Everything About Spy X Family: Detailed Review 2022

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Today I’m going to review the overnight web sensation anime Spy x Family. In this article, you will get the most detailed review of spy x family 2022. The first season of this spy comedy series set the internet on fire which was released in early 2022. It contained 12 episodes. Currently, season 1 part 2  is airing from 1st October. 

It is a Japanese manga written by Tatsuya Endo. This anime is based on a cocktail of comedy action and a geopolitical cold war between two nations Westalis and Ostania. Resulting of the circumstances, Westalis sent their best agent Twilight on a secret mission. For the sake of this mission, Twilight has to make a dummy family. This family wasn’t ordinary. After forming it, what goes through their life is the main story of this anime.

Spy X Family Characters:

Spy x Family displayed many characters that all have their own identity and unique appearance. Let’s take a quick look at them.

Note:-(We will only discuss those characters portrayed in anime till now.)


loid Forger

Loid Forger, also known by the code name Twilight, is the deuteragonist of SpyxFamily. He is working as an undercover agent of WISE ( Westalian Intelligence Services’ Eastern-Focused Division ), or spy for Westalis. He is the best spy in his nation. Also, he has brilliant intelligence. He formed this whole drama and created a false family for his nation’s secret mission.  

Anya  Forger 

Anya is the main protagonist of this anime. She is a mysterious result of a failed scientific project conducted by an unknown authority. She is specially-abled with her powers which give her abilities to read human and animal minds. She is also known As Test Subject 007. We found Anya in an orphanage as a four to five years old girl with short legs and green eyes and pink hair. At the start of the season, Loid came to adopt a child for his mission where he found Anya. She was previously returned from four different families. 

Yor Forger

Yor is the tritagonist of this series. Everyone knows Yor as a simple girl who works as an ordinary clerk at Berlint City Hall, but we discovered Yor as a Garden Assassin with the code name  “Thorn Princess”.Yor looks so simple but she is so brutal at fighting skills. 

Bond Forger

Bond Forger is the pet dog of forgers previously known as Subject 8. This dog isn’t an ordinary one. It is made in research facilities under Project <Apple> which was intended to create highly trained dogs for military purposes. In the Ep1 of the second season, Anya went to adopt a pet and found Bond accidentally. Then how he will help Anya and create a relationship with forgers, will be known in the next episodes. 


Yor Briar

Yuri Briar

Yuri is Yor’s younger brother. He works in the State Security Service in Ostania as a Second Lieutenant for internal security. Yuri loves Yor most in this world. He can do anything for his sister. Yuri looks so simple and cute but behind this, he is a responsible and fierce officer. He feels jealous of any other men who came close to his sister.  


Donovan Desmond

Donovan Desmond is the leader of the National Unity Party within Ostania. He is the main antagonist of the series and is currently the main target of Twilight.

Demetrius Desmond[Donovan 1st son]

Demetrius is the elder son of Donovan. Donovan gives more attention compared to  Damian because of his achievements, being an Imperial Scholar at Eden Academy.

Damian Desmond[Donovan 2nd son]

Damian is the 2nd son of Donovan Desmond. He is a 1st-year student at Eden Academy. We saw in the first season that Twilight and his agency were using Damian as a trump card to get access to Donovan Desmond. Being a child of a prestigious and powerful family Damian has an admiring friend circle at school by default. He loves being called Lord Damian. But with the progress of the story, we saw that he has a soft corner of mind too. 


Becky Blackbell

Becky Blackbell is the daughter of the CEO of Blackbell Heavy Industries, a major manufacturer of military goods. She appeared as Anya’s best friend in the class.

Emile Elman

Emile is a student of Eden Academy too and a classmate cum mere supporter of Damian.

Ewen Egeburg

Ewen is the classmate of Damian, Anya, and Emile at Cecile Hall of Eden Academy and also a follower of Damian Desmond.

Bill Watkins

Bill is a student from Wald Hall of Eden Academy. He is a 6-year-old kid, his father is a Major in the National Army. Bill is notable for his extraordinary muscular body at his age. He is very disciplined and best at every type of game.


Henry Henderson

Henry Henderson is a housemaster at Eden Academy of Cecile Hall. He teaches history at Eden. Henry is fond of “Elegance” in his life.

Franky Franklin

Franky is an informant of Twilight who is helping Twilight currently on his mission ‘Operation Strix’. In Front of all the people, he seemingly works at a tobacco store. He is kind at heart and very helpful by nature. 


Camilla is a co-worker of Yor at Berlint City Hall.

Sylvia Sherwood

Sylvia, also known as ‘Handler’, is the main contact of Loid or ‘Twilight’ in  Westalian Intelligence Services’ Eastern-Focused Division or WISE.


loid forger

An undercover agent or spy of Westalis. Twilight is famous for his intelligence and sharpness.

Yor briar

An assassin by profession and works for the GARDEN ASSASSIN group, Ostania. Simple-looking Yor is actually so brutal in her assassination skills and physical abilities. 

Anya forger

Anya, also known as Test Subject 007, is a telepath. She can read the opposite person’s, or animal’s mind quickly.

Bond Forger

Bond is a dog specially-abled with his precognitive abilities. It is an ability that allows Bond to see through the future and his corrective measures can actually change the future. 

Spy X Family Plot

There are only 12 episodes in the spy x family season 1 first course and course 2 is still airing. SpyxFamily is an action comedy manga. This anime has a very attractive storyline. 

To maintain the peace between the two rival nations, Westalis and Ostania, Westalian spy “Twilight” was assigned by the department for “OPERATION STRIX” for spying on Donovan Desmond, leader of the National Unity Party within Ostania. Donovan is suspected by Westalis agents that he is trying to break the peace effort between Westalis and Ostania.

In order to get close to Desmond to track his suspicious activity, Loid has to enroll a child at Desmond’s son’s school, Eden Academy, and help the child to be an imperial scholer with 6 stellas to meet Desmond at a social gathering.

To accomplish the mission and establish an image of a happy family Twilight creates the alias of Loid Forger, who adopted a child, Anya, and bonded Yor Briar on account of a fake marriage. But everyone tries their best to act as a perfect family in society. But accompanying this everyone is also set and focused on their own mission and goal. Now how this family manages their circumstances to complete their individual mission is the main story and future interest of millions of anime fans. 

Spy X Family Plot Twist

Twist No.1

Loid and Yor both are completely in the dark about their true identities and professions. But here’s a question arrives how could the sharpest spy in the nation(yes we are talking about Mr.Twilight here), can completely don’t even have a clue about his fake wife’s profession? Even sometimes Yor showed her fatal skills in front of Loid, then why does Loid never suspect her?🥲 Hope we get this answer in upcoming episodes.

Twist No.2

Yor’s brother Yuri, who looks so simple, is also a fierce officer and brutal by his profession. But his one and only sister, whom he loves most, is completely in the dark about his profession. In the same way, Yuri doesn’t know that his loving elder sister is a brutal assassin. 

Twist No.3

Yor’s brother Yuri works for SSS and here’s the twist the organization considers Twilight as their biggest enemy and not only that Yuri and his organization are currently finding Loid(Twilight) like a sniffing dog. But Yuri doesn’t know that his sister’s husband Loid Forger is actually Twilight and Loid is also unknown of Yuri’s real identity.

Twist No.4

Here comes the ultimate and most funny twist about Anya. As a telepath, Anya knows everyone’s intentions and real identity. 

Spy X Family IMDB RATING  8.8/10

It has a very unique storyline with multiple twists which attract the audience very much. overall it will be worth watching anime. We will divide it into some different segments.

Everything About Spy X Family
Spy X Family Detailed Review

Fighting: 7/10

This anime only completed its first season with only 12 episodes. Major episodes were spent building the setup of the plot. So we had seen very few action scenes but those fewer scenes were so good and overpowered(Especially Yor)  and gave us hope for some bang in the second season.   

Comedy: 9.2/10

When it’s the question of the comedy scenario of Spy x Family, it is already winning fans’ hearts with its incredible and perfect comedy punches. Here the anime cracked an “X” factor with Anya’s perfect comedy style and activities.😂 The top-notch comedy scenes give the anime a special essence.

Character Development: 7.5/10

As we know the anime only released part 1 of season 1 with 12 episodes and is currently airing the second part. So major screen time was taken for set up. Very little character development we had seen in part 1. But in these few, the remarkable character development of Loid and Damian.  

a) Loid, who never cared about anyone, started to feel for this fake family which we expect will grow more with the progress of the mission.  

b) it seems that Damian is developing some feelings for Anya….no we are not talking about typical love though but it’s something. After Anya smashed Damian we saw a beautiful character chemistry between them. That was a fantastic mixture of friendship, enemy, and a feeling. In what way now this relation goes on is one of the most demanded questions of fans. Also, a famous dodgeball scene stole fans’ hearts. (No spoilers 🤣)

Plot: 8/10

The plot of this anime is the X Factor for the overnight success of this anime. The unique combination of comedy, spy, and the flavor of a meaningful geopolitical cold war situation between two countries made the audience amazed. So the plot seems too good though only 14 episodes are there. Hope it goes more amazing in upcoming episodes. 

Artstyle: 7.0/10

As we all know Artstyle is one of the main essences of an anime. Spy x Family has a decent art style that gives pleasure to the viewer’s eyes. The animation is quite good, especially the clothing, events, and houses of the 19th century are well described in this anime. As for the characters they are well developed and good too but they don’t have the sharp edge endings aside from that everything else is fine. Even the fighting scenes are smooth. 

Overall rating- 8.0/10

Overall as an anime fan, I can say that this anime is gonna burn the fan pages and will be worth watching for true anime fans. It is one of the best releases of 2022.

Spy X Family Review: Public Opinion

“Anya cuteeee!!!

Spy x Family is a very good debut anime. The characters are designed like manga. Anyone who has read the manga will know that Spy x Family is a very funny, fun, and heartwarming manga. Anya is a very cute and funny character. The productions trust Wit Studio and CloverWorks.” 
  IMDB Featured Review

“Pretty funny”

In less than half an episode, im already hooked in with this anime, and that is rare nowadays!
The characters, the drawing and the story itself is unique and outstanding in a supper funny way that you’ll definitely love it.” Read More

Loved It! (spoiler free)

This anime is amazing! Perfect combo of comedy and action! Even if you dont like anime, come here for a fun, hilarious, action filled ride! (Also, parents, it’s a 13 year old reviewing this, it’s ok to show to your kids. Just please be there, just in case.)” Read More

A Show to ease the mind and restore the heart!

“ I have been going through a bit of a bad spot with my mental health this year. but having this show to look forward to is extremely helpful its wholesome enough to make me forget about the bad stuff all around me in the world today and its funny enough to raise my spirits. The story is entertainingly different to alot of what i have seen over the last few years, the characters are charming and lovable, with a fantastic quality of animation and art. i hope to see more anime made as well as this in the future. Thank you to all involved in the making of this brilliant series.” Read More
Crunchyroll User

The manga? Amazing.

It looks like the show is maintaining that standard as well, at least based on what we’ve seen so far. Highly doubt this rating will change. The art-style is fitting, absolutely gorgeous, and I can’t wait for the next episode.
But yeah, highly recommend the manga.
(Wow, what an in-depth review…)” Read More
Crunchyroll User

Loved It! (spoiler free)

So i recently watch almost all of wit’s studio animes and all are very different and unique best thing about them is all are in top ten list of myanime which really good so Spy x Family is a wonderful anime pacing of which is really great i was watching it continuously without a break and it was fun to watch there isn’t that much of philosophy around the story it’s simple straight  forward to the point i like all the character specially Loid he analysis everything and came out with a Better solution for it .. he has to bear suspicion on everyone which is hard for him 😢 . The naught Anya is a super cute girl which is been done great the funny jokes and comedy are good it does not feel forced ..Briar is a women who supports her husband and and have feeling inspite of all the personals things going on in their life . The theme is that sometimes we pretend to be a person which we might not be .. there can be many interpretation but i kinda like this it’s simple 🤗🤗. The animation are done really tremendously well it’s to be expected from Wit Studios . Read More
Google User

Spy X Family Achievements

1.SpyxFamily ranked 16th on Rakuten’s Top 100 Best-Selling Digital Manga of 2021.

2.SpyxFamily 2 nd episode cracked huge popularity that it has 2nd most watched Japanese streaming site.  

3. No. 1 Popular Web Comic of 2019

4. As of August 2022, it has around 25 million copies in circulation.

Spy X Family Awards Won

5th Next Manga Awards
Apple Books Awards
4th Tsutaya Comic Awards
Ridibooks Comic Award
French Babelio Readers’ Awards
Japan Expo Awards 2022
Geeks d’Ouro

People’s Ask

Is Spy x Family worth watching?

If you are wanting to get entertained with drama, action, and comedy then Spy x family is the complete package for you. 

Is Spy x Family a slice-of-life?

Yes. It shows us how nation-related wars affect every individual family. How a man & woman responds to work and family balance.

Is Spy x Family funny?

This series is super fun and the perfect punch of comedy from most of the characters, especially from Anya, is remarkable.

Is Spy x Family the best anime in 2022?

Obviously Spy x Family is one of the best anime of 2022 to watch. 

Why is Spy x Family so famous?

Spy x Family getting sensational popularity for its amazing plot and for its characters obviously. Fans have gone crazy already with Cute Anya and ‘Brutal Beauty’ Yor. 

What genre of anime is Spy x Family?

Spy x Family is an action comedy anime in the genre.

Spy X Family Conclusion

Overall if you are planning to watch an entertaining anime that contains a perfect punch of comedy and action with an amazing storyline, yes SpyxFamily is going to be your perfect pick. 

Today’s spy x family review blog is over. Meet you in my next blog. Goodbye  Mate ne.(またね)

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