Top 10 Strongest Characters in Tokyo Ghoul

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Toky Ghoul Strongest Characters: In today’s article, we will rank the strongest characters in Tokyo Ghoul series based on their battle performances, kagune, and skills.

Showcasing the horrors of being thrust into the world of carnage and cannibalism, Tokyo Ghoul is a dark urban-fantasy anime series of the same manga name, written and illustrated by Sui Ishida. The anime, which began airing in July 2014, tells the story of Kaneki Ken, a simple-minded college student who acquires the organs of the ghoul he was attacked by and transforms into a half-human half-ghoul hybrid or, the One-eyed Ghoul.

The plot then showcases the many struggles of Kaneki Ken trying to find a sense of belonging and eventually guiding his companions against greater catastrophes

Tokyo Ghoul Strongest Characters Ranked

Koutarou Amon Tokyo Ghoul Strongest Characters

10. Koutarou Amon

  • Type: Ukaku

Amon used to be a first-class CCG ghoul investigator and after his alleged demise, was posthumously upgraded to Special Class. He returned as an artificial one-eyed ghoul during the Rushima Landing Operation. 

Amon was a skilled investigator, deadly with a quinque, and able to slaughter ghouls quickly and constructively. He gained the ukaku kagune from Yoshimura and became a half-ghoul in the process.

He proved during his brief encounter with Shikorae that his ukaku kagune can fire off countless projectiles and can easily blast holes through another ghoul’s body. The missiles can range in size from tiny to human-sized, and they have enough strength to pierce a quinx’s body and shatter one’s kagune. 

He can also descend into his second kakuja form where he can extend two massive scimitar blades from his shoulders and numerous smaller ones from his back.

Noro Tokyo Ghoul Strongest Characters

9. Noro

  • Type: Bikaku

Noro is a member of the Aogiri tree and a direct subordinate of the One-Eyed King. He was initially given the responsibility of raising infant Eto Yoshimura. In eerie quiet, Noro is a menacing behemoth who appeared to express himself solely via deeds. 

He is known for his unpredictable nature, depicted during the 11th ward battle where he overlooked Suzuya Juuzou when he discovered Yamori’s body but annihilated the squad locating the injured Kirishima Ayato.

Noro’s kakuja was distinctive in that it changed into a massive mass of kagune covered with giant mouths as opposed to becoming his armor, which is comparable to his regular kagune. 

Even among ghouls, Noro had extraordinary rates of regeneration. Even after his torso was chopped in half, he was able to rejoin the parts practically instantly. He survived being pierced by Uta, having his skull knocked off by Yomo, and being repeatedly stabbed by Tsukiyama during his encounter with them.

Suzuya Juuzou Tokyo Ghoul Strongest Characters
Tokyo Ghoul Strongest Characters

8. Suzuya Juuzou

  • Type: Scorpion 1/56 (Bikaku; quinque), 13’s Jason (Rinkaku; quinque), Arata Joker (koukaku kakuja armour)

Suzuya Juuzou is a special-class ghoul investigator. He had formerly gone by the name Rei Suzuya and was initially tasked with looking into the Binge Eater and sent to the 20th ward. He then goes on to lead the S3 squad in CCG. 

Due to Big Madam’s torture from an early age, Juuzou can no longer feel pain, or fear and does not have any sense of bonding with his peers. But that goes on to change after the time skip. Although he appears to be childish and cheerful, he possesses a violent and hysterical nature that leaks out during his fights.

Even the majority of ghouls can’t keep up with Suzuya in a fight because of his lightning-quick reflexes and ability to move faster than the eye can see. Suzuya can effortlessly jump extremely high and maneuver in tight spaces. He frequently does incredible acrobatic tricks and flips during battle. 

His Arata Joker possesses a claw function that can quite easily split an SS-rated ghoul in half. Despite being only 19 and a human, he displayed remarkable annihilation skills so much so that he didn’t even need to enroll into the Academy for becoming an investigator. 

Kamishiro Matasaka (Shachi) Tokyo Ghoul Strongest Characters

7. Kamishiro Matasaka (Shachi)

  • Type: Bikaku

The former ghoul in command of the sixth ward was Kamishiro Matasaka. Other than being strong and skilled in martial arts, he also has excellent regenerative properties. After being let free during the Second Cochlea Raid, he goes on to become a temporary member of the Aogiri Tree. 

He is one of the few ghouls in Aogiri who believes that killing people without a reason is unnecessary, even though he is one of the strongest ghouls there. Additionally, he is Kamishiro Rize’s foster father. 

His kagune looks like an orca’s tail. Shachi could easily step on the ground and smash it. When they fought, he was able to effortlessly outpace and dodge Kaneki’s blows by moving too swiftly to be seen. 

Kaneki was easily slammed through one story of Kanou’s lab by Shachi. He destroyed a bridge with a single stroke of his arm as Arima approached him. He is renowned for having beaten Kaneki both times they faced off.So he is ranked at seven in our top ten strongest characters of Toky Ghoul.

Takizawa Seidou Tokyo Ghoul Strongest Characters

6. Takizawa Seidou

  • Type: Ukaku

Seidou Takizawa was a former Rank 2 Ghoul Investigator. He receives Yoshimura’s ukaku kagune and develops into the ideal Owl after being subjected to extreme suffering during Kanou’s experiments. Since the kagune was passed down, he is unable to fully exert control over it. 

He subsequently joins Kaneki’s group, Goat, and was once the Aogiri tree’s strongest member. He struggles with feelings of inferiority and gets irritated quickly when his peers or younger associates outperform him.

He can mold his kagune into a variety of shapes. For example, he may extend an armored limb for more striking strength, extend a massive scimitar blade from his right shoulder, utilize razor tentacles to stab opponents, and direct bullets such that they batter rather than pierce their intended targets.

However, the use appears to seriously impair his mental health, causing him to ramble and injure himself. Takizawa also has appreciable regenerative skills since he was able to quickly reconnect his severed arm as he was fighting Hinami.

Kichimura Washuu Tokyo Ghoul Strongest Characters

5. Kichimura Washuu

  • Type: Tsunagi (bikaku; quinque), Rotten Flow (rinkaku; quinque), Rinkaku kakuja

The primary antagonist of the manga and anime series Tokyo Ghoul is Kichimura Washuu. He went by the nickname Nimura Furuta while working as a Rank 1 Ghoul Investigator, and after killing his father, he rose to the position of Bureau Director for the C.C.G. 

He also goes by the name Souta and is a member of the Clowns. Futura is more of a tactician and engages in dirty play and knows how to manipulate those around him to create the perfect organized chaos. 

Furuta, who was born a failing half-ghoul, had a shorter lifespan and stronger physical prowess. As a result of getting Rize’s kakuhou, he changed into a one-eyed ghoul and attained superhuman skills. As he trained with the Washuu Clan, Kishou Arima also claimed that Furuta was a fierce fighter with exceptional talents. 

Eto is one of the most powerful ghouls in this series, but Furuta carries kagunes that are powerful enough to penetrate through it. Being able to survive being torn apart by a rabid Kaneki in Kakuja was evidence of Furuta’s strong capacity for regeneration.

Yoshimura Kuzen Tokyo Ghoul Strongest Characters

4. Yoshimura Kuzen

  • Type: Ukaku (kagune and kakuja)

A former employee of the Anteiku café, Kuzen Yoshimura is an SSS-rated ghoul. The manager, an elderly man who is nice and generous, demonstrates that even amid the ghouls, he is both wise and sensible.  When ghouls are unable to hunt or murder humans on their own, he tries to aid them. 

The human-ghoul hybrid Ken Kaneki is at one time taken in by and is shown how to live a ghoul’s life. The ghoul investigators start referring to him as the Non-Killing Owl after the CCG realizes there are two Owls. Additionally, he is the father of Yoshimura Eto.

Yoshimura is the only character who has demonstrated the capacity to blast Rc projectiles from all of his body parts, not just his kagune. His kakuja kills those in front while his ukaku kagune reaches from intermediate to vast distances. 

Among all pure ghouls, he was proven to have the best regeneration. Yoshimura defeated several high-ranking Investigators at once during the Anteiku raid arc, including Shinohara, Koroiwa, Kousuke Houji, Suzuya, and Koori Ui. He also faced off against Yukinori Shinohara and Iwao Kuroiwa, two members of special classes. 

Yoshimura Eto Tokyo Ghoul Strongest Characters

3. Yoshimura Eto

  • Type: Ukaku

As the original leader and monarch of the Aogiri Tree, she is a unique natural One-eyed ghoul who is also the half-human, half-ghoul daughter of Yoshimura and Ukina. Ken Kaneki and Rize Kamishiro are both admirers of the best-selling horror author Sen Takatsuki, which is the human identity she takes on throughout the tale. 

Eto has a sadistic mentality and frequently revels in the agony of others. She is happy to inflict suffering on anyone as she prefers, mercilessly slaying both people and ghouls.

Her kagune is made up of numerous hideous appendages that are attached to her back and can be manipulated into the shape of eyes, mouths, arms, and legs to serve Eto’s needs. When she takes on her Kakuja form, she resembles a gigantic monstrous creature and sprouts two enormous blades from her shoulders. 

Eto can remove a portion of her kagune and set it up as a trap. Eto also demonstrated inhumane healing abilities after recovering her severed head and showed no signs of fear even after Kaneki dismembered her below the abdomen. She is one of the strongest characters in Tokyo Ghoul.

Kishio Arima Tokyo Ghoul Strongest Characters

2. Kishio Arima

  • Type: Yukimura ⅓ (koukaku; quinque), IXA (koukaku; quinque), Narukami (ukaku; quinque), Owl (ukaku; quinque)

The CCG’s Reaper, often known as the White Reaper, is Special Class Ghoul Investigator Kishou Arima. However, Arima is actually the One-Eyed King, working with Eto Yoshimura and Aogiri Tree, even though he racked up an amazing list of accomplishments over his eighteen years as an investigator. 

In preparation for transferring the title to Kaneki following his passing, he coached the latter. He is a very strategic soldier who never once displays any signs of fear in battle. He is aware of the strengths and vulnerabilities of his rivals and knows how to approach them. To put it simply, he is a genius.

Arima has shown to be one of the series’ swiftest characters. He has demonstrated the ability to outrun Ghouls as strong as Yoshimura, Sachi, and Eto in addition to blitzing and utterly off-guarding opponents like Kaneki, Touka, and Ayato combined. 

Since he was a teenager, he has demonstrated a keen sense of calculation by being able to crack cases using the scant evidence at his disposal. Even after defeating Eto, Kaneki was unable to match Arima’s expertise and was forced to use surprise attacks to take him down.

Kaneki Ken

1. Kaneki Ken

  • Type: Rinkaku (kagune and kakuja), Yukimura ⅓ (koukaku; quinque)

The protagonist of Tokyo Ghoul was given the moniker Centipede because of his distinctive Kakuja appearance. He becomes a Rank 1 Ghoul Investigator who lives as Haise Sasaki and is a Team Mado member as well as the leader of the CCG’s Quinx Squad. 

Throughout the series, Kaneki’s more vicious and problematic personality qualities emerge, and he ends up doing several horrific things that make him more of an anti-hero.

Kaneki can create kagune tentacles in his dragon form, which are capable of upending concrete slabs and slicing through tanks. It can withstand artillery fire thanks to its armored shell’s strength. Kaneki was able to attack Arima while dodging Narukami’s compressed projectiles thanks to his unfathomable speed. 

His numerous deadly wounds quickly healed during his final combat with Arima. He can instruct his kagune to speak, which creates a diversion. He has been observed to imitate the traits and skills of an ukaku, bikaku, and koukaku using his kagune in addition to his usual rinkaku.

Kaneki has a high level of intelligence. The majority of his expertise stems from his obsession with reading books. He has also been able to draw parallels between the writings and reality. Due to his ghoul physiology, Kaneki is a very aggressive combatant who is constantly reading about martial arts and other defensive techniques. 

His constant evolution can overpower almost every if not all the characters in the series, making him the strongest ghoul of Tokyo Ghoul Series.


Tokyo Ghoul is a series deeply adored by its fans and constantly analyzed due to its nail-biting fight sequences and numerous twists throughout. It explores the limits of morality and relays the tribulations of the characters, connecting them to the viewer.

The characters who made it into this list of Tokyo Ghoul Strongest Characters are deserving of their titles after going through everything that they did. And the characters who didn’t, will obviously always adorn our hearts.

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