Animixplay: Free Anime Streaming Website Review

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If you love to watch anime then surely you came across the popular anime streaming website Animixplay. But many questions are around this platform in the audience’s mind. Today we will try to cover all possible topics about Animixplay.

What is Animixplay?

Animixplay is a very popular streaming platform for exclusively anime series and films. This site is very popular among viewers because of the convenient free watching service to its viewers which helped them to gain a lot more popularity over the last few years. 

Animixplay website history

The official domain of Animixplay is The domain was registered on Thu Aug 06, 2020. Any information related to their owner is still under search. They announced their discontinuation on December 21, 2022. 

Why did people love to watch anime at Animixplay?

Animixplay was completely safe for watching anime for its viewers. Not only safe but it’s also convenient for the users of it as it had many unique key attractors which attracted viewers at mass for a long time. Some of them are mentioned below –

  • Comparatively, the best thing that viewers loved about Animixplay is that they show even fewer pop-up ads than their competing websites. These pop-ups are a real headache for anime watchers. The majority of sites push their audience to watch ads in a loop and this causes irritation. But Animixplay solved this problem and started to provide their content at a low ad ratio.
  • Animixplay provided anime shows at HD resolution and with good quality. Some fans rated their free service even better than the paid services.
  • Animixplay did not require any registration or details filling of the viewers. This gained a lot of trust from viers as nowadays online scams and data stealing are at their peak.
  • They provided sub and dub versions both for anime episodes.

Is Animixplay safe and legit to watch anime? 

Animixplay was totally safe for viewers to watch anime episodes. Primarily there was no risk for the audience to watch anime on this platform.

But using Animixplay is controversial under the copyright laws under most of the country’s Legislation. Because it uses a scraping technique to list the contents. It is true they have not uploaded any copyrighted material. As per law, unauthorised uses of copyright-protected material create legal obligations and it is a punishable offence. But there is still some lack of clarity about the legality of Animixplay.

Does the Animixplay website have an app? 

No,  Animixplay never had any official app on Play Store, Apple store or at the web to stream the content.

Is Animixplay still running or stopped?

 Animixplay stopped its service on December 21, 2022. They officially announced their discontinuation of the website showing the cause as the collapse of their crawl/scrape system. They also mentioned that they did not feel enough motivated to fix up the broken system and catch up with the flow. So they decided to discontinue and shut down the website forever.  

Is there any risk to using Animixplay?

Currently, you cant use the Animixplay platform anymore due to their discontinuation. But at the time of their working time, viewers had no risk to watch anime here.

What Types of anime are available on Animixplay?

  1. Action Anime:- This includes physical fights and action scenes 
  2. Romance Anime:- This includes love, bonding and attraction, and relationships
  3. Adventure Anime:- this includes finding new places and exploring 
  4. Comedy Anime:- these anime intend to entertain people with the funny and comedy scenes in it.
  5. Horror Anime:- includes scary stories and aims to frighten.

 There is still a bulk of types or genres posted in Animixplay when the platform was running.

Top 5 Best Animixplay Alternatives to watch anime. 

There are many alternatives for Animixplay to watch anime frequently and free of cost. Some of them are very frequent and easy to use. Here is a list of such websites.

Crunchyroll– Crunchyroll is not a proper alternative to Animixplay cause it is paid service. But you can trust it fully because it is a licensed stream provider and does not have any fear of shutting down for any unethical situation.

Anix– Anix is a free platform and has one of the largest anime libraries on the web. It is also suggested on the homepage of Animixplay as their alternative. You can reach out and watch your favourite anime there easily.

Anime Planet: It is a free streaming platform as in the name it is a collection of anime, gradually this website is becoming popular day by day among anime lovers because of its huge collection of anime for free. 

Kisscartoon: The reason for including Kisscartoon in the best alternatives for Animixplay is its huge collection of anime, cartoons, and many more movies and programs, which is accessible for free. 

 5. Animefreak: This platform consists of a large collection of anime episodes that are accessible to everyone for free.

Is Animixplay the best platform to see anime?

Animixplay was one of the best anime-watching solutions according to the fans and viewers. It was very convenient due to their fewer ad pop-ups and HD-quality content. But also some issues were there with streaming disruption for the low data signal. But all over we can remark them as they were one of the best ones on the web.


All over this was a complete overview of the Animixplay platform. Most of the fans regretted the discontinuation of the platform. But whatever many new and frequent alternatives are available still in the market. You can also check our alternatives and can find them on your own on the web. Also, the official declaration of Animixplay is available on their official domain. 

Bye, guys for today and meet you at other reviews and interesting coverage about streaming sites.

Disclaimer: All the reviews are made according to my knowledge and my personal opinions. It does not reflect the review of numbers at mass. Please use your rational judgment and views and also you can check the data provided above on your own.

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