What are the 4 Major Crews in Lookism?

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The 4 Major Crews are the biggest gangster gangs formed with youngsters. It was divided from the Han River into four regions: North, South, East, and West. The primary purpose of the Big 4 crew was to earn money for Charles Choi. The creator of this crew was Gun & Goo. The 4 Major Crews are

North: God Dog

Johan Seong is the leader of this crew and their main way of earning is fake bank accounts. Johan was the only strong & reliable member of this gang so later on, it became a one-man army gang.

South: Workers

Workers are one of the founding members of the Big 4. They are the biggest and highest-earning members of the Big 4. They have many affiliates working under them.

  • Affiliate no. 1- Jinyoung Park is the working president. We only know that it serves as a medical department other information is still unavailable.
  • Affiliate no. 2- Neko(Mitsuki) is the working president. They organize a game named Circus. Where they force criminals to play brutal games among themselves to amuse rich audiences. The audiences put their bet on the criminals to earn money.
  • Affiliate no. 3- Vivi was the working president. They used to sell drugs to earn money. Little Daniel took down this affiliate.
  • Affiliate no. 4- It was led by Samuel Seo & Alexander Hwang. They used to earn money through online illegal streaming. Daniel with the help of Eli & others took down this Affiliate.

East: Hostel

Originally Back Doors were ruling over the East but Eli Jang defeated the leader of Back Doors & took over the region. Gun & Goo reached Eli and asked him to join the 4 Major Crews but Eli refused to do so. But later he was defeated by Gun and Hostel became part of the Big 4. The working system of the Big 4 was influenced by an idea of Eli.

West: Big Deal

Big Deal is an organization of the West with a long history. It was formed way before the Big 4 was created. Its first shown leader was Shinu Han later on it joined the Big 4 under the leadership of Jake Kim. It used to earn money through an illegal betting ring, but they got caught and many important figures of Big Deal went to juveniles.

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