Top 10 Strongest Characters of Black Clover (Updated)

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Black Clover is a famous animanga written and illustrated by Yukli Tabata. It’s one of the most famous new-gen animanga. Black Clover portrays the story of a peasant boy Asta wanting to become the Wizard King. In the Black Clover world magic and mana reigns over everything but Asta was born without a single drop of mana in his body. But Asta never gave up on his dream of becoming the Wizard King.

Wizard King is a title that is given to the strongest mage of the Clover Kingdom. Asta’s unbending will to achieve the dream and create a kingdom that is free of discrimination attracted the hearts of millions of fans.

In today’s list, I am going to enlist the Top 10 Strongest Characters of Black Clover. Please note that as the series is ongoing the list may undergo huge changes later.

10. Nacht Faust

Nacht Faust

Species – Human

Magic – Shadow Magic

Nacht Faust is the Vice Captain of the Black Bulls. Just like Asta and the Dark Triads, he is also a Devil Host. It’s just he has formed a slave contract with the Devils. So the Devils obey his orders.

Nacht’s personal magic is more of a stealth type than offense. Nacht was acting as a spy in the Spade Kingdom because of his stealth skills. He has high instincts, battle IQ, speed, and cunning senses. Despite being a Vice Captain Nacht easily overpowers most of the Captain ranks of Clover Kingdom.

Nacht’s main strength lies in his Devil contracts. Nacht has a contract with four devils and he can go into Devil Union mode with 2 Devils at once. In the series, he has shown 7 different types of Devil Unions. Each of them has its particular use in the battle.

He also has Mana Zone called Kid’s Playground. Inside his Mana Zone, he can create clones of himself and he can hide and attack from anywhere in the shadows of the Mana Zone.

9. Noelle Silva

Noelle Silva

Species – Human

Magic – Water Magic, Spirit Drive

Noelle is the youngest daughter of Acier. Even though she is a royal born she was unable to control her mana. Her huge mana source used to go berserk all the time. She was unable to cast big spells. But joining Black Bulls turned Noelle’s life and she became one of the strongest characters in Black Clover.

She inherited the battle style of her mother Acier Silva. Noelle can create a similar battle armor to her mother with Water Magic. Her spell Sea Dragon’s Roar is one of the strongest spells in the series still now.

Noelle got the Water Spirit Undine in the Spade Kingdom arc but she gave it back to Lolopechka. Withing that little time Noelle learned Spirit Drive and achieved Saint Spirit Stage. Her skills and battle prowess are unworldly.

After giving Undine back Noelle lost a great battle asset. But in the latest chapter, she obtained the Sea God Leviathan. Her newfound powers have not been displayed yet but they are bound to be impressive. After all, Noelle once promised Mereoleona that she will surpass her mother Acier Silva.

8. Acier Silva

Acier Silva

Species – Human, Purified Human

Magic – Steel Magic

We know very little about Acier Silva and her abilities. But her feats alone are enough to keep her on the list. She was the teacher of Mereoleona and according to Mereoleona, even though Mereoleona had the elemental advantage she never managed to defeat Acier in her prime. Mereoleona acknowledged and respected Acier as a warrior.

These feats are all from the past. I was a little hesitant to put her on the list but after the latest chapter without a doubt, Acier Silva is one of the 10 strongest characters in Black Clover. In the latest chapter, Astaroth reincarnated Acier as a Paladin. She was powerful and skilled to begin with and now she has unlimited mana and regeneration.

7. Yami Sukehiro

Yami Sukehiro

Species – Human

Magic – Dark Magic

The most iconic dialogue of the series, “Right here, right now I’m going to surpass my limits” is none other than Yami Sukehiro’s. Just by that single line, one can assume how much of a monster this guy is. He does not care who or how strong the opponent is he always grows in the middle of battle.

Even Dante acknowledged that in terms of instincts and battle prowess, you surpass me. Without his regeneration and Devil Union Dante would not have stood a chance against Yami. Other than Dante, Patolli also acknowledged Yami’s strength by saying, Yami’s strength rivals the Wizard King’s power.

Yami was never interested in the Clover Kingdom or its people whatsoever. He was an outsider and he had a strange magic called Dark Magic so everyone always stayed away from him. But one certain person changed him and that is Julius. From then onwards Yami feels indebted to Julius and gave his all towards the country.

He made Black Bulls to gather people like him who value the Kingdom more than blood, power, or mana capacity. And right now without a doubt, Black Bull is the strongest squad in the series.

Yami is an expert mage with the ability to use Mana Zone. Other than that he knows Ki a technique from his birthplace. Ki helps one to understand the surroundings it raises one’s battle instincts. Yami is also a master swordsman. By cloaking his dark magic in the sword he unleashes powerful sword slashes.

I believe Yami Sukehiro is not finished yet. In the upcoming chapters, he will surely grow more powerful, and once again we will hear that outstanding phrase of him. Without a doubt, he will be one of the 10 Black Clover Strongest Characters.

6. Musyogatake Yosuga

Musyogatake Yosuga

Species – Human

Magic – Iron Magic

Musyogatake was introduced during Asta’s training in the Hino Country. He stated that he is the strongest among the Ryuzen Seven. Asta could not stand a chance against him in his Devil Union form with mastered Ki, Yojutsu, and Zetten. Asta stated that his Zetten is on a different level than his other training partners. Asta needed Fujio’s shield to be safe from Yosuga’s attack.

Yosuga has the most Yoryoku and strongest Ki among them. Combined with his Iron Magic he can create an absolute defense. On top of that, he is a master swordsman. With absolute defense plus raw power, he is like a beast. He one-shotted one of the Paladins without even sweating.

5. Mereoleona Vermillion

Mereoleona Vermillion

Species – Human

Magic – Fire Magic

Mereoleona Vermillion is the strongest female character in the series. Despite being a royal born of Vermillion, Mereoleona was never interested in Kingdom, Leadership, and that stuff all her life she sought power and powerful opponents. Mereoleona acknowledged power over anything may it be Blood or Social Status.

She is the first character in the series to use Mana Zone and still now her Mana Zone Calidus Brachium Barrage is one of the strongest in the series. She is the first character who taught everyone that there’s no limitation to a human body with proper training one can achieve even greater feats. She insisted everyone grow stronger for the sake of the country. With hard training, Mereoleona achieved the purest mana in the series. It’s stated that she has become one with the mana, and her capacity is unlimited now.

In the Spade Kingdom arc, Mereoleona single-handedly defeated an upgraded version of the first-generation devil which Lumiere had a hard time dealing with. Mereoleona has never stopped to amaze the viewers her future accomplishments are still unknown to us. She showed her enormous power in the recent Black Clover Sword of the Wizard King movie.

4. Asta

Asta Black Clover Strongest

Species – Human, Half Devil

Magic – Anti Magic

Asta is the main protagonist and one of the strongest characters in Black Clover. The world of Black Clover is filled with mana and magic powers. However, Asta had 0 mana in his body since he was born. Yet he dreams to be the Wizard King (Strongest Mage in Clover Kingdom). Due to the existence of magic, nobody in the Black Clover world cares about physical ability but Asta on the other hand trained his body to an inhuman level.

Not only that he learned swordsmanship from Fanzell Krueger. Which came in handy after he obtained his grimoire. In the world of Magic Asta’s grimoire was Anti Magic. The devil residing in it can cancel any magic with his Anti Magic. Asta’s journey took a turn from that very moment.

Afterwards, Asta trained and overcame every obstacle on his way. In the Spade Kingdom arc, he achieved the perfect Devil Union. His Devil Union form is strong enough to fight with High Ranking Devils like Lucifero. But Astaroth planned to get rid of him through Sister Lily. She gave Asta a fatal injury and sent him somewhere far.

Asta found himself in the homeland of Captain Yami, the Hino Country. Under Shogun Ryudo Ryuya’s care, Asta learned Yojutsu, Ki & Zetten. Asta’s newfound power has not been shown yet. So I ranked Asta based on his previous performances. I believe Asta’s rank will go up in the future.

3. Yuno Grinberryall

Yuno Grinberryall

Species – Human

Magic – Wind Magic, Spirit Drive

As the deuteragonist of the show, Yuno was a strong character from the very beginning. Unlike Asta, he was a child genius or you should say a prodigy. From the start of the show, Yuno obtained every single power-up without giving much effort.

He was blessed with mana, he got four leaf clover, in a dungeon raid he got the Wind Spirit Sylph, and he unlocked his Spirit Drive in the battle against Rill, later in the Spaid Kingdom arc he obtained a second grimoire of Star Magic. With time Yuno grew stronger and stronger and to keep the challenge with him Asta also trained harder and harder to catch up with him.

But Yuno’s recent power-up is entirely on a whole different than the previous ones. When he found out that Astaroth had killed Asta and turned Sister Lily into a Purified Human. Yuno’s emotional outbreak made his power grow by leaps and bounds. According to Adramelech, Yuno single-handedly defeated a whole bunch of High Ranking devils to relieve his anger.

Together with his Star Magic and Saint Spirit of Zephyr form, he defeated a clone of Astaroth which possesses the same power as the real body. Even Astaroth admitted that if he had not taken precautions then he would have been killed by Yuno.

2. Astaroth

Astaroth Black Clover Strongest

Species – Devil

Magic – Time Magic, Soul Magic(Host)

Astaroth is one of the Three Rulers of the Underworld and a High Ranking devil. He has one of the best magic in the series. As a High Ranking devil, he possesses a huge amount of mana together with his time magic he uses it perfectly. With his Time magic, he can foresee the results of upcoming events. He had planned the whole thing all along to kill Lucifero and become the Supreme Devil.

To confirm the success of this plan he made a contract with Lucius Zogratis the eldest brother of the Dark Triad. He came to the Clover Kingdom and became the Wizard King with the alibi of Julius Novachrono. Truth be told Time Magic was never Julius’s true magic. Later it was revealed in the series that Astaroth has Time Magic and Lucius has Soul Magic.

With the help of these two incredible magic, Astaroth dreams to rule the human world. He transformed normal humans into Purified Humans by using Soul Magic. A Purified Human’s body is capable of hosting the full power of the Highest Ranking Devils. He incarnated Beelzebub in the body of Lily Aquaria.

Astaroth plans to build a world where everyone has huge mana and there will not be any discrimination among people. But to do so he wants to kill and turn all the humans into Purified Humans.

Even though in the latest chapter Yuno defeated Astaroth in a one-on-one battle. But Astaroth’s high IQ and battle tactics are what makes him stronger than anyone. He had already foreseen his defeat and created many clones of himself. As of now, it looks impossible to defeat Astaroth.

1. Lucifero

Lucifero Black Clover Strongest
Lucifero Strongest Black Clover Character

Species – Devil

Magic – Gravity Magic, Body Magic(Host)

Lucifero is one of the Highest Ranking devils. He was the supreme leader of the underworld. As a Supreme leader his speed, power, mana capacity, and durability were second to none. He had the utmost authority over the Tree of Qliphoth. During the Spade Kingdom arc, he used the bodies of the devils of the 2nd gate to manifest himself.

Asta, Black Bulls, and all other captains stopped Lucifero from the total manifestation so only 50% of him came to the human world. But that was enough to destroy everyone. Lucifero single-handedly defeated Mereoleona, Novel, Fuegoleon, Yami, Yuno, Asta and everyone present there. Before his Gravity magic, even the captains could not hold their ground.

Asta, Yami, Nacht, and Yuno stood up again and again and made Lucifero acknowledge the strength of humans. Lucifero tanked everyone’s strongest ability. He came unscratched from all the captain’s attack. Even Nacht’s Mana Zone Kids’ Playground could not harm Lucifero that much. Other than Asta and Yuno’s attack Lucifero did not bother about others.

Finally, after a whole lot of fight, Asta managed to cut Lucifero with his Demon Destroyer sword. Adramelech took Lucifero’s heart when he was weakened by the battle. Astaroth had already known the result of the battle he took this chance and went to the underworld to kill the weakened Lucifero and came back with his heart.

Your Questions on Black Clover

Who is the greatest villain in Black Clover?

In the Spade Kingdom Arc, Lucifero was the prime antagonist. He almost destroyed every major character but he was ultimately defeated by Asta. Now in the final arc, Astaroth is the prime antagonist. He is trying to wipe out the whole of humanity & create a perfect world without any discrimination.

Who is the 3 highest-ranking devil in Black Clover?

The highest-ranking devils of the Underworld aka the rulers of the Tree of Qliphoth are Lucifero, Astaroth & Beelzebub. After Astaroth’s sudden disappearance, Megicula took his position in the Tree of Qliphoth.

How many swords does Asta have?

As of now, Asta has 4 Swords they are Demon Slayer Sword, Demon-Dweller Sword, Demon Destroyer Sword & Demon Slasher Sword. Each of them possesses different abilities along with the basic Anti Magic.


As the series is still going on there will be a lot of changes and up down in the rank list. As I mentioned before unlike Yuno, we have not seen the true power of Asta after training. And like me, I hope everyone knows that Asta is not gonna keep quiet after all of this. He is gonna do something unimaginable. So characters like Yami, Mereoleona, Asta, and Noelle would surely do something great in future chapters. Till then this is the best list of Top 10 Strongest Characters in Black Clover.

We all are eagerly waiting to see our beloved heroes say, “Right here, right now I’m going to surpass my limits”

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