Top 10 Strongest Devils in Chainsaw Man Season 1

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Today I’m going to talk about the Strongest Devils in Chainsaw Man season 1. Here are the 10 strongest Devils in Chainsaw Man(season 1), ranked! Let’s see who comes out on top.

Introduction – Top 10 Strongest Devils in Chainsaw Man

CSM has just ended with a massive cliffhanger for the second season. It was one of the best animes of 2022. Fans are eager to know the stuff about this anime. So here we are presenting you the ranking list of the Devils.

I am enlisting the Devils on behalf of their abilities, strength, and threat to mankind. So it may seem to you that any other Devil is stronger than the ones in the rank. I will try my best to make the list non-biased and spoiler free.

Let’s start………

10. Eternity Devil

Living Status: Deceased

Ability: Eternity Devil possesses all of the standard devil powers. This devil empowers himself from the fear of Eternity. Eternity Devil looks like a lump of flesh. 

  • It can create an infinite loop.
  • Ability to Freeze time. ( Special Division 4 was trapped at the time 8.18 and at that moment the time stopped in all clocks on the floor.)
  • The exciting part of his power was that he was able to clone his body and expand it infinitely.        

During the fight with Special division 4, the devil was brutally killed by Denji(Chainsaw Devil).

9. Future Devil

Living Status: Captured alive by Public Safety.

Ability: This devil embodies the fear of the Future. After Seeing anyone’s future, This devil allows the person to make a contract and see that future himself. Among all the Public Safety devils this one has the highest demands to form a contract.

  • The power of the future devil is kind of almighty. It can see the future of a person when someone puts their head into the hole in its chest.
  • During battles, it helps the contractor to look slightly ahead of the current time to know the next move.

Note: Although its ability might seem almighty to you, if you don’t have enough power to stop the future from happening then it’s useless. That’s why I kept it in 9th place.

Contract: In this season the contractors that are already shown in the anime are-

  • Aki

Other than Aki there are two more contractors but we don’t have any information about their names yet. 

  • One of them gave half of his life span to form the contract 
  •  the one gave both of his eyes, sense of taste, and sense of smell to form the contract.

 8. Fox Devil

Living Status: Alive

Ability: As a devil, the Fox Devil also has all the natural power of devils, other than that it has some special abilities

  • Teleportation
  • Allows contracted devil hunters to make a special attack by saying Kon and making a special hand sign.
  • Also, fox devils have extreme strength and durability at fighting.

Among the Public Safety agents, we saw that Fox Devil is the most familiar devil who has several contracts with several agents of Public Safety.  Aki Hayakawa and Hirokazu Arai also have contracts with the fox devil. Fox devils attack only works for devils and does not affect hybrids. So we keep it on No 8. 

7. Angel Devil

Living Status: Alive

Ability: He possesses all the abilities of general devils other than that his main ability is manipulating Life forces.

  • He can absorb someone’s life force by touching them.
  • He has a circle above his head he can create weapons out of that circle. His weapons have the same attribute as him.

He appears as a cute little Angel boy. He has two white wings on his back. Those wings are really strong as we have seen him blocking bullets with them. As the name suggests he is like an Angel he doesn’t show any hostility to humans.

6. Blood Devil

Living Status: Devil man or Fiend

Ability: Blood Devil possesses a body of a girl and it refers to itself as Power. As the name suggests its main ability is Blood Manipulation. Other than that

  • It can create weapons like spears, hammers with blood. 
  • It can use its blood or others’ blood of its own will. 
  • The more blood it sucks the more powerful it gets so Makima instructed Power to maintain the blood level.

Power is currently in Special Division 4. She stays with Aki & Denji. She despises humans but has intelligence so she maintains a good relationship with humans. After the training from Kishibe, Power seems to have improved a lot in hand-to-hand combat.

5. Ghost Devil

Living Status: Deceased

Ability: As the name suggests Ghost Devil is invisible to the naked eye. It has all the general skills of standard devils.

  • Ghost devil has immense physical strength. 
  • It’s invincible and can pass through objects like ghosts but special weapons & other devils can attack it. 

Contractor: Like other devils, it formed contracts with humans too. The only known contractor is

  • Himeno, a Public Safety agent. She formed the contract in exchange for her right eye. She gained the ability to use one of its arms.

Later Aki slaughtered the Ghost Devil brutally.

4. Snake Devil

Living Status: Unknown

Ability: It has basic regeneration and other abilities like normal devils. Its main abilities are

  • It can swallow any devil and later release the devil and force him to fight on its own behalf.
  • It has a huge body that it uses to smash enemies.

Contractor: The only known contractor is Akane Sawatari an Ex Public Safety agent & the main preparator of the Tokyo gun attack incident.

3. Curse Devil

Living Status: Alive

Ability: Basic devil powers. As the name suggests it manifests its power from the fear of the Curse. Its main abilities are

  • It can manifest its power in weapons and the user of the weapon can curse someone by stabbing or hurting them with the weapon. In the case of Aki, his sword has the power of the Curse devil. He stabs someone thrice with the sword and shouts Fire. Then the Cursed Devil grabs that person or devil by its neck and picks them up in a cross position and wounds them by stabbing them in the body and neck.

Contractor: The only known contractor in Season 1 is

  • Aki Hayakawa uses Curse Devil’s ability by giving some of his lifespans.

2. Katana Devil

Living Status: Hybrid, Later captured alive by the Police

Abilities: Just like Denji, Katana Devil is also a Hybrid Devil. It’s the second Hybrid devil of the show. It has similar abilities like regeneration & inhuman powers like other devils. Other than that its main abilities are

  • After transforming into the Katana Devil the host gains inhuman strength. We have seen him cutting through solid walls.
  • Insane durability came almost unscratched after the attack of Curse devil & Fox devil. Bullets and normal attacks do not make any effective damage to him.
  • After transformation, the host gets extremely fast. Even Aki & Chainsaw could not keep up with his speed. He uses a special attack by crouching down & preparing to slash the enemy, then it dashes towards the enemy and slashes them as he moves past them.

Host: We have seen it possessed by the grandson of the Yakuza gang head. By removing his left arm from the body he transforms himself. He was defeated by Denji in the last episode.

1. Chainsaw Devil

Living Status: Hybrid

Abilities: Chainsaw Devil is none other than Pochita the pet dog of our MC Denji. Zombie Devil & the Yakuza gang brutally killed Denji & injured it. So it gave his life to save Denji. Denji is the first shown Hybrid in the show. He possesses all the abilities of standard devils other than that

  • After transformation, the host gets immense strength. We have seen Denji lifting cars, cutting through buildings, cars with ease.
  • He has insane durability. During the fight with Eternity Devil no matter how badly he was injured he withstood everything and forced the Devil to retreat.
  • His regeneration far surpasses that of a standard devil. In the first episode, he merged Denji’s chopped body within a minute or so.  He can grow back limbs, and organs way faster than a standard devil.

Host: The current and only known host of Chainsaw devil is Denji. For certain reasons, every big shot of the show is after Denji’s heart. We believe that in near future Denji is going to get some unbelievable power-ups.


With this, our list has come to an end. As a manga reader, I tried my best to make this list spoiler-free for our anime fans. This list concludes only the Devils that were shown using their power in the first season. In the future, this list will go under massive changes.

Your Questions: At Chainsaw Man

Who is the strongest character in Chainsaw Man?

As of now, Chainsaw Man (Denji) is the strongest character in the show.

Who is the strongest Devil Hunter?

Kishibe. He claimed to be the most powerful Devil Hunter and later it is revealed that he has contracts with 3 “Fairly Dangerous” Devils.

What kind of Devilman is Power?

Power is the Devilman of Blood Devil.

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