Why One Piece Is The Best Shounen Anime So Far?

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Today we will look at 10 Reasons Why One Piece is the Best Shounen Anime So Far. We all know that one piece is one of the most favourite and peak animes til now. It’s even recognised as the Big 3 because of its immense popularity among the fans.

There is no doubt that One Piece is the Best & Most Famous Shounen Anime of All Time. So without wasting any time Let’s check Why One Piece Is The Best Shounen Anime So Far?

One Piece Big 3

1. World Building

One Piece

We have seen various anime worlds in different anime, but One Piece is built differently. As of now, it is the longest anime so far so there is huge world-building in one piece which no other anime have in anime history. There are many arcs and many islands where Luffy and his crew went and discovered them in their journey, which made this anime develop its world-building to its prime.

2. Character Development

One Piece

As One Piece is one the longest animes in history so obviously there are lots of characters in it. But we can say One Piece is the only anime that has the best character development. Every arc consists of many character developments. Among all we know Sanji has the best character development till now in One Piece. So character development is one of the main reasons that One Piece is the peak shounen so far.

3. Consistency

One Piece

The key reason why One Piece is at the top among all anime is its consistency. We have seen many good animes being best in their seasonal arcs, but on the other hand one piece being best for years being regular anime. Although it is a regular anime, its hype never faded. Also, need to mention that the studio is doing great with the animation with high consistency.

4. Fanbase

One Piece

We all know that fans made anime popular. If an anime has a real and good fanbase automatically it gets pretty good reach. And undoubtedly one piece has the most genuine and loyal fanbase in the history of anime. There are lots of anime with a good fan base but not as close as One Piece. As a result, we can say that the fanbase of this anime made it sit on top of all other anime.

5. Fewer Fillers

One Piece

Fillers are the episodes that have no connection to the main storyline. Also, we can say these episodes are non-canon episodes. If we check other long anime they contain a lot of fillers which sometimes made the anime kind of boring for a certain time. But on the other side, there is One Piece which have only a few fillers, which made the story more interesting and the watcher to keep going. Fillers are one of the main reasons that made an anime’s pace slow.

6. Storyline

One Piece

We have all seen how One Piece’s storyline developed brilliantly throughout the entire series. Though it is not finished yet it had already made a huge impact among the fans. It is fascinating to watch How Oda represented and continued the story of One Piece throughout the Series. It has never been boring to us.

7. Unique Skills

One Piece

As One Piece is the longest anime ever so there must be many characters and different skills. It attracts the fans how the author created different unique skills for every character. And for that reason the fights are even more interesting that creates more interest in the fans to watch it. All we can say is that there is only one anime, one piece that had that much of different unique skills and character development.

8. Plot Twists

One Piece

Plot twists make an anime more unique and better and one piece is exactly built the same. There are several plot twists in various arcs. We can say that One Piece is an anime in which no one can predict what is gonna happen next, in short fans can not predict the twist. Which exactly made this anime exceptional.

9. Mysteries

One Piece

People love to watch a series that has many mysteries and enigmas because it creates more interest in the watchers. There are some tremendous mysteries in the series that made the people fall for it. Also, some mysteries had not been solved. For example, till now, fans don’t even know what one piece is and what it looks like. Also, we can say, the origin of devil fruits is still a mystery to us. As a result, those mysteries made this series an example of peak fiction.

10. Luffy

One Piece

In long and popular animes we have seen side characters getting attached to the fans more than the main character. But in one piece we can say that it is the show Luffy till now. It’s charming and heartwarming how Luffy created his crew and made the crewmates his family. All we can say is that Luffy is the main reason for one piece to become a goat piece. The impact of Luffy’s importance is also incredible in the story. So undoubtedly the fact is Luffy is the best Shounen MC ever in the history of anime.

Your Questions on One Piece

Is Gear 5 coming out?

According to the final official updates, Luffy’s Gear 5 will ultimately be animated on 6th August 2023. The whole fandom is eagerly waiting for it.

Does Zoro possess the Conqueror’s Haki?

Yes. Zoro is unaware of the fact that he possesses the Conqueror’s Haki but Kaido himself confirmed that Zoro has Conqureror’s Haki and he can coat his swords with it but it seems he does it instinctively he is not aware of the power.

Article Summary


So I have summed up five main reasons why One Piece is the top Shounen of all time. Though there are a lot of facts that made this anime goated so far so it may vary a little. But I hope you will get a fair idea about One Piece and its trend nowadays.


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