Top 10 Strongest Characters of Tokyo Revengers

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Today we are here to talk about the Top 10 Strongest Characters of Tokyo Revengers by the end of the series. As we all know our beloved new-gen anime Tokyo Revengers manga has ended very recently.

With the end of the series, we have got tons of powerful characters so today I’m going to enlist the most powerful characters of Tokyo revengers among them.

Note – The list is not entirely based upon brute force or strength I enlisted the characters according to their fighting skills, strength, endurance, etc & this list contains high spoilers for the anime viewers.

Top 10 Strongest Tokyo Revengers Characters

10. The Haitani Brothers

Ran Haitani and Rindo Haitani are twin brothers infamous as The Haitani Brothers. They were first introduced during the Valhalla battle. But we did not see them in action there as they were just judges in that battle.

Many characters are much stronger than them in Tokyo Revengers but they are on this list because of their ruthless fighting skills. They use whatever means possible to win the battle. We have seen them even using bricks to smack the opponent’s heads.

They fight as a duo. In front of their agility and brutality, there are very few who can win against them.

9. Akashi Takeomi

Akashi Takeomi aka the “God of War” was the Vice President of 1st Gen Black Dragons and one of the gang’s founders. Akashi is also the eldest brother of the “Mysterious Three Siblings”.

Akashi was a pacifist before joining the Brahmans. He was the number 2 on Brahmans & later on, he became the Advisor of Bonten.

Indeed, we have not seen him much in action but the fact that he was the Vice President of the delinquent group which almost united Japan alone bears testimony to his strength. Shinichiro Sano (President of 1st Gen Black Dragons) also referred to Akashi as the Rain Bringer.

8. Keizo Arashi

Keizo & Wakasa were the two pillars of 1st Gen Black Dragons. They were called the Living Legends of the 1st Gen Black Dragons because of their unbeatable fighting streak. He is currently a top executive of Brahman.

Keizo has immense strength & endurance. He is a tank with overwhelming strength. We have seen him knock out Shion Madarame (Leader of the 9th Gen of the Black Dragons) & tanking Kakucho’s full power punch. Between Keizo & Wakasa who is stronger that’s a tough question even for me.

7. Wakasa Imaushi

Fans may argue that I ranked Wakasa better than Keizo there’s only one reason behind it he has skills like an Assassin. He is also a Living Legends of the 1st Gen Black Dragons & a top executive of Brahman.

Wakasa has a lazy attitude but when it comes to fighting he is too swift to catch. He has expertise in sneak attacks he can easily hide his presence from the enemy. He can wipe out an entire gang on his own. Because of these reasons, I believe Wakasa scales higher than Keizo as a fighter & executive.

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But Wakasa & Keizo’s 100% fighting ability comes out when they work as a duo. So I can say for sure that even in their 20s they are still one of the greatest threats of Tokyo Revengers verse.

6. Taiju Shiba

Taiju Shiba is the leader of 10th Gen Black Dragons. He is called a Demon for his fighting style & ruthlessness. He revived the Black Dragons on his own. He is also the eldest brother of Shiba Siblings.

During the Christmas Conflict Arc, he fought with Hakkai, Mitsuya, Chifuyu & Takemichi alone for a long time restlessly. He is a beast in combat. In the last arc, he came to help Takemichi against Kanto Manji Gang there he faced the Living Legends of the 1st Gen Black Dragon but he defeated them single-handedly.

If Taiju gets serious I believe there are very few on the list who can stop him.

5. Kawaragi Senju

Kawaragi Senju is the only girl on the whole list among the strongest character of Tokyo revengers. She is one of the Three Deities & the representative of Brahman. Unlike other squads, Brahman worked in the shadows & they were peaceful.

With the help of his older brother Akashi Takeomi, she managed to recruit the Living Legends of the 1st Gen Black Dragon. But by help, I did not mean any physical help. If you think that she was weak then you are making a big mistake. She resembles Izana too much because just like Izana she has superhuman senses.

Not only that Senju possessed immense speed & agility her kicks are like Mikey’s. Just because she is a girl don’t underestimate her.

4. South Terano

Terano South is one of the gang leaders of the Three Deities. He was the representative of Rokuhara Tandai. South depended on his overwhelming strength to build and run the squad.

He recruited all of the executives of Tenjiku in Rokuhara Tandai, with the strength of previous generation delinquents & S62 Generation he managed to put the most influence among the Three Deities.

We have seen him overpowering even Draken, Tanking a kick from Kawaragi Senju. These feats are enough to prove his overwhelming strength & endurance. More importantly, he had killing urges similar to Mikey’s Dark Impulses. To me, Terano South & Taiju Shiba are two sides of a coin. Because they resemble too much.

3. Ken Ryuguji

Ken Ryuguji commonly known as Draken was the Vice President and also one of the founding members of Toman. He is one of my favourite characters Tokyo revengers. He was Mikey’s childhood best friend they always had their back in every situation.

He was the tallest guy among the Tomans. His height gave his kicks & fighting skills an extra advantage in battles. He is a beast with high endurance when it comes to hand-to-hand combat.

During the Christmas Conflict Arc when Mikey was fighting with Taiju Shiba, Draken took down the whole 10th Gen Black Dragon all by himself. During the Moebius park fight, he fought against so many of them even after getting hit on the head with a baseball bat. He even tanked several punches from South Terano.

Other than Mikey we have never seen Draken lose a fight against anyone. Nothing less is expected from the right-hand man of the strongest character.

2. Izana Kurokawa

Izana Kurokawa is the current leader of Tenjiku & the former leader of 8th Gen Black Dragon. He is also the elder brother of Emma Sano. Izana is one of the very few who managed to withstand Mikey’s full-power kicks.

It’s a tough question even for me who is stronger between Mikey & Izana? Mikey has immense physical strength & fighting skills whereas Izana specializes in superhuman senses. He quickly reads the next move of his opponent.

During the Kanto Incident, Mikey & Izana fought against each other. In that vicious battle, Izana had the upper hand. But as the battle dragged on Mikey gained an advantage because of stamina.

Izana’s battle style is a treat to the eye his flawless moves & predictions are just awesome. As far as I heard Yuki Kaji is going to be the voice actor of Izana Kurokawa.

1. Manjiro Sano

Manjiro Sano the leader of Toman is the strongest character in the Tokyo Revengers series. “The Invincible Mikey” this name alone stands for his feat. He has immense physical strength & endurance.

Unlike others, Mikey has learned Martial Arts which makes him even deadlier. Mikey’s most powerful move is Nuclear Kick in Taekwondo it’s known as Balchagi or Naeryo Chagi. In the entire series, we have seen many powerful foes getting K.O. with this move.

In the later chapters, Mikey unlocked his Dark Impulse. When he is in his Dark Impulse mode he becomes unbeatable. He took down the whole Toman & Kanto Manji Gang in this mode.

Your Questions: Tokyo Revengers

Is Mikey the strongest character in Tokyo Revengers?

Yes! He is the most powerful and strongest character in Tokyo Revengers.

What is your favorite character in Tokyo Revengers?

Ken Ryuguji is favourite character at Tokyo Revengers.

In the whole series, we have seen Takemichi time leaping multiple times, every time something changed someone more powerful appeared but one thing remained the same. That is the most powerful character of Tokyo Revengers. Yes, I am talking about Mikey till the end of the series he remained undefeated.

With this, our list has come to an end. Tokyo Revengers is one of my favourite New-Gen anime. It has action, a nice plot, romance, and everything a normal reader wishes to have. The manga has ended but its second season is going to be animated in 2023 I’m excited to watch it. You guys are ready to see Mikey’s Nuclear Kick again, right?

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