Top 10 Strongest Female Characters of Black Clover (Updated)

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Today I am going to enlist the Top 10 Strongest Feamle Characters of Black Clover. Black Clover is a famous animanga written and illustrated by Yukli Tabata. It’s one of the most famous new-gen animanga. It’s filled with powerful battle mages & female characters I will enlist the 10 Most Powerful Female Characters of Black Clover among them.

Black Clover is a story of a certain kid named Asta who wants to become the Wizard King. Wizard King is a title given to the strongest mage of the Clover Kingdom. Unfortunately, Asta has 0 mana in his body. But he did not give up because of that. Asta’s unbending will and training helped him in his way to become a magic knight. As of now, everyone has acknowledged Asta’s strength. What happens next is still a question though.

Leaving that topic aside today we are here to enlist the Top 10 Strongest Female Characters of Black Clover. So without wasting any time let’s see the list.

10. Grey

Grey Black Clover

Grey is a member of the Black Bulls. Her real name and whereabouts have not been revealed yet. She is extremely sigh and embarrassed to show her real self. What is surprising is in the first half of the series even the Black Bull members did not know her real looks and that is exactly where lies Grey’s strength.

She is an expert in Transformation and Transmutation magic. She used to hide her real self through Transformation Magic. She can transform into anyone and anything. Not only that she can even copy their voice. Her other magic Transmutation lets her change any object even magic to elements that she wants.

She is one of the best support-type mages in the series. Her Transmutation magic is powerful enough to heal open wounds and injuries to their primal self. Dante was surprised by her abilities and acknowledged her as an Arcane Stage mage.

9. Vanessa Enoteca

Vanessa Enoteca Black Clover

Vanessa Enoteca is the best support type mage in the whole series. Her magic is Thread Magic. She can control the enemy’s movement to an extent with her threads. But that is not her real strength.

The Queen of the Witches nurtured Vanessa and acknowledged her, “The greatest witch genius since the founding of the country of witches has returned!!!”. Vanessa awakened during the Witches’ Forest Arc. Her awakening is the Red Thread of Fate. It’s a red cat made of red thread. Until Vanessa has enough mana this cat can change the fates of her allies. Vanessa was ranked as an Arcane Stage Mage too.

8. Dorothy Unsworth

Dorothy Unsworth Black Clover

Dorothy Unsworth is the captain of the Coral Peacocks. Most of the time she sleeps. Even if she wakes up she is jolly and never takes fights seriously. Despite all these facts, she is one of the strongest characters.

Dorothy also came from the Witches’ Forest. On top of that she is an elf. This means she not only has the skills of Witches to back it up she has a huge mana source. Dorothy’s magic is one of the most annoying and broken magic in the entire show. Her Dream Magic lets her trap anyone in the dream world.

Dorothy has the utmost authority over the Dream World. She can create anything and anyone in the dream world and if you somehow get asleep in the dream world you will be trapped there for eternity. Even though she is not an Arcane stage mage like the previous two her offensive skills are superior to them.

7. Witch Queen

Witch Queen Black Clover

The Witch Queen is the mother of all witches. She has the utmost authority over the Witches’ forest. It is stated that Witch Queen has the same amount of mana as an Elf. Witch Queen Witch can also foresee the future and its accuracy rate is high.

She is an offence-type mage. Her blood magic lets her manipulate and control her own blood at her will. She can create any kind of weapon with the blood. But her strongest ability is controlling others. By channelling her blood into the enemy’s body she can take control over the enemy’s body.

Witch Queen also has healing-type magic. She can cure any ancient curse, poison, or broken limbs with her healing magic. In the series, we have seen healing all the witches of the forest with just one spell. This shows her mana capacity.

6. Megicula

Megicula Black Clover

Megicula is one of the Highest Ranking Devils of the Underworld. After Astaroth’s sudden disappearance, she took over his position in the Tree of Qliphoth and became one of the three rulers of the Underworld. She is one of the major antagonists in the Spade Kingdom arc.

Her human host Vanica Zogratis is one of the Dark Triads. Vanica’s magic is Blood Magic. Unlike Witch Queen, Vanica can’t control others with her magic. Her magic is more of an offence type. She creates spears, claws, etc with blood magic.

Megicula’s personal magic is Curse-Warding Magic. She can create powerful curses with her magic. Her curses can weaken the enemy’s magic physical state. It can also shorten one’s life span. Her curse magic is still a mystery to the readers how it works is not shown clearly.

As we have seen in the series it’s capable enough to kill mages like Acier Silva, and Lolopechka. It even harmed Undine the water spirit. Other than that as a Higher Ranking devil, Megicula possesses unlimited mana and magic power. Even her presence is enough to numb normal images. Without a doubt she is one of the Top 10 Most Powerful Female Characters of Black Clover.

5. Ichika Yami

Ichika Yami

Yami Ichika is the younger sister of Yami Sukehiro. She was first introduced in the Sun Kingdom. She is a member of the Ryuzen Seven. As we have seen in the series before that Yami’s homeland uses something different than magic. Ichika is an expert user of Ki & Zetten. Her magic attribute is somewhat similar to Yami’s dark magic.

Ichika’s Ki and Zetten are stronger than any average person. She can enhance her speed, power, and durability by concentrating on Ki. She defeated Asta’s Devil Union form with her Zetten. Zetten is a move that a user uses by concentrating their Ki with magic. It can unleash a huge load of power at once. Ichika uses Zetten in her sword slashes.

Ichika’s strongest form is her Dark-Cloaked Black Warrior. She gets speed, power, and durability enhanced in that state. Even Asta had a hard time subduing her in that form.

4. Lily Aquaria (Paladin)

Lily Aquaria (Paladin)

Lily Aquaria aka Sister Lily is the nun who took care of Asta & Yuno. Fans may be surprised to see her on this list. After all her Water Magic is not that strong to be in this list. She can hardly create big fists with her water and we have never seen to harm anyone with her magic. But she was incarnated as Beelzebub by Julius.

After reincarnation, she became a perfect human and got unlimited mana and regeneration. Julius promoted her to a Paladin because of her strength. Lily’s strength lies in the Spatial magic of Beelzebub. She uses Spatial magic in an offensive way. Other than that she also combines other’s spells with her Spatial magic to create even deadlier spells.

3. Noelle Silva

Noelle Silva

Noelle Silva is the main female lead of the story & one of the 10 Strongest Black Clover Characters. In the first half of the series, she was introduced as a failure of the Silva family. Being a royal born Noelle had huge mana and magic power. But she was unable to control it. With time Noelle grew as one of the strongest characters in the series.

Noelle inherited her mother’s battle style. She can create a similar battle armor like her mother with water. But she did not stop at that she upgraded her armor even further. With Undine, she learned Spirit drive. Her strongest form as of now is Spirit Drive: Saint Valkyrie Armor. In the latest chapter, Noelle acquired the King of the Seas a huge dragon-type spirit. So her upcoming power boost is still unknown to us. Without a doubt she is one of the 10 Black Clover Strongest Female Characters.

2. Acier Silva (Paladin)

Acier Silva (Paladin)

How Powerful was Acier Silva? If someone asks this question I would love to give a certain person’s description on Acier. That person is Mereolena the strongest female character in the series admitted that she never won against Acier Silva when Acier was alive. Mereolena does not differentiate between royalty or peasant she just loves true power and a prideful woman like her used to swallow her pride and train under Acier.

According to Mereolen, Acier’s used her Mercury magic to create battle armor and she used to dance on the battlefield with it. This means her speed and battle instincts were so high that it looked like she is dancing on the battlefield. With mercury magic, she had the perfect balance of power with speed.

In the latest chapter, Julius reincarnated her for Judgement Day and made her a Paladin. Nozel and many others are trying their best to subdue her but she is on a whole different level. In the upcoming chapters, Noelle will face Acier. We are eagerly waiting to see the battle as we all know Mereolena once said to Noelle,” You must surpass your mother”.

1. Mereoleona Vermillion

Mereoleona Vermillion
Mereoleona Vermillion – Strongest Black Clover Female Character

Mereoleona Vermillion is by far the strongest female character in the series. Her unbending will to get more powerful and her determination to not lose makes her even more powerful during battles. She is always growing during her battles, after her battles. There’s not a single time where she stopped training or her power growth has stopped.

She was the first in the series who used Mana Zone. Even now her Mana Zone Calidus Brachium Barrage is one of the strongest Mana Zones in the series. But she did not stop at that; she trained her even more and became one with mana. It’s stated that her mana is the purest among all the magic knights.

Mereoleona was the first person in the series who showed that the human body has no limitations. If you train it more and more you will achieve even more power. Still these days she is proving her words true. In every arc, she comes back with more power than in the previous arc. She showed her incredible feats in the latest Black Clover Sword of the Wizard King movie also.

Your Questions on Black Clover

Who taught Asta to use a sword?

Asta trained his swordsmanship under Fanzell, he is a Diamond Kingdom Mage. He was a commander rank mage & Mars and other experimental warriors also learned from him.

Who is Noelle’s crush, Black Clover?

Noelle has a deep crush on Asta but she is too ashamed to confess it. The whole fandom is eagerly waiting for the day when our Princess Noelle will finally confess his love towards Asta.

Is Ichika related to Yami?

Ichika Yami was first introduced in the Sun Kingdom. Later it was revealed that she is the younger sister of Yami Sukehiro. She is very powerful & strong-willed character despite her low age she is one of the Ryuzen 7.

Artilce Summary


With these, our list of Top 10 Strongest Black Clover Female Characters has ended. But as I mentioned multiple times that the series is still ongoing and with every chapter, everyone is coming up with even more powerful spells and forms than before. So the list may go through heavy changes. But to my best knowledge, I assure you guys that the Top 3 will remain the same. They may interchange between them but they will never be replaced.

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