Top 10 Strongest Characters of Hunter x Hunter (2023)

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We all know that HxH is one of our favorite Shouens ever. It’s really a wholesome anime that every fan enjoyed. But there are lots of confusion about which are the strongest characters in HxH. Today we will find our Top 10 Strongest Characters in HxH based on the anime.

So, let’s see who are the 10 Most Powerful Characters of Hunter x Hunter anime.

10. Kurapika

Kurapika Hunter x Hunter

In our 10th position, we have Kurapika. We have all seen how strong Kurapika is. In the anime, he was so obsessed to become a hunter to revenge his vengeance against the Phantom Troupe, an organization that killed Kurapika’s entire clan. They were especially known for their beautiful eyes and to capture them as gems Phantom troop killed Kurapika’s entire clan. As a result, Kurapika took vengeance against his clan by defeating Uvogin, one of the Phantom troops. His ability was so powerful that even Uvogin failed to undo his chain ability. 

9. Killua

Killua Hunter x Hunter

Killua is one of the badass and broken characters of the entire series. His transmute ability is so overpowered that is almost impossible to evade by opponents. His specialty is his godspeed which is a combination of his two nen abilities, also known as Whirlwind. We have also seen how badly he defeated Menthutuyoupi, one of Meruem’s main hands. Also, need to mention that he is one of the greatest deuteragonists of all time and his importance in the entire series is so remarkable.

8. Gon Freecss

Gon Freecss Hunter x Hunter

Next, we have our main character of HxH, Gon Freecss. It’s a debatable ranking because people may ask why he is in the 8th position, but as we mentioned earlier that the rankings are based on anime only. So we decided to rank him in our 8th position. We have witnessed how terrifying Gon’s enhanced power can be when he defeated Pitou though it was not his full potential. His enhanced ability is so strong that he can easily give extraordinary raw damage to enemies that can defeat the enemies so easily.

But the ranking of his position may differ from bottom to top as the anime goes on.

7. Hisoka

Hisoka Hunter x Hunter

In our seventh position, we have Hisoka, the most feared character of the entire series. We know how scary nen abilities are but in the other hand we have Hisoka who is a specialist which allows him to use the combination of all nen abilities. In one word we can say he is an invincible character when it comes to power. His fight against the Zoldyck butler was also insane.

Thus we ranked him in the seventh position in our tier list.

6. Illumi

Illumi Hunter x Hunter

After Hisoka, we have Hisoka’s best friend Illumi. Illumi is the firstborn in the Zoldyck family in Killua’s generation. He is also the big brother of Killua. Though we haven’t seen him in many actions, but surely we can say he is one of the powerful hunters by just experiencing his aura. Even Hisoka sees him as the strongest Hunter of the entire series.

5. Chrollo Lucifer

Chrollo Lucifer Hunter x Hunter

Chrollo is the next candidate in our tier list. As the leader of the Phantom Troupe he is not only the strongest of the clan but also one of the strongest characters in HxH. His special type nen ability allows him to steal anyone’s ability and make it his own one. We have seen how he played against Zeno and Silva, two pillars of the Zoldyck clan like nothing. Zeno also admitted Chrollo as one of the 10 Most Powerful Characters in Hunter x Hunter entire series.  

Also, need to mention Chrollo almost made Hisoka face his death in their duel.

4. Zeno 

Zeno Hunter x Hunter

When we are talking that much about the Zoldyck clan how can we forget about Zeno. He is the grandfather of Killua and probably the strongest Zoldyck who ever existed. His famous attack Dragon Dive is one of the most broken abilities ever shown in the entire series. Even Netero seems like his worthy opponent. The fight against Chrollo Zeno made  him to be defensive. Zeno may get old but his assassination prowess never faded. Thus we gave him the rank in the top five of our list.

3. Netero

Netero Hunter x Hunter

In our third position, we have Isac Netero. He was the chairman of the Hunter Association. His nen abilities made him the peak power holder of the entire anime. In his prime, we can easily say he was the strongest nen user and fastest one. His ability allows him to summon 100 Buddha fists and then barrage those that made Meruem ( the strongest villain of the show ) defeated.

2. Ging Freecss

Ging Freecss Hunter x Hunter

Next up we have Ging Freecs. He is Gon’s father. Though in anime he didn’t get much screen time but we all can assume his power from people’s recognition of him. He was also recognized as one of the Five best Nen users of all time in the world. So undoubtedly he is one of the Top 10 Strongest Characters in Hunter X Hunter. He left his son to survive solo and become a renowned hunter without his fatherly guidance.

1. Meruem

Meruem Hunter x Hunter

At the top of the list, we have Meruem, the main antagonist of HxH. He was immensely strong from his birth (Chimera Ant Arc). He is also stronger than any other villains in HxH. His manipulation ability is also overwhelming. When he was fighting against Netero he evaded Netero’s 100 fist buddha attack like nothing. His physical prowess and abilities were also superly strong that even Netro failed to survive against it, losing his arms and legs.

His body was so durable that he even survived Netero’s nuclear explosion attacks. He can also consume the enemy’s attack then amplify it by combining his own nen power. So undoubtedly Meruem is the strongest character in HxH.

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That,s all for today. Hope you enjoyed it and I think you got pretty information about the top 10 strongest characters in Hxh. Though it may vary a little as the maga and new adaptations go on, I tried my fullest to share my thoughts on it. Stay tuned for more updates.


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