Summertime Rendering All Characters Powers Explained

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Summertime Rendering is a time-travel, suspenseful, thriller, action, and supernatural genre anime written and illustrated by Yasuki Takana. Here our main protagonist Shinpe Ajiro comes back to his homeland after a long time to attend to his childhood crush Ushio Kofune’s funeral who died while saving a child from drowning but things are started to confuse Shinpe as many supernatural activities are happening around the island and Shinpe unravels the dark plot dwelling on the Island. If you have not watched or read Summer Time Rendering and want to watch something unique it is a good time to watch it as it only has 25 episodes which covers the whole story.

Shinpe Ajiro 

Shinpe Ajiro Summertime Rendering

Shinpe our main protagonist comes back to his homeland Hitogasimi after a long time. His parents died a long time ago and Alan took him and he started to live with his two daughters Mio and Ushio for a long time before he went to Tokyo.


On his way to Hitogashima Island, he met Ushio in his dream or that’s what he thought but she came to him while looping while saying to protect Mio and to find her and left him with a gift that is an eye.

The eye is capable to create or render a situation and make it a reality but Shinpe being a human is not capable to use the full extent of the Eye’s power which once belong to Haine with this power he can go to the past when he dies but he cannot do that without dying and each time he loops there is a limit to when he comes back and each time it decreases.

Even without the eye’s power, he is very intelligent, and calm-minded and always uses a wider vision to take a good look at the situation and come up with strategies at the moment.


Shadow Summertime Rendering

Shadows are extraterritorial beings who do not have any form but are capable to copy anything and making the real ones disappear and taking their memories and just want to act as real people.

Shadows are created when any upper-class shadow like the mother or even the granddaughter.


They flash a light and copy the object and make a clone of that person and the shadow takes their memory and makes them disappear. 

Shadows can replicate many times but they have to kill the original within a week or else they will become mud only Haine the mother can give birth to numerous children. Shadow’s weakness lies in their shadow any physical attack on their shadow will give damage them and they avoid others stepping on their shadows.

Shadow Ushio

Shadow Ushio Summertime Rendering

Ushio’s shadow was considered faulty as she didn’t know she is a shadow but thinks of herself as a human she had lost her memories many times but after regaining those she knew that she was a shadow but unlike other shadows, she does not want to kill humans and is helping Shinpe to defeat Haine. She is the eye of Haine which got separated at the time when she attacked Ryunosuke and that’s why possesses power rivaling Haine.


She can move very fast in her shadow and can re-create anything which she had copied using her hair, she even uses her hair to fight and defend and she was able to loop she also possesses one eye of Haine. She can hack into other Shadows and erase them even Haine.

Hizuru Minakata

Hizuru Minakata Summertime Rendering

Hizuru or also known as Nagumo Sensei as is her pen name she is a novel writer 

and came to Hitogashima because she received a voice message from Ushio asking for help which is also her homeland. 


Hizuru had a brother Ryunosuke Minakata and one day roaming around the island she found an abandoned house where a girl child was living and that was none other than Haine at that time she was not evil and just wanted someone to play with.

But one day when Ryunosuke came to check where her sister goes without telling anyone Haine was not able to control her hunger she started to attack Ryunosuke and made him a shadow Hizuru came in time she wards Haine but was not able to protect her brother but Haine helped her and 

from then both Hizuru and her brother share the same body and able to swap their places her brother being a shadow can tell who’s a shadow and who’s not he can also see a few seconds into future and possess incredible melle fighting skill. Just like Ushio he can also hack into other Shadows and erase them which he did to Shide many times due to the abilities he got from Haine.


Haine Summertime Rendering

Haine the mother of all Shadows and the first shadow who came from space by becoming an asteroid and finally reached Hitogashima Island after becoming a whale when the Island people came to see this dead whale on the shore they came that’s when Haine took the form a little girl that’s when Hisigata Shidehiko took her in and she became the goddess of the Island.


Just like other Shadows she also possesses the ability to copy and also has a huge appetite to eat other humans also she possesses the same weakness as other Shadows but she also possesses the ability to loop on her own will and is also able to mark Shinpe to track his whereabouts. She is also able to command and control other Shadows.

Hisigata Shidehiko

Hisigata Shidehiko Summertime Rendering

Shide was a normal human who worked in the Island Shrine until he met Haine after that he took her in and protected her he made clones of himself and has lived for over 300 years. 

He is the main antagonist and has been using Haine to obtain the power to control both time and space.


As his clones are children of him and Haine they all look the same and are empty shells connected to the main body he is been given the armour of the dead shadows and possesses a high level of melle fighting skills as well as intelligence and experience. He was also able to make illusions of fighter planes and bombs from his memories in the Shadow Realm.

Your Questions On Summertime Rendering

Can Shinpe take anyone else with him to loop?

Yes, Shinpe or the eye that he has possesses the ability to loop with someone that’s why he was able to loop with Shadow Ushio.

Why did Haine help Shinpe and others to kill her?

Haine was not the antagonist she was just a lonely weak girl who was taken advantage of by Shide. She never wanted to hurt someone but couldn’t able to control her hunger.

How and Why is Shadow Ushio in an infinite loop?

After finishing Haine she went to the infinite loop to message Hizuru and Shinpe and bring them to the island.

Did Shinpe and Ushio forget about their adventure?

They both are the only ones who still remember fragments of their adventure but it was shown that at last, they remember it all.

Why was Shinpe able to stop the girl from touching Haine?

Because of Shinpe’s ability to loop and to take anyone with him while looping he was able to take and grab the little girls’ hand.

Article Summary


After these rollercoaster events finally as this is a Shounen Anime everything goes back to normal and even Shinpe’s parents, Ushio, Haine, and Ryunosuke all got to live their lives to the fullest and as a sacrifice, Shadow Ushio has got Stuck in this infinite loop to protect to send message to Hizuru and Shinpe and help them.

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