Top 10 Strongest Devils in Chainsaw Man (2023)

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Today I am going to enlist the Top 10 Strongest Devils of Chainsaw Man. Tatsuki Fujimoto’s famous series Chainsaw Man has caught the hearts of Millions of fans. This famous animanga specializes in the Dark, Shounen, and Seinen genres. Without a doubt, it is one of the best dark anime of the new gens. Together with Hell’s Paradise, Jujutsu Kaisen, Chainsaw Man is called “The Dark Trio”.

The series follows the story of a certain boy Denji having the unique ability to merge with Chainsaw Devil. As Denji rises in the ranks of Devil Hunter he faces one of the strongest beings of the series.

Please note that this list has high spoilers from the recent chapters of the Manga.

10. Doll Devil

Doll Devil Chainsaw Man

Doll Devil was first introduced in the International Assassins arc. As the name suggests it gets its power from the fear of Doll. As a devil, it has all the basic abilities that other devils possess. 

Other than that Doll Devil can convert any human being which he touches into a puppet. The puppets also have the same ability when they touch someone they turn into another devil. Thus Doll Devil can multiply itself very fast and it can transfer its consciousness into any of the dolls. That’s why Doll Devil is unkillable till there’s at least one of its dolls functioning.

Doll Devil can’t transfer other devils or hybrids into a puppet. So it’s technically weak against devils and hybrids. But it’s effective against normal humans and it can create disaster if underestimated. The only known contractor of Doll Devil was Santa Claus.

9. Cosmo Devil

Cosmo Devil Chainsaw Man

Cosmo Devil appeared in the series as a subordinate fiend of Quanxi. Cosmo devil’s abilities are somewhat omnipotent. It knows everything about the universe. It can trap other devils, humans, and hybrids’ minds in its mind. Its mind looks like a huge library filled with all the knowledge of this universe. Once trapped in it one becomes immobilized and can only utter one single phrase, “Halloween”.

Cosmo Devil’s power may seem all mighty. But there has to be a limit to its powers. It’s not shown clearly in the show but I think to trap someone in its mind Cosmo needs that enemy to utter the word, “Halloween”. Without a doubt, it’s one of the 10 Chainsaw Man Strongest Devils.

8. Punishment Devil

Punishment Devil Chainsaw Man

As the name suggests Punishment Devil gets its powers from the fear of punishment or torture. Punishment devil’s proper appearance and abilities are unknown. Makima once summoned it against Gun Devil. It appeared from a crack in the sky. It tortured the Gun Devil and forced Gun Devil to submit to Makima. Other than that nothing much is known about its power. But cornering Gun Devil is not a regular feat which anyone can attain.

7. War Devil

War Devil Chainsaw Man

War Devil is the sworn enemy of Chainsaw Devil. It appeared in the human world to kill Chainsaw Man. War Devil formed a peculiar contract with Asa Mitaka. It took over her body but allowed her to keep a little portion of her consciousness. Later War Devil told that it does not know much about the human world so to keep a low profile it allowed Asa to have her consciousness.

War Devil’s main ability is to turn anything that Asa acknowledges her into a weapon. The more precious that thing is to Asa and the more she felts guilt into turning that thing weapon, the weapon will be more powerful.

War Devil’s power and abilities are very powerful and as the name suggests its fear level is also higher than average devils. But it has lost most of its body parts in a battle against Chainsaw Man so it’s in a weak state right now. On top of that, its power depends on the power scale of the weapon.

6. Hell Devil

Hell Devil Chainsaw Man

Hell Devil is one of the strongest devils in the Chainsaw Man series. It was summoned in the International Assassination arc, for the first time. Six Devil Hunters cut their throat to summon the Hell Devil. They ordered the Hell Devil to take Makima to hell.

Hell Devil has appeared twice in the manga. Once it appeared as a Big Hand and the other time it looked like a centaur with flesh and flame all over his body. Its main abilities are not shown. But it seems it has something to do with taking back into Hell. As seen in the series once it took a whole building and the other time it took Chainsaw Man with it.

Nothing much is known about its other abilities. But one thing is for sure that it does not miss its target. It takes back its target to hell by hook or by crook. So it is one of the 10 Strongest Devils in Chainsaw Man.

5. Gun Devil

Gun Devil Chainsaw Man

Gun Devil was the primal antagonist of the series. During a terrorist attack in America(1984) the Gun Devil first appeared in the human world. Within 5 minutes of its appearance, it killed 1.2 Million humans. Then it disappeared living some of its flesh behind.

The whole world is searching for the Gun Devil since then. But it’s nowhere to be found. Later it was revealed that the Gun Devil does not exist anymore. Just some major countries hold some of its portions. American President summoned 20% of it to fight against Makima. But Makima easily defeated it.

4. Falling Devil

Falling Devil Chainsaw Man

Falling Devil is one of the Primal Fear devils. As shown in the series the Primal Fear devils are technically immortal and feared by all. The low-level devils can’t even stand in front of them.

It gets its powers from the fear of falling. The abilities are related to that fact. It shows hallucinations to its targets and forces them to feel like suicide. Once the enemy thinks that he or she has no purpose to live. They die by falling. Falling Devil can extract the dark memories of a person. But it seems it can’t attack the minds of the Devils though. 

 It appears to be the chef of hell. So it does not harm anyone without purpose. In the series, it was summoned by Fami to make a dish of Asa Mitaka. Even though Chainsaw Man did his all to protect Asa, Falling Devil succeeded in serving Asa as a dish. In the end, Nayuta intervened and stopped Asa and Chainsaw Man from dying.

3. Control Devil

Control Devil Chainsaw Man

Control Devil has incarnated twice in the series by now. In the first half of the series, it was the major antagonist Makima. After Makima’s death, it appeared as Nayuta. Nayuta is under Denji’s care and so far she is harmless to humans. She only desires to be the only family member of Denji. As Pochita said that Control Devil does not want to conquer anything she just wants a family or a friend who is not submissive towards her.

Nayuta’s basic abilities and powers are the same as Makima’s. She can manipulate and make anyone may it a human or devil submit to her. Her main ability is domination. She just needs the others to believe that they are inferior to her. Then she can make them submit.

Somehow it feels like Nayuta’s powers are even deadlier and stronger than Makima’s. As shown in the series with just one word she made War Devil submit to her. In the case of Makima, she needed to believe that they are inferior.

2. Darkness Devil

Darkness Devil Chainsaw Man

Just like Fallen Devil, Darkness Devil is also one of the Primal Fear devils. It was the first shown Primal Fear devil in the show. As the name suggests its abilities and powers are related to the fear of Darkness.

Its main abilities are still a mystery. By far they have shown very few of its abilities. It can manifest peach-black darkness around it and its enemies. It can also manifest a blade to slay its enemies. Upon contact, the enemies vomit and burst out of the blood. Even Makima was afraid to face it in a one-on-one battle.

1. Chainsaw Devil

Chainsaw Devil Chainsaw Man
Chainsaw Devil Strongest Devil in Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Devil is by far the strongest devil in Chainsaw Man & the strongest character in Chainsaw Man. At the beginning of the series, it died at the hands of the Zombie Devil and gave its heart to Denji. Now it’s in a hybrid form with Denji. Denji can merge with Chainsaw Devil anytime he wants. But the real identity of Chainsaw Devil or how powerful he is? Was revealed later in the story.

Makima explained everything about Chainsaw Devil. According to her Chainsaw Devil is the sworn enemy of every other devil. He is like an Anti Hero of Hell. Whoever calls for his help he appears and no matter who the enemy is he obliterates them. After that, it kills the summoner too. While other devils get their power from the fear of humans, Chainsaw Devils’ main power source is from the fear of devils.

It has insane durability no matter how much hurt it is it gets up and starts its chainsaw again. The most deadly thing about Chainsaw is if he eats anyone that devil can never appear again.

Denji unlocked Chainsaw Devil’s full from under Makima’s trickery. It was soo powerful that it destroyed every hybrid and devil in front of it. Makima made Chainsaw Man popular in the human world to reduce its fear. He was weakened because of it. Even in that weakened state, it fought against Makima and all of her subordinates.

Your Questions on Chainsaw Man

Who is the most powerful devil in Chainsaw?

As of now, Chainsaw Devil is the strongest devil in the series. He is known as the Hero of Hell because of his frightening feats. Even Makima stated that once Chainsaw Devil decides to kill someone no one can save that person.

Is Makima the final villain?

Makima aka the Control Devil is indeed the major antagonist of the first part of the series. She manipulated everyone to submit & gain Chainsaw Devil as her ally. But in the second half of the series Control Devil incarnated as Nayuta and she is under Denji’s care. Nayuta has not shown any evil deeds yet.

Who is more powerful Makima or Denji?

Denji is stronger than Makima in raw strengths. But Makima is cunning & has a lot of abilities. So if there were to fight seriously I believe Denji would have lost. Denji only managed to defeat Makima because she underestimated Denji after weakening his powers.

Chainsaw Man Strongest Devils Ranked List


The Chainsaw Man series is still going on. So the list may go under major changes in the future. As of now, this is the perfect list. Then again there are devils like Fami, Falling, etc whose powers are still not explained and shown. I have added only the Devils who have shown enough feats to be on this list. Devils like Eternity, Curse, etc can be deadly in suitable circumstances. But the Devils listed are strong in any kind of situation.

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