Top 10 Strongest Characters Of So What I’m A Spider Ranked

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Today we are going to enlist the strongest characters of So What I’m A spider. So What I’m A Spider aka Kumo Desu Ga Nani Ka is a new-gen 3d Art anime based upon the Isekai genre.

As we all know, Isekai is currently the most burning topic on the Internet. Just like other animes here also the mc and her whole class got reincarnated in another world after they died in an explosion in their world.

The mc Wakaba Hiroo was an introverted Otaku girl. She suddenly found herself as a spider in a world filled with monsters and mysterious kinds of stuff. But unlike other Isekai anime, Wakaba was not overpowered. She was rather weak, to begin with. But she never gave up and climbed to be one of the strongest in the verse. Her story and adventures are awesome. I recommend everyone to watch the series.

Before starting the ranking list of powerful characters of So What I am A Spider, I want to make sure one thing is that this list is entirely based upon the anime with no LN or Manga content included.


I have tried my best to not include any spoilers from LN & Manga for the anime viewers.

Now without wasting any more time let’s start our ranking list of the Top 10 Strongest Characters Of So What I’m A Spider.

A Complete Ranking List: Top 10 Powerful Characters Of So What I’m A Spider

Feirune Strongest Character Of So What I’m A Spider

10. Feirune

She is a reincarnation just like the mc. She was reincarnated as an Earth Dragon. She was a bully in her previous life but upon reincarnating as a dragon she felt very bad. She turned into a new leaf.

She tried her best to protect her friends from the dangers of this new world. She became concerned about her friend’s welfare. As a dragon, she gained immense strength after evolution. At the end of the series, we saw her fighting on an equal footing with her hero friends and even defeating Dragons on her own.

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Hugo Strongest Character Of So What I’m A Spider

9. Hugo

Hugo is also a reincarnation. He was reincarnated as the crown prince of the Renxandt Empire. As a crown prince, he was extremely arrogant about his position and power. He wanted to obtain all the powers and everything in the world. 

Hugo even started seeing his reincarnated friends as a threat to his dream. He planned to assassinate them. But his former teacher from the previous world who was also a reincarnation stopped him and stripped him of all his powers. 

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To take revenge on his teacher and friends he obtained one of the most powerful evil skills “Lust”. The owner of this skill gains the ability to steal the power of the person he kills. By killing thousands of innocent persons he obtained immense power.

Schlain Zagan Analeit Strongest Character Of So What I’m A Spider

8. Schlain Zagan Analeit

Just like Hugo, Schlain is also a reincarnation. His previous life name was Shun Yamada. He was reincarnated as the fourth prince of the Kingdom Of Analeit. After his elder brother Julius’s death he obtained the unique skill of Hero. The only skill that can annihilate the Demon Lord is the greatest threat to humanity.

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Unlike Hugo, Schlain Zagan Analeit was never arrogant about his position. He always looked up to his brother Julius. Julius’s death caused a serious change in Schlain’s mentality; he realized that obtaining power to protect the ones he cares for isn’t evil.

Wrath Strongest Character Of So What I’m A Spider

7. Wrath

Wrath was one of Shun’s best friends in his previous life. He was reincarnated as a goblin. He was rescued by Shiraori and her companions. He then joined the demon army and later on became the 8th Commander of the Demon Army.

In the anime, they have yet to show Wrath’s skills or powers but he defeated Schlain like it’s a child’s play to him. He even said that he was ordered not to kill any reincarnation or else wiping Schlain and his entire force would be nothing for him. He destroyed a big force of Elves and their machines without getting serious.

These things alone prove his strength. His future accomplishments will be remarkable.

Sophia Strongest Character Of So What I’m A Spider
Sophia – Top 10 Strongest Character Of So What I’m A Spider Ranked

6. Sophia

Sophia is a reincarnation too. In her previous life, she was often called a creep because of her pale face and extremely thin body. She was an introverted girl just like the lead character. After reincarnation, she got the pure bloodline of a Vampire making her one of the strongest and almost immortal beings in the monster kind.

Elves recognized her as a threat and tried to assassinate her time after time. She was protected by Wakaba and Ariel (Demon Lord). She decided to follow them after losing her house and family. After time skip she appeared as one of the strongest characters. She was the one who gave Hugo the skill Lust. She is Shiraori’s aka Kumoko(Wakaba)  main subordinate.

Potimas Strongest Character Of So What I’m A Spider

5. Potimas

Potimas is the first person on the list of powerful characters in So What I’m A Spider, who isn’t reincarnation. He is the chieftain of the Elves. He was the first person in this world who came to know the truth about the reincarnated students and teachers. He helped Filimos (Reincarnated teacher and his daughter) to rescue all the students who were scattered throughout the world.

He is the leader of one of the biggest fractions of this world and the archenemy of the Demon Lord Ariel only these two matters testifies his strength. He has some tricks under his sleeve because we have seen him coming back from death time after time. He is the main antagonist of the story. A scientist obsessed with immortality and power.

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Kumoko Strongest Character Of So What I’m A Spider
Kumoko – Powerful Character in So What I’m Spider

4. Kumoko: Is Kumoko the Strongest ?

The main protagonist of the story “So What I’m A Spider” is Kumoko. In her previous life, her name was Wakaba Hiiro. After reincarnation, she found herself as a spider in a labyrinth full of monsters. She was a weak spider at the beginning of the story. But she fought with all the monsters in that labyrinth and gained the name “The Nightmare of the Labyrinth”.

She gained immortality and many other skills during her evolution. She fought with the demon lord Ariel in a great war. During the war, she gained a lot of XP and evolved herself into a humanoid form. Her humanoid form is known as Shiraori (Major Spoiler Alert). Her demonic eyes are powerful enough to wipe even an entire nation. She always keeps her eyes close to keep everything safe from her eyesight.

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Ariel recognized her power and told her to join forces with her. Ariel looks after her and helps her to control her full power. As of anime, she has not gotten full control over her power. Her future accomplishments are gonna be astonishing. 

Ariel Strongest Character Of So What I’m A Spider

3. Ariel

Ariel is the current Demon Lord and head of the food chain of the spider family. Kumoko is her direct descendant. Ariel is also one of the ancient beings of this world.

As of the anime, Ariel is still a lot stronger than Kumoko in terms of Firepower & Magic abilities. She almost killed Kumoko twice. Then she decided to join forces with her to defeat the Elves. She controls one of the major fractions, the Demons. Humanity sees her as their biggest threat but in reality, she is trying to save the world from extinction. So the protagonist of the story Kumoko and her subordinates decided to help her in the battle.

Güliedistodiez Strongest Character Of So What I’m A Spider

2. Güliedistodiez

Güliedistodiez is one of the world’s Administrators and allies of Ariel. So far in the anime, we have not seen much of his power. But holding the position of the Administrator puts enough testimony to his power.

He just keeps watching over everything happening in the world; he never involves himself in any worldly matters. From the conversation between him and Ariel, we know that he is not inferior to D (Administrator) in terms of power. 

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D Strongest Character Of So What I’m A Spider
D – Strongest Character of So What I’m Spider

1. D

D is a high-ranking god of this world and also the strongest Administrator. D is the one that reincarnated every student & the teacher. She does almost everything for her amusement.

She holds the utmost authority in the world. She is the creator of skills and powers. But she never involves herself in any worldly matter. She communicates with everyone by summoning a phone or using telepathy.

D’s real identity holds a Major Spoiler in the series. As of now, it’s best to know that she is the creator of every power skill in the world.

Your Questions

Who is the strongest reincarnation in So What I’m Spider?

Wakaba Hiiro is the strongest among all the reincarnations. She reincarnated as a Spider. Her humanoid name is Shiraori.

Who has immortality in So What I’m Spider?

Kumoko the main character of the show has been shown to have immortality.

Who is the main antagonist in So What I’m Spider?

As of now, Potimas the leader of the elves is the main antagonist in the show.

With this our list of the Top 10 Strongest Characters of So What I’m A Spider has come to an end. But as the anime has still released only one season there will be major changes in the ranking list in the future.

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  1. **Spoiler warning**
    (This includes Novel Info)

    If youve read all the light novels this is wrong
    A She doesnt keep hey eyes closed because she is so strong she keeps them closed because each eye had 5 pupils (total 10 like she had in her arachnid form 8 from the spider part 2 from the human head)
    B She becomes stronger than the demon lord and in the most recent book were left off with her and Guli Guli (your #2) fighting eatchother

    • Thank you Carson for sharing the info but as I mentioned in the conclusion that this list only includes data from the first season of the anime. So I did not add the novel power levels to the list.


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