Top 10 Best Arcs of the Naruto Franchise

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Today I’m going to talk about the Top 10 Best Arcs of the Naruto Franchise. Here are the 10 Best Arcs of the Naruto series, ranked! Let’s see who comes out on top.

Introduction- Naruto 10 Best Arcs

Naruto is a popular anime franchise that has captured the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. Created by Masashi Kishimoto, Naruto goes by the name of Big 3 this name was granted to the 3 most famous and influential anime of all time.

The series follows the journey of a young ninja named Naruto Uzumaki as he strives to become the Hokage, the leader of his village, and get acknowledged by everyone.

One of the things that makes Naruto so compelling is its rich storytelling. The series is known for its well-crafted arcs that keep viewers engaged and invested in the story. Some of them are exciting and filled with fights, while others are slow-paced and focused more on character development.

I will enlist the 10 Best Arcs of the Naruto Franchise in today’s list. I will try my best to be not biased but then also as I am a die heart fan of Naruto I might be unreasonable sometimes. So please pardon my immaturities and enjoy the list.

10. The Land of Waves

Top 10 Best Arcs of the Naruto Franchise

The first impression is important no matter what it is about. Keeping that fact in mind Makai Kishimoto created this great arc The Land of Waves. This arc speaks the story of the first major mission undertaken by the members of Team 7: Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, and Sakura Haruno.

The arc takes place in the Land of Waves, a small island nation located off the coast of the Five Great Shinobi Nations. The team is hired by a businessman named Tazuna to protect him on his way to the village. At first, the mission seemed like a simple bodyguard mission. But the team soon discovers the threat lying deep in the mission.

They are confronted by a group of skilled mercenaries known as the Demon Brothers. Then Tazuna confessed to Team 7 and told them about the threat of Gato, a powerful and corrupt shipping magnate who seeks to control the country’s vital bridge-building project.

As the story progresses, Team 7 learns that the true enemy they have to face is none but the infamous Zabuza Momochi (Demon of the Hidden Mist). He was once a member of Seven Swordsmen of Mist. His assassination skill is second to none.

The Land of Waves arc is notable for its strong character development, intense action scenes, and emotional depth. It is also the arc where the iconic rivalry between Naruto and Sasuke begins to take shape, as the two characters clash over their differing ideals and approach to mission objectives.

Overall, the Land of Waves arc is a standout chapter in the Naruto franchise and is often cited as one of the best examples of the series’ storytelling and world-building prowess. It sets the stage for many of the themes and conflicts that will play out throughout the series and establishes the core relationships between the members of Team 7 that will continue to evolve and grow in the years to come.

9. Chunin Exam

Top 10 Best Arcs of the Naruto Franchise

Chunin Exam is one the most primitive and important Arcs of the Naruto franchise. It helped the show hook the viewers. This arc tells the story of Naruto and his classmates as they participate in the Chunin Exams, a tough competitive tournament that promotes the ranks of ninjas from Genin to Chunin.

The Chunin Exam arc is notable for its complex storytelling, thrilling action, and the introduction of many of the series’ most beloved characters. It featured the Tsuna Siblings (Gara, Temari & Kankuro) as well as Orochimaru & Kabuto, and many other characters. The competitors of the tournament portrayed various types of Ninjutsu & techniques and this arc displayed the abilities of the whole Konoha 11.

Overall, the Chunin Exam arc is a must-watch for any Naruto fan and is widely regarded as one of the most essential and iconic story arcs in the series. Fights like Gara vs Rock Lee, and Naruto vs Neji still linger in the hearts of Naruto fans.

8. Sasuke Retrieval

Top 10 Best Arcs of the Naruto Franchise

The Sasuke Retrieval Arc is notable for its intense action, emotional depth, and complex character development. As the members of Konoha 11 face a lot of powerful enemies and obstacles on their way to retrieve Sasuke. Not only that they also had to confront the deep emotional wounds caused by Sasuke’s betrayal of the village.

This arc introduced the whole of Konoha 11 and showed their resolve in battle. In the whole arc, they proved, again and again, the power of friendship and the importance of forgiveness.

At the end of the arc, Kishimoto portrays a glimpse of the final arc of the franchise, “Valley of the End”. In the fight, Sasuke and Naruto confronted each other with a dilemma. Sasuke never intended to kill Naruto where as Naruto was ready to die to take Sasuke back. The battle ended with Sasuke’s victory.

This incident acts as a key factor in the whole story. Because of the loss Naruto decided to power up and become capable of defeating Sasuke, on the other hand, Sasuke realized that the gap between Naruto and him was not too big so he decided to become more powerful.

7. Five Kage Summit

Top 10 Best Arcs of the Naruto Franchise

The five Kage Summit arc holds the utmost importance in the whole series. As the arc portrays intense political intrigue, complex character relationships, and high-stakes battles. The arc resolves around a meeting between the 5 powerhouses of the Shinobi World gathering at a single place to discuss the looming threat of the criminal organization Akatsuki.

One of the main key themes of the arc is the idea of sacrifice and the difficult choices that must be made in times of crisis. The 5 Big Shinobi nations have a long history of hatred and animosities among them. But in that crisis, they were willing to put those things aside and willing to give up to protect their villages and loved ones.

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The rouge ninja Sasuke intervened at the Kage summit and disrupted the whole meeting. Not only that he killed the Hokage Danjo because of his long hatred. The newly formed Shinobi Alliance marked Sasuke as a Rogue ninja but Naruto was not ready to give up on Sasuke.

Overall the 5 Kage Summit Arc shows the pent-up tension of war and complexity between the characters. This arc portrays the complex questions of loyalty, betrayal, and the nature of power itself. This arc ended with many cliffhangers that made the fandom go crazy. The upcoming war, the future of Sasuke everything started piling up from this arc.

6. Akatsuki’s Suppression

Top 10 Best Arcs of the Naruto Franchise

The Akatsuki’s Suppression Arc is notable for its intense action, emotional development of major characters, and death. This arc introduces to new faces of Akatsuki Hidan & Kakuzu. Infamous as the “Zombie Duo” because of their almost immortal Jutsus.

This arc follows the story of Akatsuki rampaging around the Shinobi nations to capture tailed beasts. Team Asuma confronted the Akatsukis but they were unable to understand the Jutsu of the duo. Asuma Sarutobi died in the battle.

One of the key themes of this arc is the growth of the character Shikamaru. Without any doubt, he is the MVP of this arc. Shikamaru took revenge for his teacher’s death and brutally killed Hidan and Naruto used his newly created Jutsu Rassenshuriken to kill Kakuzu.

Overall Akatsuki’s Suppression Arc is a powerful and emotional story. It shows the struggle of the nations against the Akatsuki. It has a vital role in the hearts of the fans as it showed the ultimate development of the character Shikamaru.

5. Valley of the End

Top 10 Best Arcs of the Naruto Franchise

To me, Valley of the End is the most iconic arc in the entire show. As the name suggests in this arc everything was bound to come to an end. This arc is notable for its emotional drama, battles, and complex character development.

At the end of the Sasuke Retrieval arc(Naruto Shounen Jump), Naruto & Sasuke confronted each other and ironically their last showdown was also in the same Valley. Valley of the End has a significant historical value in the history of Naruto. Once Madara & Hashirama had fought their last endless battle there to end the era.

As the arc continues Naruto & Sasuke confront each other with all the strength they have, the battle was a treat to watch. On the other hand, they had to face all the difficult choices that have led them to this point.

At the end of this arc, Sasuke recalls and truly understands the mistake he made in his life. He rose his hand to Naruto for the friendship he always yearned for and Naruto accepted it. The most iconic scene in the entire franchise.

Overall the Valley of the End Arc is an emotionally resonant story that speaks to the enduring themes and messages of the series.

4. The Fated Battle Between Two Brothers

Top 10 Best Arcs of the Naruto Franchise

The Fated Battle Between Two Brothers is probably the most emotional arc in the entire series. Sasuke consumed in rage & hatred tried to kill the only person he had left to call family. On the other hand, Itachi fought the whole battle to free Sasuke from the hands of Orochimaru.

As the arc progresses, Sasuke confronts Itachi with everything he has. It was really painful to watch as we know how important Itachi is to Sasuke. This arc holds tremendous emotion and complex character development between the fights. This arc also introduces the legendary Uchiha, Madara Uchiha.

The whole arc we wished for the victory of Sasuke but at the end, “Sorry Sasuke…..This is the last time.” We get to know the truth behind Itachi’s betrayal. Once again Kishimoto proves why Naruto is the most influential anime of all time. A single character made the whole fandom cry like babies.

Overall this arc holds an indescribable emotion. Many of the future events and characters are directly related to this arc so its importance is second to none.

3. Tale Of Jiraiya The Gallant

Top 10 Best Arcs of the Naruto Franchise

The Tale of Jiraiya the Gallant is notable for its exploration of complex characters, difficult choices that had to be taken, and emotional drama. As Jiraiya travels the Shinobi world in search of Pain. He gets information that Pain is in the Village Hidden by the Rain.

To Jiraiya’s utter surprise, he found out that Pain is his student. Konan, Pain & Nagato the three of them were students of Jiraiya. But Jiraiya did not flinch upon knowing this fact he continued his mission. In the end, he confronted Konan & Pain. The pain was too powerful, to begin with on top of that his powers and secrets were not revealed. Jiraiya gave his life to unfold the secret of Pain’s power.

This arc has some beautiful yet heartbreaking moments. One of them was when Tsunade sent Jiraiya on this mission. Her heart was uneasy because the returning chance from this mission was too low still someone had to do it. Tsunade had to send someone to this mission as the Hokage. On the other hand, as his childhood friend she was never at ease when she sent him there.

Naruto lost his only father figure in the series. Naruto was on the verge of getting broken & torn apart before he found the first novel written by Jiraiya, “The Tale of the Utterly Gutsy Shinobi” Then Naruto went to Mount Myoboku to learn the Sage arts.

Ultimately, the Tale of Jiraiya the Gallant states an emotional story that speaks to the enduring themes and messages of the Naruto Shippuden series. Naruto lost his father figure, What’s he going to do next? Or Will he be consumed by hatred too? There were many questions at the end of the arc.

2. Fourth Great Ninja War

Top 10 Best Arcs of the Naruto Franchise

The Fourth Great Ninja War is the showdown between the Allied Shinobi Force vs Akatsuki. This arc portrays some of the epic battles & best characters in the entire series.

One of the key themes of the Fourth Great Ninja War is the idea of sacrifice and the difficult choices that had to be taken to protect the greater good. As the war rages on, many of the main characters were forced to confront their mortality and the implications of their actions for the future of the ninja world.

Fourth Great Ninja War has a reach and perfectly balanced storytelling. Which makes this one of the best arcs of the series. There were vicious battles like 7 Mist Swordsmen vs team Kakashi as well as heartbreaking battles like Team Asuma vs Asuma.

But what makes the arc the best is not a battle or a scene it’s just a single character and that is Madara Uchiha. On top of Madara, we get to see reincarnated Itachi in fight. Itachi & Sasuke vs Kabuto is one of the best battles in the entire series.

Even a whole article is not enough to describe the worth of this arc. Events like Kurama befriending Naruto or Team 07 reuniting everything happened in this arc. Characters like Shikamaru Nara & Inoichi Yamanaka proved that you can’t win a battle with only brute strength.

Ultimately, Fourth Great Ninja War is not simply an arc it was the final showdown of the legacy called Naruto created by Kishimoto. The reach storytelling, epic battles, emotional drama, character development everything about this arc was perfect. Some may say that this arc was rushed. But to me this arc was perfect it kept the pace smooth and beautiful.

1. Pain Assault

Top 10 Best Arcs of the Naruto Franchise

In the first place on our list, we have the Pain Assault arc. Yeah, I know that this arc does not portray the full extent of Naruto’s power nor does it show the best antagonist of the show. Still, the character growth of Naruto, the appearance of Minato, the emotional conversation between Naruto and Nagato, and last but not least Naruto getting acknowledged by villagers everything in this arc is perfect to the extent that it makes its name in the first place of the list.

The Pain Assault arc starts with the sudden and brutal devastation of the Konoha village by the leader of Akatsuki Pain. He has the ancient eye jutsu Rinnegan with the help of this eye he portrayed destructive power and dreadful summons.

When all hopes were lost Naruto appeared with his newly awakened Sage power and put up a fight against Pain. Even with that much power, Naruto was almost defeated but Pain’s assault on Hinata triggered Naruto and he went into berserk mode. He unlocked up to 8 tails but before unlocking the last tail Minato appeared.

Later it was revealed that was just a part of consciousness of Minato. But the fated meeting between the father and child was just awesome. The story does not end here. Thereafter Naruto faced the question of Pain that whether true peace can be achieved through violence and revenge, or whether a more compassionate and empathetic approach is needed.

Overall Pain arc has everything that a fan needs while watching a show. This arc portrays a beautiful balance of emotional outbreak, exciting fights at the same time the kind side of Naruto when he forgives Pain. Yet here again this arc shows the amazing storytelling ability of the franchise. It makes the viewers captivated to watch.


In conclusion, even among the Big 3 Naruto franchise is well known to be the most influential anime of all time. From the iconic Chunin Exams to the emotional & hyped Pain arc and the epic Fourth Great Ninja War, the Naruto franchise has delivered some of the most memorable and impactful arcs in anime history.

There are still many great arcs that I still need to enlist in this article. Arcs like Kazekage Rescue Mission, Kaguya Otsutsuki Strikes, etc is no way lesser than any of these arcs in the list. But still, the arcs mentioned in the list have left a different impact on the fandom.

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