Top 10 Strongest & Powerful Noblesse Characters

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Today we are going to enlist the Top 10 Strongest Characters of Noblesse. Noblesse is an anime adaption of the famous webtoon/manhwa with the same name by Son Je-ho

Before starting our list I want to make sure that the entire list is based on the anime adaption of the main series. I have not included any Webtoon-related characters to avoid spoilers. The list contains only those characters who have shown their power in the anime thus The Previous Lord, Gejutel K. Landegre, etc is not in the list.

Sate Hajimemasho….

Top 10 Powerful Noblesse Characters List

10 Regis K. Landegre

Regis is the grandson of the current Landegre Clan Leader Gejutel K. Landegre. Gejutel is the only old generation Clan Leader and the teacher of all the Current Leaders. Regis is the next heir of the Langdegre clan.

Many Clan Leaders acknowledged him saying that with time he will be a great Clan Leader surpassing others. With this much potentiality when he gets his Soul Weapon he might become one of the main powerhouses of the series.

9 Rael Kertai

Rael is the second son of Ragar Kertia & the younger brother of Rajak Kertia. According to Noble rules, only the Clan Leader can wield a Soul Weapon but Rael got a separate weapon other than his brother. With the help of his Soul Weapon Kor, he became the strongest among the youngsters of Nobles.

8 Seira J. Loyard

Seira is the current Clan Leader of the Loyard clan. She is the youngest Clan Leader among all of them. She wields the Soul Weapon Death Scythe aka Grim Ripper. She is not as strong as other Clan Leaders but she is the strongest among the new generation of Nobles.

7 Ludis Mergas

Ludis is the current Clan Leader of the Mergas clan. He wields the Soul Weapon Izkaro. According to Raizel, the Mergas clan specializes in absolute defense but Ludis turned this defensive power into a deadly trap on his own.

Top 10 Strongest Noblesse

6 Kei Ru

Kei Ru is the current Clan Leader of the Ru clan. He wields the Soul Weapon Garant. In terms of strength, he is the strongest among the current generation of Clan Leaders.

5 Rozaria Elenor

Between Rozaria, Kei & Ludis it’s tough to say who is more powerful. Basically, they almost have the same power levels. However, the fact that She beat Seira with ease makes me place her above the other two. She is the Clan Leader of the Elenor clan and she wields the Soul Weapon Blood Witch.

4 Rajak Kertia

The current Clan Leader of the Kertia clan and the eldest son of Ragar Kertia the previous Clan Leader. He wields the Soul Weapon Kartas. He has the unique abilities of the Kertia clan thus he has immense speed and stealth-killing abilities. He fought on equal ground with Frankenstein.

3 Frankenstein

The only human acknowledged by the previous Lord. Even the Clan Leader of Landegre, Gejutel K. Landegre said thatFrankenstein possesses the same power level as the clan leader of Nobels, As long as he is with Raizel nobody can touch Raizel”.

His Soul Weapon Dark Sphere was created to punish the Nobels. He was trained by Ragar Kertia to control his power. When he went berserk even the clan leaders could not control him. The previous Lord & Raizel intervened and controlled him from going insane. 

2 Erga Kenesis Di Raskreia

Raskreia is the daughter of the previous Lord and also the current Lord. She wields the strongest Soul Weapon the sword Ragnarok. It’s stated that Ragnarok has the power to destroy the earth.

Though she had only half of the real sword, she managed to put a scar on Raizel’s face. She also has the “Absolute Space Blood Field”. She still has not completely mastered her strength. It is stated that with proper control and faith she will be as powerful as Noblesse.  

1 Cadis Etrama Di Raizel

Cadis Etrama Di Raizel, often called Rai, is the main protagonist of the series Noblesse. He is the supreme being that protects the Nobels. He is known as Noblesse among the Nobles.

He wields power equal to that of a Lord (Nobel’s Leader). He is the only High-Ranking Noble who does not possess a Soul Weapon. However, some say that Raizel’s “Absolute Space Blood Field” is his Soul Weapon.

Throughout the series, we have witnessed the overwhelming strength of Raizel he can mind control even the Clan Leaders of Nobles. After many hardships, the current Lord only managed to put a scratch on him shows his power gap with others. Let’s comments if you thought it so among the list of top 10 powerful noblesse.

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