Top 10 Strongest Characters in Solo Leveling

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Today I’m going to share the Top 10 Strongest Characters of Solo Leveling. Most updated and authentic Solo Leveling Strongest Characters List are made. Let’s see who is in most strongest in Solo Levling?

Solo Leveling is a popular webtoon series that has captured the hearts of many readers worldwide. The series revolves around the story of Sung Jin-Woo, a hunter who gains the power to level up and become stronger after surviving a dangerous dungeon.

Today we are going to discuss the Top 10 Strongest Characters in Solo Leveling by the end of the series end. Please note that the list is entirely based on the webtoon. So it contains high spoilers. Now let’s start

Top 10 Strongest Characters in Solo Leveling

10. Architect

The Architect is an Angel with six wings, eight arms, and glowing red eyes. He is the actual creator of the System. In the first phase of the story, he did not reveal himself but when Sung Jin-Woo went back into that dungeon he revealed himself and explained why he gave those powers to Sung Jin-Woo. As an Angel, he has overwhelming strength, inhuman abilities, and ruler’s authority. On top of that, he had many strange skills in his arsenal. He defeated many S-rank hunters easily and his ability to manipulate those strong stone statues was troublesome even for Sung Jin-Woo.

Top 10 Strongest Characters in Solo Leveling

9. Iron Body Monarch

Iron Body Monarch is one of the 9 Monarchs of the series. He has very little screen time in the entire show so his abilities are not known properly. But as a Monarch, he possesses immense strength, durability, and inhuman abilities. On top of that as the name suggests he was the Monarch of Iron Body so his defence was not something to joke about. He defeated National Level Ranker Christopher Reed without a sweat. Later in the series, he fought head-on against Beru, Igris, Bellion, and Thomas Andre.

Top 10 Strongest Characters in Solo Leveling

8. Beast Monarch

Beast Monarch is one of the 9 Monarchs of Solo Leveling. His special ability is to control the Beast’s kin of his own will. Other than that as a Monarch he can control the gates, immense strength, durability, etc. Beast Monarch’s main power lies in his extreme speed and monstrosity. He defeated many S rank and National Level Rankers with ease including Thomas Andre.

Top 10 Strongest Characters in Solo Leveling

7. Monarch of Frost

Between Beast Monarch and Monarch of Frost, it’s tough to say who is stronger but the ability to control and manifest ice is not something one can take lightly so I believe Monarch of Frost is somewhat stronger than Beast Monarch. He was the person who killed Chairman Go Gun-Hee. As a Monarch, he has the same abilities as other Monarchs. On top of that his abilities make him deadlier in one-on-one combat.

Top 10 Strongest Characters in Solo Leveling

6. Sung Il-Hwan

Sung Il-Hwan is the biological father of Sung Jin-Woo. He went missing at a Gate in Korea 10 years ago. He reappeared in an A-rank Gate in the USA. According to the Hunters present there, he was emitting an aura greater than the entire A rank Gate. He even soloed the whole attack force and the dungeon on his own.

Later in the show, it was revealed during the time he was stuck in that gate he met the Ruler’s fraction and became their emissary. He was granted immense power. After his reappearance, he defeated S-rank Hunter Hwang Dongsoo with ease and destroyed the building of the USA Hunters Bureau.

He fought head-on with the Beast Monarch & the Monarch of Frost to save Sung Jin-Woo. His main skills are unknown but we saw him fighting with two draggers just like Sung Jin-Woo. He has immense speed, durability, and inhuman strength. On top of those things his battle instincts are too smooth he dodged every attack of the two Monarchs. His actual rank was not revealed in the show but with his feats alone we can say for sure that he is more powerful than the regular National Level Rank Hunters.

Top 10 Strongest Characters in Solo Leveling

5. Igris

Igris is a Marshal Grade Shadow among the Shadow army there are only two individuals who are stronger than him. His sword skills are second to none other than that he possesses extreme speed, high battle instinct, endurance, and strength. Even the Monarch of Frost recognized him as one of the Two Wings of the Shadow Army, “The Soldier of Death”. His well-polished skills and battle IQ makes him one of the deadliest foe in the entire series.

On top of everything Sung Jin-Woo gave Igris the Demon King’s Longsword. The special attack of this sword is called the Strom of White Flames which manifests a deadly thunderstorm and Igris spams this ultimate move here and there like nothing. According to stats, this sword is the second strongest weapon in Sung Jin-Woo’s arsenal.

Top 10 Strongest Characters in Solo Leveling

4. Beru

Beru is also a Marshal Grade Shadow and the second strongest among the Shadow army. Even before reincarnation, Beru was the strongest and in the Jeju island raid. He single-handedly killed most of the S-grade rankers on that island including Goto Ryuji. Beru leads the whole Shadow army of the ants and these are as strong as S ranks and Beru was on a level of a National Level ranker from the beginning. With time he evolved and became much stronger.

His furious skill, battle instincts, speed, and strength make him one of the deadliest foes in the entire series. Even Sung Jin-Woo mentioned that an injured Beru is like a cornered beast it might be difficult even for Bellion to handle him. Beru’s loyalty and the will to protect Sung Jin-Woo and his friends and family is something unmeasurable that makes him stand out the most among the whole army. There are many incidents where Beru took the lead of the army just to save Sung Jin-Woo his loyalty towards him makes him more deadlier. So whatever you do don’t hurt or insult Sung Jin-Woo in front of Beru.

Top 10 Strongest Characters in Solo Leveling

3. Bellion

Bellion is the strongest individual in the Shadow army. He was the right hand of the previous Shadow Monarch when the original Shadow army joined Sung Jin-Woo Bellion was leading that army. He pledged his loyalty to Sung Jin-Woo and gave that army to him. Bellion’s battle IQ, strength, and soldier formation are second to none he is the proper general of the army. Even Beru was subdued by him. His weapon is a bit unique a heavy sword that can extend in length wining a one-on-one battle against Bellion is near to impossible he has the power to obliterate 2 to 3 Monarchs at once.

Top 10 Strongest Characters in Solo Leveling

2. Antares

Antares is the second strongest character in the entire series he was the first person whom Sung Jin-Woo acknowledged as a difficult opponent. The Monarch of Destruction and The King of Dragons a person who is worthy of taming those beasts and having the title of strongest Monarch is not someone whom one can underestimate. During the previous Shadow Monarch, Antares was hailed as the strongest of all the Monarchs.

His strength, durability, and transformation make him one of the toughest and strongest characters in the entire series. Most of Sung Jin-Woo’s attacks did not even work on him. His dragon army, dragon breath, and scream of terror are enough to solo even the all-mighty Shadow Army. Even Sung Jin-Woo needed a whole lot of time and preparation to deal with him after many battles finally Sung Jin-Woo managed to defeat him and Antares acknowledged Sung Jin-Woo as the strongest Shadow Monarch.

Top 10 Strongest Characters in Solo Leveling

1. Sung Jin-Woo

Sung Jin-Woo the Main Character of the show is also the strongest Hunter of the show. In the beginning, he was just an E rank, Hunter. But in a D-rank dungeon, his life changed completely. He was granted a special power and he was re-awakened as a Hunter. He got the power to level up and become stronger.

Later he got a new skill Necromancer. With that skill, he could bring anyone back from death and make him/her submit to him. His undead army was known as Shadow Army. Late as the story progresses we find out many facts about his power. He was named one of the 9 Monarchs, the Shadow Monarch.

His main skill was his Shadow Army they can regenerate as many times as they want until the mana of Sung Jin-Woo runs out. Other than that he has Ruler’s authority, high endurance, speed & inhuman strength. He was able to do Spiritual Body Manifestation in the last battles.

It’s amusing enough that he was never promoted to a National Level Rank Hunter. Even at the end of the show was still an S-rank Hunter. It was revealed in the later chapters that his powers are peerless. He can Solo any army of monsters or Hunters with ease. Thus the show is called Solo Leveling.


There are many powerful characters in Solo Leveling, but only a few can be considered the strongest. These 10 characters have proven themselves in battle and have earned their place on this list. Sung Jin-Woo may be the strongest, but each of these characters possesses incredible strength and skill that makes them formidable opponents.

I was really sad about the news of Jang-Sung Rak, the illustrator for Solo Leveling unfortunately passed away on July 23, 2022. The series ended but they have returned with a side story. They mentioned it as a tribute to Jang-Sung Rak. I am also very excited about the anime release this year.

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