Top 10 Dragon Ball Z Strongest Mortals (Updated Ranked)

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Do you know the top 10 dragon ball z strongest mortals? Today we’re sharing the updated ten strongest dragon ball z mortals in detail.

Dragon Ball Z is one of the most fan favorite and best shounen anime in the community. In the latest chapters of the series, we have faced many new entities other than the Universe 7 characters. Species like Angels, Gods have been introduced in the series.

Top 10 Updated Dragon Ball Z Strongest Mortals

But that does not mean that the mortals have stooped low or anything. They have not stopped practicing and many of them have stood on an equal footing with the gods & the angels. In today’s list, I am going to enlist the Top 10 Strongest Mortals of the series as of now.

Toppo, Top 10 Dragon Ball Z Strongest Mortals

10. Toppo (Hakaishin Form)

Coming at no 10, we have none other than the first mortal to achieve the hakaishin state, the 2nd Strongest character of Universe 11 Toppo.

In the tournament of power when Toppo was bound to lose he showed his Hakaishim form and it was said that Toppo was under the training of Belmod (The God of Destruction of Universe 11). Though he didn’t master this form so he was unable to use it to the fullest.

In this form, he put a noticeable fight against Vegeta. Vegeta was forced to use a Suicide attack to take down Toppo. Vegeta survived the attack with his evolved Super Saiyan Blue form. Toppo was able to use Hakai (A move that the God of Destructions uses to omit the presence of any living being from existence).

Piccolo , Top 10 Dragon Ball Z Strongest Mortals

9. Piccolo (Orange Piccolo)

Piccolo was the first enemy of Goku who was at Goku’s level at the beginning of Dragon Ball. He is a namekian and later he joined The Z Fighters to protect the Earth from Saiyans then he became a good friend of Goku and also trained Gohan (Goku’s Son) in Goku’s absence.

In the latest movie (Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero) Piccolo asked Dende to unlock Piccolo’s true potential through Shenron and he achieved this form. In this form, Piccolo obliterated Gamma 2. It is the first true transformation of a Namekian.

[Note: There are rumors that Hakaishin Toppo is stronger than Orange Piccolo but Orange Piccolo 1 shot Gamma 2 which is stronger than Android 17. Toppo couldn’t even put Android 17 Down]

Cell Max, Top 10 Dragon Ball Z Strongest Mortals
Toppo (Hakaishin Form)

8. Cell Max

Cell was the strongest creation of Dr Gero. He came from the future timeline to possess all the abilities of the Greatest Warriors. On the other hand Cell Max was created by Dr. Hedo to dominate the World.

When Piccolo and Gohan attacked Red Ribbon Army’s base they were dominating so Magenta decided to activate Cell Max. Dr Hedo tried to stop the commander but Magenta successfully freed Cell Max from the containment cell. Gohan, Piccolo, Android-18, Goten, Krillin, Trunks, and the gammas all failed to stop Cell Max. Then Picolo grew himself as big as Cell Max to fight him. Even so, he was brutally beaten by Cell Max. Gohan then turned into his latest form Beast Mode and defeated Cell Max.

Jiren, Top 10 Dragon Ball Z Strongest Mortals

7. Jiren (Full Power)

Jiren is one of the strongest characters in 11 universes. He belongs to Universe 11. At a young age, Jiren lost both his parents and his master which led him to the toughest training he could do to gain the power to avenge those people. 

He was the trump card of Universe 11 in the Tournament of Power. Jiren possesses superhuman speed, strength, durability, and reflexes. He was the strongest warrior in the Tournament of Power. Even Ultra Instinct Goku struggled against him and he put up a good fight against even Mastered Ultra Instinct. Frieza and Goku sacrificed themselves to take down Jiren.

Broly, Top 10 Dragon Ball Z Strongest Mortals

6. Broly (The Legendary Super Saiyan State)

Broly is a Saiyan warrior who was sent to another planet with his father by King Vegeta because he thought that Broly might surpass his son (Prince) Vegeta. But Broly’s father trained him and sought revenge.

In the latest movie, (Dragon Ball Super: Broly) Frieza appeared on earth with Broly and his father to defeat Goku and Vegeta. The fight began and Goku and Vegeta were being dominated by Broly until Goku used Super Saiyan blue form.

Frieza secretly killed Broly’s father and told Broly that he died from one of Goku’s energy blasts.  Broly was enraged about it and used the Legendary Super Saiyan state and destroyed Goku and Vegeta. They didn’t stand a chance against Broly.

Due to immense rage, Broly lost his reasoning. Goku and Vegeta tricked him to fight Frieza and escape from there. Then Goku and Vegeta fused (without Potara) and failed twice to fuse perfectly then on the 3rd try they succeeded to fuse properly and named their fusion Gogeta. 

Then Gogeta came to the fight and used Super Saiyan Blue form and dominated the fight. Just before the finishing blow hit Broly, he was sent back to planet Vampa (the planet he grew up on) by the wish of Cheelai (who joined Frieza force following the tournament of power) through Dragon Balls. 

[Note: Some people say Broly’s God form is the strongest but no it isn’t.]

Vageta, Top 10 Dragon Ball Z Strongest Mortals

5. Vegeta (Ultra Ego Form)

At number 5 of this list, we have the deuteragonist, the most badass character in the whole series, and the rival of Goku, Vegeta. 

In the Tournament of Power during his fight against Granolah, he revealed this form. Vegeta was brutally injured by Granolah during the fight. Then he revealed this form and stated it as the opposite of Ultra Instinct and named it Ultra Ego.

To achieve this state one has to go through the right training under a God of Destruction and has to control the power of Hakaishin. However, one can utilize the state only when his or her mentality is to act as a destroyer. But Vegeta hasn’t mastered the Ultra Ego form yet so he can not use it to the fullest.

Granolah, Top 10 Dragon Ball Z Strongest Mortals

4. Granolah

Granolah, the last survivor of the cerealian race (A race which was destroyed by Saiyans under Frieza’s Command) occupies the 4th place in this list. He seeks revenge on Frieza and his underlings.It ranks fourth in our dragon ball z strongest mortals list.

Granolah collected a set of Dragon Balls and wished to be the strongest warrior in the universe. The dragon then took his lifespan from more than a century down to only 3 years. For every 1 year of his lifespan, Granolah will get a massive power boost.

At first, Goku didn’t use his full power so Granolah Defeated him. In the fight against Ultra Ego Vegeta, Vegeta used hakai to stop Granolah. But neither of them lost. If the battle did not stop Granolah could’ve killed Vegeta. Then against Goku’s Ultra Instinct form, Granolah could not land a hit on Goku because of Goku’s insane speed. Thus he was defeated by Goku.

Goku, Top 10 Dragon Ball Z Strongest Mortals

3. Goku  (True Ultra Instinct State)

In the 3rd place on our list, we’ve none other than our beloved Goku (Real Name: Kakarot). Yep, the beloved Saiyan of ours possesses enormous strength even among the mortals. He never fails to amaze us with his determination to become stronger.

After achieving the Ultra Instinct form in Tournament of Power he mastered it and used it for a long time by pushing his limits. Because of this, he was severely injured. So after the Tournament of power, he trained under Whis (The angel of Universe 7) to perfectly master the Ultra Instinct form, and his training paid off with the form which is called “True Ultra Instinct”. 

[Note: Some Theory says that Ultra Ego Vegeta is stronger than True Ultra Instinct Goku. To be honest in raw strength UE Vegeta is stronger but if he can’t hit his opponent it’s no use. So because of the speed, Goku is slightly stronger.]

Gohan, Top 10 Dragon Ball Z Strongest Mortals

2. Gohan (Beast Gohan Form)

On the 2nd number, we have the mystical saiyan who was nerfed in the Tournament of Power but got a huge power-up in the recent movie. He is none other than our beloved studious character Gohan (Goku’s Son).

When Gohan saw Piccolo (his former teacher) under threat, Gohan’s Rage helped him to achieve this godly form which even surpasses Goku and Vegeta’s Strength. Then he easily defeated Cell Max. It was known that one day Gohan will surpass them as it’s stated that with generations the Saiyans will grow stronger.

Frieza, Top 10 Dragon Ball Z Strongest Mortals
Frieza Strongest Dragon Ball Z Mortal

1. Frieza (Black Frieza State)

At the first place of our list, we have none other than the Greatest Roaster of Universe 7, The Almighty Frieza. He is one of the og villains in the series. He was once the ruler of the Saiyan Race.

After training 10 years’ worth of time in a time chamber he achieved the Black Frieza State. And in this form, Goku and Vegeta stood no chance against him. He defeated Ultra Ego Vegeta and True Ultra Instinct Goku together with only a punch and this fact is enough testimony to put him in the first place on the list.


With this, our list of dragon ball z strongest mortals has come to an end. Many characters are really strong and deserving to be on this list but I believe this is the most perfect list as of now. As we have seen that Goku & Vegeta always surprises us with their never-ending determination to grow stronger. I am sure that we will see some unexpected power-ups from them shortly. So the list will go through a lot of changes shortly. Till then bye guys & Kame Hame Haaaaa!!!!!

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