Top 10 Strongest Characters in Mashle: Magic and Muscle (2023)

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Today I am going to enlist the Top 10 Strongest Characters in Mashle: Magic and Muscle (2023). Mashle is a fantasy genre anime written and illustrated by Hajime Komoto. This story takes place in a world where magic is everything and people’s social status and everyday lives depend upon magic. In this first season, we have witnessed many powerful mages I will enlist 10 Most Powerful Characters in Mashle among them.

People in this world are distinguished by the line on their faces the more the lines higher the magical power. Most commoners are single-liners while most of the nobles and royalties have double or more lines. Whereas in this magic-based world, our main protagonist Mash Burnedead is a boy who can’t use magic and doesn’t possess any line on his face that’s why his step-father Regro Burnedead who has also been cast aside in society due to his weak magic power adopted Mash and started living away from the society.

Now Mash Burnedead has to become the “Divine Visionary” to continue his peaceful life.

So let’s start our list of Top 10 Strongest Characters in Mashle: Magic and Muscle (2023)……

10. Olore Andrew

Olore Andrew

He is a student of Easton Magic Academy belongs to Lang dorm and is the sixth fang of “Magia Lupus” Being a Double-liner and possessing a large amount of magic power his magic helps him to turn himself into a shark and take his enemies to a closed space filled with water and traps his target while he hunts them there.

9. Love Cute

Love Cute Mashle : Magic and Muscle

Cute Love is from the Lang dorm at Easton Magic Academy and can create tornadoes as a double-liner she possesses a high amount of magic power with her tornadoes she can easily block a single-liner attack and can entrap them in tornadoes and is a spoiled girl and has an extreme personality as she says she will kill anyone who does not say that she is cute or they love her. She belongs to a Nobel family and is the fifth fang of “Magia Lupus”.

8. Dot Barrett

Dot Barrett

Dot is a first-year student at Easton Magic Academy in the Adler dorm and uses a fire explosive type of magic and can be considered a two-liner because he is “Ira Kreuz” which allows him to release the high magic power. He thinks of himself as the main character and envies other good-looking people who are calm, good and more stylish looking than him. Without a doubt, he is one of the 10 Most Powerful Mashle: Magic and Muscle Characters.

7. Milo Genius

Milo Genius

Milo is a double-liner and possesses a large amount of magic power he is the only first-year in Magia Lupus. He can use his magic to control and manipulate stones to fight. He is considered a prodigy among Magia Lupus as he was able to become the fourth fang.

6. Lance Crown

Lance Crown Mashle : Magic and Muscle

Lance Crown is a first-year student at Easton Magic Academy who belongs to an ordinary family and still is a double-liner due to this he possesses a high amount of magic power to be able to perform “Seconth”. He is sis-con not to be mistaken as loli-con. He promises to become a “Divine Visionary” so that he can save his sister from the “Bureau of Magic”. He uses gravity magic and is a double-liner and is from the “Adler dorm”.

5. Abyss Razor

Abyss Razor

Abyss a student of Easton Magic Academy is in the ”Lang dorm” he is a double-liner and possesses a great amount of magic power to be able to perform “Seconth”. He also has an evil eye which prevents others from using magic temporarily due to this eye he was cast aside from society and even his parents locked him up in the basement and even they tried to kill him. He is loyal towards Abel even if he uses him as his tool. His magic helps him to accelerate his speed in any direction or to manipulate the speed of any object. He also has great swordsmanship. 

4. Abel Walker

Abel Walker Mashle : Magic and Muscle

Abel is in “Lang dorm” and was a double-liner in his childhood but now possesses three lines. He uses puppet magic to control other students or dolls and can perform “Seconth”. He always holds a doll which he says that his mother and is the leader of a group of Magia Lupus that follows his vision which is to eradicate every commoner or anyone who does not have high magic powers. He can use his magic to turn anyone into a doll and control them. He was born into a noble family

3. War Cell

War Cell

He is a double-liner and is a member of the organisation “Innocent Zero” which is considered the most evil and criminal organisation they have made a deal with Abel Walker and told him to find a certain someone who is assumed to be Mash. His magic is to control and manipulate carbon. So he is one of the Top 10 Mashle: Magic and Muscle Strongest Characters.

2. Rayne Ames

Rayne Ames

He is a third-year student from the Adler dorm of Easton Magic Academy a double-liner and is the older brother of “Finn Ames” He has earned the title of Divine Visionary. He has a cold personality and uses magic to summon swords of any amount. 

1. Mash Burnedead

Mash Burnedead Mashle : Magic and Muscle

Mash our main protagonist who cannot use a bit of magic and has no lines on his face is a bit of a slow and straightforward person and is likely to do something first and then think about its consequences.

Even if he cannot use magic he possesses superhuman fantasy-like strength as even without using magic he was able to fly with his magic broom and dispel any kind of powerful spell using his fists only. He is a caring and sweet-hearted boy and is willing to save anyone even enemies.

He is a student at Easton Magic Academy and belongs to the Adler dorm he has to become a “Divine Visionary” so that he can live peacefully as the “Bureau of Magic” will not allow the existence of such a disgustful creature who cannot use magic.

Your Questions on Mashle: Magic and Muscle

Is Mash the strongest character?

Mash is indeed the strongest when it comes to physical strength, he possesses superhuman strength and was able to defeat mostly whomever he fought. So, in terms of strength, he is indeed the strongest character; but he lacks critical thinking and is not that intelligent.

When is the second season coming?

The second season will be released in January 2024. This arc will cover the “Divine Visionary” selection arc.

How does Abel Walker become a triple-liner from a double-liner?

Spoiler warning: Abel’s triple-line is an artificial line given by the “Innocent Zero” for the deal of giving them the intel on “Wahlberg Baigan” and to find a certain someone.

Where does the first season end?

If you want to read the manga after completing the first season of the anime you should start with chapter 39 as season one of the anime covers chapters 1 to 38.

What is Ira Kreuz?

Ira Kreuz is a warding cross that appears when the user’s emotions are spiked and on its activation, the user gains immense magical power. So, people with Ira Kreuz can be considered as Double-liners for a short period.

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It is clear that in terms of physical strength, Mash Burnedead is the strongest with this super human-fantasy-like strength he can fight against magic but his only shortcoming is his intelligence and critical thinking he even gets confused if he has to pull or push a door to open it and ends up breaking it. Well in cases of magic, those who possess double-line are stronger than those who have single-line and this list is created based on the first season anime and how much the characters are shown and fought against.

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