Top 11 Strongest Naruto Female Characters (Naruto Shippuden) Ranked

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Today AnimeTel tells about the top 11 strongest and most popular naruto female characters. This female naruto list is genuinely updated with lots of research.

Naruto is one of the most hyped and famous anime of all time it featured some incredibly strong female characters, more precisely Kunoichis (Female Ninja)

As a shounen anime, Naruto ranks on top of the list when it comes to fighting scenes and character development throughout the series we saw many naruto female characters some of them even rank in the Top 10 Female Anime Characters

So without wasting time let’s start our rank list of Top 10 Strongest Female Naruto Characters (Naruto Shippuden) Ranked.

10. Ameyuri (The Village Hidden In Mist)

Ameyuri was undoubtedly one of the strongest female characters naruto to in the entire show. She was one of the Seven Mist Swordsmen. She wielded the twin sword Kiba which specialized in lightning chakra type.

Ameyuri was an excellent lightning chakra-type ninja. It was stated that she never lost a war while she was alive she died because of disease at a very young age otherwise her future accomplishments would have been promising.

Kabuto reanimated her during the War Arc she killed a lot of ninjas of the allied shinobi force and lastly, Omoi managed to trap her in quicksand. Even Might Guy said that “100 Chunins are no match for her”.

Ameyuri (The Village Hidden In Mist)

9. Pakura (The Village Hidden In Sand)

Pakura was a kunoichi with a rare and special Kekkei Genkai named Scorch Release. She was an exceptionally good fighter at close range.

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Her Kekkei Genkai could summon orbs engulfed with flames and manipulate them. Upon impact, these orbs would turn the opponent into a mummy. We witnessed her fighting skills in the war arc while she was fighting with Omoi.

Pakura (The Village Hidden In Sand)

8. Fuu (The Village Hidden In Waterfall)

Fuu was the Jinchuriki of Seven-Tailed Beast Chomei. Just like Yugito she also died in the hands of Akatsuki and was later reanimated during the war arc. 

Like the Aburame clan, Fuu was also an insect-type jutsu user. She could heal herself and her allies, binding her enemies with insect webs, she also could communicate with her allies by telepathy. 

Fuu (The Village Hidden In Waterfall)

7. Kurotsuchi (The Village Hidden In Stones)

Kurotsuchi was the granddaughter of the Third Tsuchikage and the direct descendant of the Frist Tsuchikage. She is one of the most popular female naruto characters.

She was an excellent earth-style ninja. She also has fire, water, and Lava release (Kekkei Genkai), which makes her quite formidable. She could trap her enemies with earth spikes and by using the Lava release she was able to create quick mile and ash which she used as weapons.

She showed her vast Jutsu style and combat abilities during the war arc later in Boruto she became the Fourth Tsuchikage 

Kurotsuchi (The Village Hidden In Stones)

6. Guren (The Village Hidden In Sound)

Green was one of Orochimaru’s subordinates and the sole survivor of the rare Crystal Release Kekkei Genkai users. 

Despite being a filler character she is one of the strongest kunoichis the series has witnessed till now. She fought with Naruto and Kakashi on an equal footing and almost managed to capture the Three-Tailed Beast. 

Her Kekkei Genkai specializes in turning air molecules into crystals thus she can create any object from air to crystal, and she can turn any enemy into a crystal doll. She deserved more than a filler character. She is also one of the most beautiful naruto female characters.

Guren (The Village Hidden In Sound)

5. Konan (The Village Hidden In Rain)

Konan was one of the founding members of Akatsuki. She was also a disciple of Great Toad Sage Jiraiya. She trained under Jiraiya with Yahiko and Nagato. They were war orphans of the Second Great Ninja War.

Konan specializes in Paper Jutsu. She can turn her whole body into paper and do various jutsus on paper. Her rank in Akatsuki was not inferior to Pain. She was an excellent radar-type ninja.

Konan showed her true worth during the fight against Obito. She almost managed to kill him. Konan had a high IQ too because she was the first to understand Obito’s Kamui. Without the Izanagi, Obito could have died in her hand.

Konan (The Village Hidden In Rain)

4. Mei (The Village Hidden In Mist)

At the 4th place on our ranking list, we have one of the most popular naruto female characters Mei Terumi. But don’t get fooled by her looks she is also one of the strong naruto female characters the series has ever witnessed.

She was the one to change the bloody mist into a peaceful village. Though sometimes it feels like her marriage is more important than the Kage duties, she showed us that she is a strong candidate to fit as a Kage.

The Fifth Mizukage Mei is famous for her two Kekkei Genkai Boil releases and Lava release. She managed to do tons of damage to Sasuke’s Susanoo Ribcage with her Boil release. She also fought bravely against Madara and even managed to extinguish Madara’s Fire Style Jutsu.

Mei (The Village Hidden In Mist)

3. Tsunade (The Village Hidden In Leaf)

At the 3rd place on our ranking list, we have Tsunade Senju the granddaughter of the God Of Shinobi Hashirama Senju. She is also a student of Hiruzen Sarutobi.

For her deeds in The Second Great Ninja War, she got the title of The Legendary Sanin and is known as the greatest Healer Ninja in the world.

Her brute strength and summoning ability made her one of the strongest female characters of Naruto in the series so far. She fought with Jiraiya and Orochimaru on an equal footing. She managed to destroy Madara’s Susanoo with her mere hands.

Tsunade (The Village Hidden In Leaf)

2. Sakura (The Village Hidden In Leaf)

Fans may argue about it but Sakura Haruno is the strongest kunoichi in the series so far. Even Kishimoto admitted it. 

Sakura was the direct disciple of Tsunade and in the war arc, Tsunade said that she surpassed me both in medical ninjutsu and brute strength. She saved the whole allied shinobi force by summoning Katsuya the slug when Naruto was out of chakra.

Despite being a normal human she fought against Kaguya with Team 07 and managed to hit her. In terms of raw strength, no one can compete with her.

Sakura (The Village Hidden In Leaf)

1. Kaguya (Otsutsuki Clan)

In the 1st place on our list, we have Kaguya Otsutsuki. She is an alien and the strongest naruto female character.

Kaguya was the real originator of chakra on earth. She is also known as the Mother Of Chakra. She managed to surpass both Naruto and Sasuke the two strongest Shinobi ever lived this is enough to testify to her terrifying power.

 Kaguya (Otsutsuki Clan)

Kaguya can teleport the entire battleground into another verse on top of that she has all crushing bones which on impact can turn anything into ash. No Jutsu works on her as she is the originator of chakra.

After several hours of fighting Team 07 managed to seal her. She was the strongest enemy in Naruto Shippuden.

With this, our list is over. Personal impression on the character has a great impact on the list I approve of that but I tried my best to make it perfect. Though there remain some debating matters.

Even though Kishimoto is really bad at female character development Naruto still gave us some great female characters.

As for the bonus character we have

0. Haku (The Village Hidden In Mist)

Haku was introduced in the first Naruto Arc Land Of Waves. He was an orphan and the sole survivor of the Yuki Clan.

He had the rare Kekkei Genkai Ice Release. He died while protecting Zabuza from Kakashi. He was reanimated with Zabuza during the war arc. He fought with Sasuke and Naruto, he could have killed both of them.

Haku (The Village Hidden In Mist)

Haku is the most beautiful Naruto Female Character. Even Naruto admitted that he is prettier than Sakura (Naruto’s childhood crush)

Note: The Bonus Character is nothing but a joke have a good day guys Sayonara…………

Who is the main female character in naruto?

Sakura as she has the most screen time after Naruto in the series.

Who is the most beautiful naruto female characters

Hinata Hyuga

Who is the most popular female character in naruto?

Hinata Hyuga

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