Top 10 Strongest Forms of Ichigo Kurosaki

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Today I’m going to enlist the 10 Strongest Forms of Ichigo Kurosaki. Ichigo Kurosaki, the main protagonist of the Bleach series had many ups & downs throughout his journey and every time he came up with a new and more powerful form to overcome the problem. As we all know, even among the Big 3, Bleach is especially renowned for its transformations & powerups.

So it’s evident that the protagonist also has some broken & unimaginable power-ups throughout the series. In today’s list, I am going to enlist the most powerful forms of Ichigo. Please note that I will only enlist the canon forms & the forms will be enlisted in terms of speed, battle prowess, etc.

So let’s start our list of Top 10 Strongest Forms of Ichigo Kurosaki…….

10. Bankai Ichigo

Bankai Ichigo

At the 10th place on our list, we have Bankai Ichigo or Base Ichigo. It’s not a canon name or you guys may get confused about what I meant by Bankai Ichigo. So basically I talked about the first Ichigo who unlocked Bankai against Byakuya in this section.

Even though in terms of speed, strength & other terms it may look weaker than other forms but it has that legendary og feeling and we were hyped up to see Ichigo saying Bankai for the first time. We are emotionally attached to this form & Ichigo also got a huge power-up after unlocking his Bankai. He overpowered Byakuya in an instant. He continued to use this form for a long time before he learned to use Hollow Mask properly.

9. Hollowfied Ichigo

Hollowfied Ichigo

Hollowfied Ichigo is the berserk mode of Ichigo. During his battle against Byakuya, he used it for the first time. In this form, Ichigo gets a huge speed, and strength power up & on top of that White Ichigo takes complete control over Ichigo’s body. White Ichigo’s battle prowess & battle IQ is on a different level. He overpowered Byakuya without a sweat.

Ichigo never liked the fact that he has to rely on an unknown force to overcome his problem & more importantly Ichigo has a kind side. But Hollowfied Ichigo’s brutality has no bounds so Ichigo always snaps out of this form.

One can say that this form was like an auto-battle mode. But on the other hand, it’s also true that every time Ichigo faced a life-threatening situation this form helped him to get out of it. Ichigo was afraid that he would lose his mind if this continues so he finally decided to learn hollow powers from Sinji. Without a doubt, it’s one of the Top 10 Ichigo Strongest Forms.

8. Hollow Mask

Hollow Mask Ichigo

As I mentioned earlier that throughout the series Ichigo has faced many ups & downs. One of them was when he faced a complete one-sided defeat against the Espada. Ichigo was terrified that he would not be able to save his friends & family this way. So he finally acknowledged his Hollow powers and went to Sinji to learn how to control them.

Ichigo’s Hollow Mask form was similar to boost-ups during battles. Upon unleashing his Hollow Mask Ichigo would get a huge power up in speed, power, reflex & on all battle attributes. He easily overpowered Grimmjow with this form. The only flaw of this form was it was hard to maintain for a long time & the backlash after the end of it.

7. Full Bringer

Full Bringer Ichigo

Till Hollow Mask all of Ichigo’s forms were ranked in the exact way he had obtained them. But it’s not the same in the case of Full Bringer. One can say that Full Bringer was a letdown in Ichigo’s career. After the battle against Aizen, Ichigo lost all of his Spiritual Power . He even lost the power to see Shinigami & Spirits.

It was the biggest letdown in his whole career. It was the price he had to pay to defeat Aizen. Afterwards, Kugo Ginjo the main antagonist of the “Lost Substitute Shinigami” arc taught Ichigo about the powers of Full Bringer. Though it was not that powerful but still it was better than nothing. Ichigo got back some of his previous Spiritual Powers. Ichigo’s long journey & all battle experience came in handy during this form. He relied on those experiences to fight in this form.

6. Vasto Lorde

Vasto Lorde Ichigo

Vasto Lorde is one of the most brutal & fearsome forms of Ichigo. During his fight against Ulquiorra, Ichigo almost died. But Ichigo always had a high sense of responsibility towards his duties & friends when he sensed that Inoue & Ishida’s life is in danger he lost his rationality & thoughts and turned into a beast.

After the Vasto Lorde transformation, Ichigo obtained a huge power-up regarding strength, speed, and reflexes. As he turned into a senseless beast his fight in that form was completely based on instinct. Ichigo dominated Ulquiorra’s Segunda Etapa. He brutally tore off one of Ulquiorra’s arms & his Cero was on par with Ulquiorra’s.

Unfortunately, Ichigo never used this form again. Because he almost killed Ishida in this form & brutally murdered Ulquiorra too. Even though he was an enemy it was a huge slap to Ichigo’s kind mentality & the most important point was that losing his sense during battle is a big flaw of this form other than that it’s one of the Top 10 Ichigo Strongest Forms.

5. Full Bringer Bankai

Full Bringer Bankai Ichigo

FBB was Ichigo’s first huge power-up after the battle against Aizen. As I mentioned earlier that Full Bringer was nothing compared to his previous forms but still it was better than nothing. But Full Bringer Bankai was a huge power-up.

Upon unleashing the Bankai, Ichigo tore open a Dimension. Kugo was completely helpless against FBB Ichigo. In this form, Ichigo’s Spiritual Powers were higher than average Captain Levels of Soul Society & his battle prowess was on a different level. Together with his previous battle experiences we saw a completely different and matured Ichigo in this form.

4. Dangai

Dangai Ichigo

Ichigo could not beat Aizen even after trying his best. Everybody had lost their hopes of defeating Aizen so Isshin told Ichigo about the Final Getsuga the ultimate technique of the Kurosaki clan. As mentioned in the series the time flaw in Dangai is slower than the outside world so Ichigo trained for 3 months in Dangai to obtain the Final Getsuga.

After he returned from the Dangai Ichigo confronted Aizen. Surprisingly Ichigo’s powerup in this state was so amazing that even Aizen could not understand the power level of Dangai Ichigo. In this form, Ichigo had a calm mindset & overwhelming strength. He stopped Butterfly Aizen’s sword with a finger in this form.

3. Horn of Salvation

Horn of Salvation HOS Ichigo

Ichigo showed this form for a very short period. During the TYBW arc when Yhwach returned to Soul Society Ichigo once again confronted him. Because of his training in Soul Palace Ichigo was way too stronger than before but still, it was nearly impossible to beat Yhwach.

That’s when Ichigo underwent this form called Horn of Salvation. In this form, Ichigo unleashed all of his Quincy, Shinigami, and Hollow powers together. The combined force of all these three was really surprising. But it was not enough to defeat the Quincy King. Still, regarding strength, speed & other attributes HOS Ichigo far surpassed the previous forms.

2. Final Getsuga Tenshou / Mugetsu

Final Getsuga Tenshou Mugetsu Ichigo
Mugetsu – 10 Strongest Ichigo Forms

Among all the Ichigo transformations Mugetsu is my favorite one. When it was first animated the hype it created was unbelievable. It one-shot the Monster Aizen this feat is enough to tell its power & Spiritual Pressure.

According to Aizen’s statement, even he could not understand the true limitations & powers of Mugetsu. I believe that Mugetsu’s powers, speed & every battle attribute far surpasses any other forms of Ichigo. But it has one tremendous flaw. Once you undergo this transformation you will lose all of your Shinigami Powers & Spiritual Powers after a while. So if the enemy manages to outrun Mugetsu (Which is technically impossible) then the enemy will be able to catch Ichigo in a worse state.

When the backlash of Mugetsu hit Ichigo, he was unable to move & he went into a coma for a huge time afterwards. If not for this backlash I would have placed Mugetsu in the rank 1. One another flaw about this form is Ichigo did not gain his Quincy powers back then so this form invokes the Shinigami powers of Ichigo and ignores other powers.

1. True Bankai

True Bankai Ichigo
True Bankai – Ichigo Strongest Form

As of now, True Bankai is the strongest and most reliable form of Ichigo. When Ichigo first fought with Yhwach he was defeated & Jugram broke Ichigo’s Bankai. To regain his Zanpakuto & train more Ichigo went to Soul Palace. There Nimaiya helped Ichigo to unleash the full battle potential of Zangetsu.

Ichigo did not know about his Quincy powers before the battle against Yhwach. Ichigo finally understood that his Hollow, Quincy & Shinigami powers are connected they are not side effects or anything, Ichigo wholeheartedly accepted his whole self for the first time and unleashed the True Zangetsu.

Ichigo obtained two new Zanpakuto. But that was not enough to defeat Yhwach. So he underwent HOS transformation and then he finally unleashed his True Bankai. Combining his two swords he obtained a completely new Bankai. Even Yhwach was scared of it. Yhwach used his The Almighty to destroy the Bankai. This feat alone is enough to describe how powerful Ichigo True Bankai is.

Who is most powerful in Bleach?

Yhwach is undoubtedly the strongest character in Bleach. Ichigo, Aizen & Uryu jointly defeated him after a lot of hardships. This alone is a testimonial to his strength.

What is Ichigo in his strongest form?

As of now, Ichigo’s strongest form is True Bankai transformation. In this form he accepts all of his powers of Quincy, Hollow, Shinigami, Full Bringer and gets enhanced speed, power and etc.

Article Summary


As I mentioned earlier that I have only enlisted the canon forms of Ichigo. So there are still many forms that Ichigo has used in non-canon movies. For example, Ichigo used Vasto Lorde again in Bleach: Hell Verse movie. So there may be some forms that may seem stronger than the listed ones. Then there’s also the Adult Ichigo who has not shown his powers yet so the list may go under heavy changes shortly. But as of now, these 10 canon forms are the strongest in every aspect.

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