10 Best Things About Lookism

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In today’s society where looks hold the ultimate authority over everything, Lookism is a South Korean Webtoon protesting against this favouritism. It is written and illustrated by Park Tae-Joon

The story starts with a boy named Daniel Park being bullied in his school. After enduring it a lot he reached his limit and decided to go to a different town for studying. But sadly the situation does not change a bit. But one day he wakes up in a completely different body which is perfect in every aspect from looks to athlete everything is perfect in that body. What happens next is the many stories of this famous webtoon.

From a normal High school discrimination, webtoon Lookism became one of the most famous shounen manhwas of all time. So what’s the reason behind its immense popularity?

Let’s discuss the 10 Best Things About Lookism. The manhwa has not ended yet so in the future there may be many points to add. But as of now, I am making this list from my personal best experiences. Please note that the points described in this list are not in order; these are all the best things about this webtoon. I am in no position to rank the points.

10. Power Scaling


One of the most important things which makes a Shounen/Seinen manhwa perfect is the power scaling of the series and Lookism made a homerun in this particular section. From the very beginning of the series, Park Tae-Joon focused on power scaling thoroughly. Each and every character and gangs are well detailed and explained in the power scaling.

Even with so many gangs and powerhouses Lookism never failed to scale every one of them. It surprises the readers that they have maintained the power scaling even after all these chapters. They even divided the characters into generations such as Generation 0, Generation 1, and Generation 2. There’s also one other great thing in the Lookism power scaling: they never stopped scaling in only South Korea. China, Japan, and many neighbouring countries joined the ranks of Lookism.

9. Character Development


Character Development is a crucial point of the Lookism webtoon. As the story starts with a kid named Daniel Park waking up in a different body. He discovered that he can switch between his previous and new body. His new body is perfect in every aspect may it be looks or athlete whereas his previous body is short in height and suffering from obesity.

Daniel saw the world from a different point of view when he started using his second body. He was surprised that everyone’s behaviour towards him changes as soon as he appears in that perfect body of his. Daniel’s will to get acknowledged in his original body and his training to make everything right starts changing everyone around him and that is where we get to see the beautiful character development of every character around Daniel.

8. Storyline


Lookism’s storyline started with a simple protest against discrimination and favouritism but soon it turned into a gang war-packed-up action story. Even now the story’s progress rate is unbelievable. Even though we are following the story for so much time we don’t know yet what the author actually wants to tell us through the story.

7. Plot Twist


As I mentioned before, Lookism’s storyline turning is already an unbelievable plot twist. Other than that the author never fails to amaze us with different characters, their backstories, powers in each arc. What’s more, Lookism never abandons any character with progress; they are introducing more and more remarkable characters and the old characters are training harder and harder to surpass them. The plot twists of Lookism never fail to amaze us. We always wait for what’s gonna happen in the upcoming release.

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6. Fight Scenes


Lookism has one of the best and cleanest fighting styles among the famous Shounen webtoons. Not only that, Lookism is probably the first webtoon to show so many different fighting styles. From Krav Maga to Muay Thai they have shown us over 15 different fighting styles and not to mention every time the panels are well-detailed and beautiful.

On top of that, they have shown us some fictional powers which added flavour to the dish. The fictional powers they have shown are not something that is entirely impossible or unworldly but they are just amazing. Like Daniel’s ability to copy any fighting style, and UI mode of some characters. 

5. Art Style


At the beginning of 2019 when the story started publishing the art style was decent but not that great. But Lookism never stopped improving their art style with every chapter they become from the before. But suddenly around chapter 250 they took a jump and they went from 0 to hero. The fight scenes of 300+ are on another level. There are very few webtoons with an Art Style as good as Lookism. Their fights are well-detailed and beautiful and the recent chapters’ character designings are beautiful too.

4. Translation


One common object of every South Korean webtoon is their poor translation. But Lookism never gave a chance to complain. From the very first chapters, the translation was to the point and great. So Lookism scored a great number of readers on this point too.

3. Early Updates


Another common objection of every manga, manhwa, and webtoon reader is late updates. As the late updates make the story boring and viewers lose interest in the upcoming event. Many great stories lost their fandom just because of late updates. It’s already been 3+ years of Lookism publishing but they never bored the viewers with late updates. Their updates are always on perfect times. It neither gets boring nor the readers lose their hype. They keep the perfect balance of eagerness in the reader’s mind to know what’s gonna happen next.

2. Inner Message


I feel the inner message of Lookism is what makes this webtoon one of the best. In today’s world favoritism and discrimination is a burning problem but there are very few who object to it. But Lookism sighted all these problems on top of that it showed the bad sides of netizens, stalking. They pointed out all the specks of dirt of our society one by one and the way they portrayed it is beautiful. Daniel’s will to overcome the obstacles is a true motivation for the bullied persons. The problems Lookism has shown are some real nonsense of our current society. We need to fix these things as soon as possible.

Stories like Lookism are doing a great job by protesting and spreading awareness against these things. They have shown us examples of talented singers, and actors in every field. It’s time now that we learn from these things and start changing.

1. Anime Adaptation


Lookism recently got an anime adaptation. On top of that, Netflix took on this project. The animation is beautiful and to the point with the story. It boosted the popularity of Lookism once again. I recommend watching the animation. It’s truly worth watching.

Your Questions on Lookism

Has Lookism ended?

No. The Lookism manga is still ongoing and there are still many mysteries remaining to unfold. As of now (2023), the manga has already released 450+ chapters.

Who is the most powerful character in Lookism?

DG James Lee is the current strongest character in the series. But the new generation is progressing and growing in power at a fast rate so I hope that soon someone will outrank DG also we don’t know the true power and limit of Gun & Goo yet.

Who is the MC of Lookism?

Daniel Park is the MC of Lookism. He has two bodies and the mystery behind two bodies has not been solved yet.


Lookism Manhwa shows a thought-provoking exploration of lookism, shedding light on the profound impact of appearance-based discrimination on individuals’ lives. Through its compelling narrative and well-crafted characters, it challenges readers to examine their own biases and consider the importance of looking beyond physical appearances. As society continues to grapple with the consequences of lookism, works like Lookism Manhwa play a crucial role in fostering awareness, empathy, and ultimately, positive change.

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