancient wicked Saiyan, ( example:-  Cumber, ) nothing is visually seen like the size increase of hair and length of his body or his hair colour.

The irises of him were remained very teal, although his pupils are more visible with a slight touch of green. Also, there is a very interesting thing, that the Kid or Women ☕ neither of them shows the pupils’ colour in SS3, they seem to be with similar pupils to the previous form.

For the first time when this Legendary transformation SS3 awakened or reached by Goku it’s literally like a hydrogen bomb blasts it’s too powerful and too overwhelmed with strength and aura that it caused the clouds to come down to the earth cause of the gravity and power increased of the earth by Goku when he was touching the earth with his feet.

Because of increasing in gravity, Goku was able to move tectonic plates which created monster-level waves and earthquakes which created disasters on earth. During this Sayian transformation of Goku, Goku controlled this overwhelming power and aura and stopped this disaster.

You can assume the force is too tremendous that even it can be felt by everyone on King Kai’s planet but that transformation was happening on earth 🌎 , Shin, Kibito, and even Gohan were worried. Gohan was stunned when he realised the actual power which is controlled by Goku in SS3.


The actual Dialogue-

[The form uses a Saiyan’s full potential with power extracted from every drop of their blood. This form draws the hidden power of its user out to its limits, however, it has a major drawback ]

These energy-swapping issues were also faced by Goku even though he mastered the SS3 form fully, SS3 has its own soul in the user’s body which grows when it measures the opponent’s actual potential and the Saiyan blood provides more fule aka ki from the utilization of the blood  (E.g. during his sparring bout with Future Trunks).

Using the form in this way cause many problems after the battle ends but all the flaws or side effects are not the same for everyone it depends on their willpower and on their durability or the amount of pressure their body can take. 

5. Super Saiyan God

Super Saiyan God is a super Saiyan form which allows the user to access unleashing the hidden aura in the user’s will and granting the user to access the Godly Ki from the realm of God, It is not a boost it’s actually using the power of God himself being a mortal.

Its power is beyond the Super Saiyan 3 it does not only give a boost but also gives the user to access a state of mind where his actions are not controlled by his mind. It acts on its own by seeing the enemy’s attack but it’s not Mastered Ultra Instinct it’s a lower version of that. 

Super Saiyan God Goku All Transformation Detailed Explanation

Super Saiyan God is basically a ritual where to access this form you need to hold 6 person’s hands and make a ring and by extracting their inner soul aura and ki the user can access the SSG form but the other 5 people who are giving you their aura will not be harmed but they have to be clear from their heart and are ready to entrust everything on your shoulder then it allows the user to access their own ki.

If users trained themselves further they can also combine these transformations with the first Super Saiyan transformation, accessing forms with the more powerful Super Saiyan Blue form or Super Saiyan Rose form (it depends on the user’s ki status ).

As mentioned earlier the “Super Saiyan God”  is a myth or a legend in the Super Saiyan warriors race on Planet Vegeta, where the legend it stated that  The power of six good-hearted Saiyans must be infused for one of them to achieve this legendary form.

When Goku first unlocked this form he had magenta-red hair (its colour is more likely SS4 body furs colour ) and when Vegeta unlocked this form he had crimson-red hair. Their hair retains its natural hairstyle but it becomes more refined by losing all stress from their hair.

The eyes of the Saiyans are more detailed in this Form and more clear, this SSG form also made their irises red  (it appears calmer and more relaxed during battle ). When a Saiyan achieves this form his body becomes or looks young and slightly lite weight and slim than their actual appearance. But in the Case of Shallot it didn’t impact that much cause he is already young. In Super Saiyan God form the Aura of the Saiyan become red like fire.

As mentioned earlier a Saiyan becomes cool-headed by accessing the Super Saiyan God Form even Vegeta became cool-headed in the fight when he accesses the SSG form this Super Saiyan God form focuses on predicting and dodging the opponent’s blows it even affects Vegeta during the fight when Vegeta first time changes his battle style and this form prioritizes godly techniques for the fight over raw power to become more efficient in energy saving of ki saving.

Like this form’s name, this forms users actually can access the Aura Of God. This form has a unique ability to sense the enemy’s ki it doesn’t matter the amount of the ki flow or hiding the ki, in this form as the Saiyan accesses the Godly Ki of God.

The user is now able to detect or notice any kind of ki flowing even if it’s ENORMOUS or Very low or any godly ki the SSG form can detect every ki for this ability user is unable to make a sneak attack or hide himself during the battle it’s really a trouble for the enemy.

This form possesses Godly techniques which are displayed in anime in this form a mortal Saiyan can use to absorb the enemy’s attack blast energy and also nullify enemy attacks by touching.

The most unique one is the user is able to paralyse the opponent with a red aura coating attack by coating a red aura on the opponent’s body and it also contains a self-healing ability in this SSG form. A user of this form also has the ability to focus excessive power in their palms and to release invisible power blasts or several power blasts from their hand.

Taken Form Web –

[Using the Autonomous Ultra Instinct ability in conjunction with this state makes it more accurate compared to usage in base form ]

6. Super Saiyan God Blue 

Super Saiyan Blue is a hybrid form which grants the user to access the SSG form while being in Super Saiyan form. It is the upgraded version of both Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan that’s why it can be called a hybrid form,  with a  tremendously overwhelming power more than SSG.

For unlocking this form the user needs hard training and while the user is using the Super Saiyan form and then absorbs the Aura of the energy of the SSG form or accesses the form then the user can archive Super Saiyan God Blue.

Super Saiyan God Blue Goku All Transformation Detailed Explanation

It can be also obtained by hardcore and a massive amount of training with godly ki and then accessing the tremendous Godly ki for oneself, Which has been done by none other than Our beloved Vegeta ✌️🔥 . In other words, the actual ritual is not needed anymore for accessing this form, but the ritual is the easiest path to obtain the form. This form Surpasses the previous forms in every term.

In DBS the Super Saiyan Rose is basically nothing but a divine transformation of SS in Super Saiyan God form but because of ki the colour turned to Purple rather than blue SSR is basically the divine counterpart on another version in DB Series.

Blue eyes with blue but bright shaded hair are the appearance of this form but it’s also can be turned to be some other colours depending on Saiyan’s ki.

Full Potential

In the manga, the full potential of this form is shown but for a short period during the Battle, it can be used to its fullest extent but it will drop the power level after a certain time period and again reaches the base power of the form.

But it can not be denied that this is the most defensive form of Saiyans ever awakened in this form rage is transferred into ki restoring without knowing by the Saiyan who is using the form itself. 

SSGB form’s full power or potential is not shown in Anime but it really manifests a huge amount of power, in anime instead of showing the potential of SSGB it remains at the normal level of power as much as possible may be to shorten the period of anime airing. But still, the utilization of God’s ki is the way to manifest the full power or potential of SSGB.

7 . Kaioken Goku 

The technique Kaio Ken is first invented and shown in anime and manga by King Kai, but as we know there is only a single kaio Ken user in the entire DB series who is none other than Son Goku.

This technique stands for a “heartbeat = Ki ” which basically means it is a kind of body doping or manipulation of body systems through which the Amount of Ki and power grows highly in a very short time which allows the user to beat the toughest opponent.

There are some massive flaws that come with kaioken that the user becomes more venerable and open to enemies and it’s one of the biggest flaws. Also using kaioken in an uncontrolled way leads the user to death so this clears why there is only a single user of kaioken throughout the whole DB series.

In Kaioken the amount of pressure created in the body is too massive in the fight with Goku Vs Hit , when Goku is activating the kaioken in the tournament of power Goku states to Hit that if Goku can’t control the Kaioken it may lead Goku to destroy his own body by the pressure of Kaioken energy.

In this state, the aura of the user becomes crimson red and with a blue shade. This technique is based on the perfect control of the ki which is generated through the heartbeat and flowing all over the body.

A Red Fiery Aura is created around the body of the user while activation of the Kaioken technique, and in turn,

In anime, the whole body turned into a reddish tint alongside the clothes of the user. The power of the aura also bristles the user’s hair and clothes If they are not bald or naked 💀 . It’s different from other transformations, the aura of the Kaioken always appears outside the body even if it’s unactivated it remains until the user transforms in any other form of any other state.

Kaioken Goku Goku All Transformation Detailed Explanation

The appearance of the user’s physique is the same as before with no hair growth or body modification, but during the use of the kaioken, the user can suffer from high blood pressure and dizziness if the user is not trained or mastered the kaioken.

The veins and swelling of the user can be noticed and also the stress going on their muscles can also be noticed. This technique requires a boost in a heartbeat so it also creates a large amount of heat throughout the user’s body which can be seen as steam coming out from the user’s body.

Activating Kaioken grants the user to enhance the strength of the body alongside also the speed, and even the reflexes and sensor activation of bodies each part to dodge enemies’ attacks. The active time of kaioken technique can be extended for some more time by hard training.

This is shown when Goku was first using this technique against Frieza Goku was unable to hold this technique for a long time due to less training, the same thing didn’t repeat in the tournament of the power when Goku was fighting Hit but this time Goku is able to activate or use the kaioken technique for a long time cause now he mustard or have the proper training with the form kaioken during the time gap.

Goku also stated that the technique kaioken is a proper boost up of the current power and it grows more and more depending on how much time the user can actively use this technique and every time the user reaches a new use time of this technique like if previous one is for 20 minutes but the current form can be held by the user for 21 minutes it will increase the users’ power and multiplies it 2x times.

This kind of power is beyond the capability of the normal human body even though the human got a lot of training and a lot of endurance but still, the human is not able to use the kaioken cause it will eventually last their whole body from inside.

The main reason kaioken is a very dangerous technique is because it increases the ki of the user which is on a whole other level, using this technique must require great concentration and very hard training which is beyond the human level.

The uprise of ki flow is too much that it’s a normal thing that it can destroy the user’s body as well as it can obsolete the user’s body, and even when kept under the proper control kaioken can do several problems throughout the body after using it . When Goku overpowered the Galick Gun of Vegeta while using the Kaioken 4x extent after that Goku can’t even move without hurting him. 

8. Super Saiyan 4 

In this form, it’s basically a hybrid form which is the successor of the Great Ape. This form allows the user to use the strength of a great ape while being in a human form, this form draws the power of the user to its full extent or limits. According to king Kai, this power can be dormant further with training and it can also be done by Gohan. 

The power level of the SS4 can be measured through where SS3 had a hard time taking on Baby Vegeta ASAP Goku transformed into SS4 Baby Vegeta is nothing more than a baby in front of Goku. At that time SS4 was the most powerful form of all time. Although Vegito is seemingly stronger than SS4.

The attributes of this form are more similar to SSG where the user can absorb the energy blast attacks also can endure but about a certain amount. But in SSG where the user needs to use their own power to absorb the energy in SS4, it’s not required.

Also, SS4 is more aggressive than SSG, where Goku stated that the amount of power that comes with this SS4 even makes Goku feel like destroying everything around him for fun and for no reason wants to destroy everything the urge of the power is too aggressive.

In this form, The power absorption may be more than SSG cause in this form Goku was able to Absorb the Death Ball of Great Ape Vegeta and return in 10x power with Kamehame-Ha without a big trouble 

Super Saiyan 4 Goku All Transformation Detailed Explanation

Super Saiyan 4 also give a massive boost and enhancement to the unique abilities which are possessed by the Saiyans it can be seen when the battle with Ice  Shenron Goku has been frozen solid by the Shadow Dragon, to make a path for Nuova Shenron to escape. As soon as Goku adapted that technique and again Ice Shenron made the attack which is the upgraded version of the previous one Goku escaped that attack in no time without any scratch. Which, we came across a new ability of SS4 that the same attack will not affect or work on Goku any More even though it’s upgraded. Later also Goku was react to all of the attacks made by Shadow Dragon without any extra effort.

As we know in the DB series the next form is always more unique and powerful than the previous ones by reducing the previous flaws also the next form contains some other flaws it also Goes for SS4 unlike SS3 the SS4 doesn’t need that much energy to maintain this form also in this form there is no stress due to the ki Utilization or other extra effort or doping stuff so unlike SS3 this form doesn’t cause any overreacting pain due to Ki Utilization which was one of the massive flaws of SS3.

SS4 also allows the user to use or stay as long as the user wants. Maybe this form didn’t require a massive amount of ki or energy to maintain but the user also needs to care about using more ki than the body’s limit then the user can fall out or pass out from running low.

One of the main flaws with this form is although it doesn’t cause any strain in the body for the utilization of ki but at the time Goku and Vegeta made the Fusion dance and became Gogeta with SS4 it caused strain which affects the time span of the fusion while in normal they were Abel to hold the fusion for Half an Hour in SS4 they are separated within 10 min.

There is an  “ultra-full power” version of the Super Saiyan 4 which grants the user to go beyond the normal limits of their body, It is only obtainable by absorbing other Super Saiyan’s power but It is not shown in anime.

When Son Goku first reached this state it was called and described as “Fully Powered Super Saiyan 4” which gives Goku a red aura and a flash which occasionally flashes over him from time to time.

There is one person who is very happy to see this form cause it states his word accurately the word “Monkey” yes I am talking about Frieza he always described us as Monkeys 🤣🤣 so this form is a proper example of a Saiyan monkey ok jokes apart.

A Saiyan in this form really looks like a monkey with red fur all over his body and tail but the hair colour remains the same in fusion, it became Crimson red also the eyes of the users became black with crimson red fishing in them. The hair became wider in the length, like SS3 the hair grows all over their back.

It also makes the user more muscular and big as seen in the case of Vegeta where he became more muscular and big but after the time ended he again returned to his smaller size.

The aura has no spark of electricity in this form as shown in Anime it’s like a regular aura of SS. Most games depict the aura as the standard gold.

9. UI Goku 

This is a state where a body can obtain an ultimate technique which allows the user to separate the body and the consciousness, which is used to move and fight or do some activities independently

One can do any kind of action without thoughts and emotions. It’s even difficult for the Hakashin to even awaken or learn or master it.

But it’s a piece of cake for the entities like Angles

That’s why it’s also called or known as “The State Of Gods “

This technique is the most powerful form of Goku. Mastering this form is not difficult but it’s more specific usage of it, Despite these things Other Gods of Destruction along with Beerus recognize this transformation’s completed form, hinting that it can be mastered by Goku in future.

You won’t recognize most users of Ultra Instinct (Who are mainly Angles) by seeing them because they might be born or created with it. But in the  Son Gokū and Moro’s case, they adopted this as a unique transformation. After mastering this technique there is a  distinctive silver colouration on Goku’s hair and eyes. Although his hair remains the same but is covered with an aura which is bright and also a bit silver in colour.

UI Goku Goku All Transformation Detailed Explanation

According to manga pics, the Hakaishin Beerus the God of Destruction of Universe 7  noted that every god can recognise this form as called Ultra Instinct. In anime, it’s no different from manga panels as Beerus and Whis both are able to recognize it and every Hakaishin who is present there stands and praises Goku for performing such a state while being a Saiyan. The Hope of the Universe 7 🔥


Everybody who exists has their limitations. For one to fight, to perform some basic actions one must need think of it before they do it, thinking hampers their fighting skill and effectiveness in fights so the ultimate goal for a fighter is to master the capability of doing an action without even thinking, The Ultra Instinct is exactly that form where our body can move or can perform any action without thinking it’s like our body is acting on its own. 

Because Whis is an Angle he comes with Mustard Ultra Instinct. Beerus In manga already mastered it. But in anime, They really nerfed Beerus AF. 

Beerus still has to master this technique he is not fully able to utilise it although he can awaken it, in anime as we have seen in the battle against the Hakaishin.  Beerus avoided the majority of attacks while fighting in the Zen Exhibition Match; still, the other Hakashins managed to catch Beerus cause he still didn’t master that UI in anime.

If someone can Master the UI fully then it’s too simple to beat the two most powerful Saiyans with just only 2 fingers of a single hand 💀.

In anime, it’s very strange that the omen of Ultra Instinct will grow more and more while Goku yells more and more, his voice was having an echo or a double fold similar to The Great Ape Transformation.

But one of the most major flaws which come with UI is actually the difficulty of mastering or accessing this power.  Even an intense Hakaishin like Beerus has to train for a million years to master it.

Then comes the draining of stamina in a rapid way which makes the state hard to maintain it’s a major problem for someone who is not enough trained with Ultra Instinct, also using this leads to a great toll on the body. As a result, new users can also be dead if they are exhausted fully.

10. Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku 

I don’t think I have to say much on this cause MUI aka God’s Power is a type of transformation or a state which allows users to draw the fullest limit possible for a certain time with extremely powerful strength and durability with some unique abilities beyond imagination with divine harnesses the complete power of Autonomous Ultra Instinct also the direct boost up or step up from the  Ultra Instinct Sign form.

For Angles, It’s like a state which they can turn On or Off at their will. 

In the anime, when the first time Goku perfected Ultra Instinct, he was fully covered in a bright aura with silver colour hair and a white aura more sparking and glazing than ever. But his hair remains similar to the previous transformation.

It’s identical to Sign UI but the Hair colour is different from Silver, the hairstyle became more solid like a rock it doesn’t seem to move a bit while fighting, having no loose strands always straight and with a great posture and facing the enemy on his face. Goku’s eyes became more steady and glazy also very sharp in defined shape, with silver-coloured Irish and Visible Pupils.

MUI Goku Goku All Transformation Detailed Explanation

It’s shown in anime that, when Goku evades or dodges any of the anime attacks Goku’s movements seem to leave some afterimages it can be stated that Goku is now Able to move at the speed of light. Goku’s voice is also noticeably deeper and rougher than the incomplete previous state Sign UI.

Usage and Power

This state does not belong to the level around God it’s more than that it basically skyrockets the skill of the user for a certain period, by making the person in the prime he was ever been in his entire life, which also gives him a place between some most powerful entities in the multiverse in the term of power 👀🔥.

Its power is too much that even Beerus said that it’s more powerful than God of Destruction it’s a power level around the Angels. In promotional material for the anime, Goku Has been shown more superior to Beerus and Beerus even says that in Sign UI Goku Surpassed Beerus but in the manga that’s not true we all know the cause in manga Beerus can overpower all of the God of Destruction.

In the manga, After Vegeta Perfected the SSGB but he gets defeated by the Beerus Then Whis stated that if Vegeta could ever achieve UI then Vegeta can take on any foe even intermediate Beerus. For this MUI Goku was able to take on Jiren and was good to go because he was able to make an opening on the guards of Full Power Jire.

Merus later comments that no one can overcome Goku in terms of combat when Goku Masters The UI, making Goku Technically unbeatable in Hand To Hand Combat. Moro even breaks his hand when he punches Goku in his chest.

In the DBS manga it’s stated that  “one must have complete control of their emotions so that the balance of the Ultra Instinct is not disturbed “, But you know the anime it’s basically made that line just a line and gives Goku boost up in the anime by raging more and more without any drawbacks without any reason but it’s stated that It’s possible to power up with rage but in another side, there is a massive risk in it to be grasped by the emotions and destroying yourself apparently, there is no risk in anime Goku is able to control his rage and make it a fule to boost his power even more.

In the DB series, all the Angels have already perfected in UI but for mortals, it’s a state cause of their limitations, The existence of this state was first revealed by Whis to Goku and Vegeta while giving them training before Freiza’s revenge.

Unlike other forms, this State has an access to divine ki which is actually at God’s level. And, upon seeing Goku’s Ultra Instinct Sign and Perfected Ultra Instinct forms in the DBS series, Heart also stated that it is the  “Power of the Gods“.

In the manga, Goku commonly uses instant transmission as a part or as a technique in MUI form, 

Goku neglected Jiren’s Overheat Magnetron completely after attaining The Power of God’s Aka MUI form, by showing his power he hold that attack in his hands without any difficulty, and crushed that overheat magnetron into a smaller orb than before it was, And next he just calmly degenerated it 💀.

The next Rippling of Jiren’s infinity Rush with one hand is nothing but a pure flex of his power 🤣  . And in that state, Goku was so fast that he can easily counter the full power attacks of Jiren with punches fast enough to confuse Jiren.

After seeing Goku, even Beerus praises Goku for attaining a new form and greats him.



As the rule of nature, there is no 100% efficient engine in this universe so it also goes with MUI. Using MUI is very difficult on its own. One of the biggest drawbacks of this form is stamina draining which is the most critical thing which needs to maintain this form simultaneously,  draining of stamina makes this form more stressful.

In the case of  Whis, he is an Angle whose limits are beyond any super Saiyan and even 100x or 1000x more than God of destruction so it’s not a big deal to have the MUI form activated all the time even when he sleeps.

And in the Belmod this problem can be overcome with proper training cause obviously he is a God of Destruction. Many fans may not accept but Goku really perfected the UI it’s a purely accidental case, and it was also discussed with Vegeta later by Goku himself, Goku replied that “I was unable to tap into its power at will“, which also revealed that Goku till now can only awaken the MUI when there is a massive danger.

In the anime, the flaws of MUI are similar to Kaioken’s overused matter it breaks down the entire body and makes the user have a ride in a hell of pain. At the end of this time limits the user has to face a very painful experience through his body and it’s also not very surprising that the blood mark will try to come out from inside the body also having a purple tint on the whole body and aftershocks may lead the user in unconsciousness.

Whis even said Goku is very lucky and durable cause this MUI can eventually kill Goku. Goku was also very exhausted after Using MUI.

To Perfected Ultra Instinct the user needs to have full control over his emotions after an emotional shock. Through training, Later Goku can use the Sign UI state of its will through intense training with Whis.

And it’s the most powerful Transformation of Goku Ever shown in Anime 🔥🙌. 

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