Top 10 Bully In Charge Strongest Characters (Designated Bully)!

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Today I will share the Top 10 Bully In Charge Strongest Characters. This famous Korean Webtoon is filled with action and strong characters. I will enlist the 10 Most Powerful The Bully in Charge Characters.

The Bully In-Charge portrays the story of a particular high school where bullying has gone off the bounds. So the school committee and the director of the school decided to handle it in a different and never seen way. They planned to recruit a strong guy who will impose as a student and destroy the whole chain of bullies. In short, a stronger bully to bully the bullies xD.

The story may seem ridiculous but the author Grimzo sure has his way with storytelling because the fighting scenes, plot twists, and actions are seriously way too op. Just what one would expect from a Korean Webtoon.

So without wasting any more time let’s proceed to our list of Top 10 Strongest The Bully In-Charge Characters.

10. Kim Won-Woong

Kim Won-Woong

Position – 1-6 Boss

Kim Won-Woon was introduced as a first-grade leader and a close friend of Yoo Jiseok. Even though he is a leader he does not rely on his strength. He uses his underlings or his position to use others to deal with the problems.

He sent some of his classmates to deal with Kwon Daegun. According to him when there’s an auto-battle mode, why waste time on playing? But Kwon Daegun taught him that even auto-battle mode has its limitations. Ultimately he was defeated by his classmates.

9. Kwak Doosik

Kwak Doosik

Position – 1-8 Boss

Kwak Doosik is an aspirant model and he was the leader of the Entertainment Special Class. Even though he is a boss he worries too much about injuries and never lets anyone damage his face. Because that may cause problems in his modelling career. Because of these limitations, anyone can easily beat him in a fight.

Daegun never wanted to beat him in the first place. But he was tricked by Lee Seunghoon and Daegun beat him up. Then he went to take revenge against Lee Seunghoon. But he could not do anything to him either.

8. Yoo Jiseok

Yoo Jiseok

Position – 1-5 Boss

Yoo Jiseok was introduced as the leader of the class 1-5. He is a close friend of Baek Suzy and he uses Suzy’s elder brother’s name too much as his backing. Together with Kim Won-Woong, he tried to deal with Daegun. But Daegun destroyed all of their plans and he put all the blame on Kim Won-Woong’s head. He was defeated in a fight against Lee Seunghoon.

7. Shim Sangbo

Shim Sangbo

Position – 1-3 Boss

Unlike the previous guys of this, Shim Sangbo is actually a strong guy and holds the dignity of his position. He is an outstanding out boxer and has defeated many tough opponents in his life. But he loves the most to beat others as a Sandbag.

Shim Sangbo’s only weakness is that he is afraid of getting beaten. He was once defeated by No Man Ho so he challenged Daegun to rule over No Man Ho and others who were under Daegun. But little did he know about the beast called Daegun.

An Out Boxers’ weakness lies in his foot strength. Daegun who is a great fighter was well aware of this fact. Soon after the battle started Daegun dealt a huge blow in his leg and the battle completely turned one-sided. Shim Sangbo came back again in the later chapters to take revenge but he was again defeated by No Man Ho. Without a doubt, he is one of the Top 10 Strongest The Bully In-Charge Characters.

6. No Man Ho

No Man Ho

Position – 1-1 Boss

No Man Ho aka the Mannerless Fighter was the first boss to fight Daegun. Later he became one of Daegun’s best friends and turned a new leaf. Even though No Man Ho is a lot weaker in raw strength than the others. But his real power lies in his cunning senses.

He analyses his opponents thoroughly and does many underhanded tricks to deal with them. Man Ho is infamous for his expertise with various weapons & cracking nuts xD. Because of his high battle IQ & sense he can defeat many opponents who are a lot more powerful than him.

5. Lee Seunghoon

Lee Seunghoon

Position – 1-9 Boss

Among the whole 1st Grade Lee Seunghoon’s class 1-9 has the most prestigious and genius students. They solely focus on their studies and their boss is no exception or so we thought at first. He appears to be a model student but in reality, he is the most mischievous person in the story.

He is posing himself as one of Daegun’s supporters and says that he will help him be the king of bullies but in the back, he is tempting one after another tough opponents for him. His true motives are still unknown. But one thing is sure that he is hiding his true strength. He defeated 2 1st Grade Bosses without a sweat.

4. Park Dojin

Park Dojin

Position – 1-4 Boss

Probably in the whole list Park Dojin has the most raw strength and durability which can rival even Daegun’s. When he first challenged Daegun for a 1 on 1 battle Daegun dealt a huge blow on his weak arm but he was unfazed after taking the blow. Even Daegun was surprised to see this incident.

But in the actual battle, he was defeated thoroughly by Daegun. Even though he has too much raw strength his techniques are too poor while facing a pro fighter like Daegun he could not even lay a single hit on Daegun. Daegun easily beat him up but his durability is something. Even after taking a lot of damage, he stood up again and again to face Daegun.

3. Goo Seunghwa

Goo Seunghwa

Position – 1-7 Boss

After Daegun, Goo Seunghwa is the strongest first grader. Even the 2nd Graders also remarked on him as a strong opponent. Goo Seunghwa was an exceptionally well Judo player but he did not stop at that. He had a crazy obsession with learning new skills.

As the Boss of the Sports Special Class, he gathered different types of athletes and forced them to fight each other to learn new skills. He was too confident about his strength and skills. But his confidence was shattered by Daegun. Facing with true strength his skills could do nothing against it. Daegun easily destroyed his skill with raw strength.

2. Wan Ja-Ok

Wan Ja-Ok

Position – 2nd Grade Leader

Wan Ja-Ok is the strongest 2nd Grader and the leader of “The Way” crew. He had a craze for Buddhism and often compared his skills with Nirvana, Taoism, etc. He made all of his crew mates cut their hair to worship Buddha and learn his way.

He believed that by following Buddha and his way one can earn his blessing and overcome the mortal boundaries. But all of these things were actually fraud. His ultimate motive was to gather money for his hair transplant.

After watching the battle between Daegun & Park Dojin, he was really scared of Daegun. But when Daegun thoroughly destroyed “The Way” crew and Wan Ja-Ok lost his composure and attacked Daegun’s friends. Daegun came and took him one on one.

He was strong enough to withstand Daegun’s bullet fist. He used some ridiculous Buddha logic and used some moves but it did not affect Daegun at all. At last, he was thoroughly destroyed by Daegun.

1. Kwon Daegun

Kwon Daegun

Position – 1st Grade Leader

Kwon Daegun is the secret guy recruited by the School Director to handle the bullies and from the very first day he is doing his job properly. On the very first day of his school, he subdued 3 Class Bosses and within a very short time, he became the leader of 1st Grade. Then he went and defeated the whole 2nd Grade and became the strongest guy in the school right now. Now only the 3rd Grades are remaining.

Even after all these chapters, we don’t know or rather we can’t understand the true fighting style of Daegun & his true limits. Daegun is an absolute beast and he has a high battle instinct which helps him to deal with multiple opponents. Surprisingly he knows every trick to counter all the battle styles so no matter who he faces he defeats them easily.

Article Summary


As the story is still ongoing the list will go into major changes shortly. Also, many characters are stronger than these guys but many of them have not portrayed their true strength yet so I have not enlisted them. But I believe the first position on this list will remain unchanged no matter what happens. After all, that’s how strong Daegun actually is.

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