One Piece: 10 Strongest Members of Big Mom Pirates

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Today we are going to share the Top 10 Strongest Pirates of Big Mom Pirates. As we all know that One Piece is not just an anime it’s a global phenomenon. Being one of the Big 3 it has immense popularity among the fans. The story is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda and animated by Toei Animation.

Big Mom pirates are one of the strongest pirate crews in the series led by Charlotte Linlin. As a Yonko (Emperor of the Sea) she has a huge and insanely strong crew. So let’s take a look at the main powerhouses of this crew.

10. Charlotte Galette

Charlotte Galette Big Mom Pirates

Devil Fruit – Bata Bata no Mi (Paramecia)

Charlotte Galette is the 18th daughter and 42nd child of Big Mom. She is an officer-rank pirate in the Big Mom Pirates. Other than that she also holds the position of Minister of Butter.

Her fruit abilities help her to create and control butter at her own will. She can immobilize any enemy with her sticky butter rings. As shown in the Whole Cake Island arc, the sticky butter ring is not easy to break. Other than that she has a high battle iq. As shown in the battle of Whole Cake she quickly immobilized Nami to take control over the Vivre card and stop Nami from her thunder attacks. Her quick decision saved the Big Mom pirates. 

9. Charlotte Mont-d’Or

Charlotte Mont-d'Or Big Mom Pirates

Devil Fruit – Buku Buku no Mi (Paramecia)

Charlotte Mont-d’Or is the 19th son and 30th child of Big Mom and the Minister of Cheese. He is the main strategist and an officer-rank pirate in the Big Mom Pirates. His cunning battle sense and fruit abilities make him one of the best strategists in the entire series. He gave a hard time to the Straw Hats pirate in the Whole Cake Island arc.

His Devil Fruit grants him the ability to manifest books and control them. Upon contact the books can trap any enemy inside them. While trapped inside the book the enemies see hallucination. Other than that he can trap any enemy for eternity inside his book called Prison Book. As shown in the series Prison Books can’t be opened from the inside but they can easily be burnt in the fire.

8. Charlotte Snack

Charlotte Snack Big Mom Pirates

Devil Fruit – Unknown

Charlotte Snack is the 25th son and 44th child of Big Mom and the Minister of Fries. He is a former Sweet General and an officer rank pirate in the Big Mom Pirates. He does not have that much appearance so his battle prowess and abilities are yet unknown. He was defeated by the Worst Generation captain Urouge. Thus he got demoted from his rank. But it can be said that he has enough power and battle prowess to become a Sweet General. Without a doubt, he ranks among the 10 Most Powerful Big Mom Pirates.

7. Charlotte Daifuku

Charlotte Daifuku Big Mom Pirates

Devil Fruit – Hoya Hoya no Mi (Paramecia)

Charlotte Daifuku is the third son and fourth child of Big Mom and the Minister of Beans. He is an officer-rank pirate of the Big Mom Crew. As shown in the series Charlotte Daifuku can use Busoshoku and Kenbunshoku Haki.

His Devil Fruit ability helps him to summon a Geenie. He can control the Geenie within a particular range. Within that range, he can perform both aerial and ground attacks. His Geenie has a huge halberd. It can coat its halberd with Busoshoku haki. The Geenie is created by smoke so it’s technically undestroyable you have to attack the summoner to defeat it. The only weakness of the fruit is that the summoner can’t use his hand while the Geenie is outside.

6. Charlotte Oven

Charlotte Oven Big Mom Pirates

Devil Fruit – Netsu Netsu no Mi (Paramecia)

Charlotte Oven is the fourth son and fifth child of Big Mom and the Minister of Browned Food. He is an officer-rank pirate in the Big Mom Pirates. As shown in the series, Oven can use both Busoshoku and Kenbunshoku Haki. Other than that he also uses a huge nagitana. He can coat his naginata. Oven can coat his naginata with both haki and devil fruit.

Oven’s fruit grants him the ability to heat any of his body parts which allows him to burn whatever he touches. Because of his ability, it’s extremely tough to approach him. Oven can also heat a huge ocean with his fruit. Oven relies on his fruit more than Haki so he can easily be defeated by master haki users.

5. Charlotte Perospero

Charlotte Perospero Big Mom Pirates

Devil Fruit – Pero Pero no Mi (Paramecia)

Charlotte Perospero is the eldest child of Big Mom. He is the Minister of Candy and an officer rank pirate of Big Mom Pirates. Perospero has a high battle iq and both Busoshoku and Kenbunshoku Haki. As shown in the series Perospero can use various weapons such as axe, bow, and stick. He creates his weapons with Candy.

With his devil fruit ability, he can create anything duplicated by candy. His sticky yet strong candy can make any enemy immobilize. He wears an armor of candy that protects him from outside damage. The armor is strong enough to withstand bombs when Pedro sacrificed his life Perospero survived because of the candy armor. According to Luffy Perospero’s candy is so strong that Luffy can’t break it without haki.

4. Charlotte Cracker

Charlotte Cracker Big Mom Pirates

Devil Fruit – Bisu Bisu no Mi (Paramecia)

Charlotte Cracker is the 10th son and 15th child of Big Mom. He is the Minister of Biscuits and one of the 3 Sweet Generals. The Sweet Generals hold the highest authority over the Big Mom pirates after Big Mom. Getting an important position is enough testimony of his strength. As shown in the series Cracker is an expert user of Busoshoku and Kenbunshoku Haki. But his actual strength lies in his devil fruit abilities.

His fruit grants him the ability to create any kind of biscuit out of thin air and he can shape them at his own will. He always stays inside a hard armored biscuit because of that nobody knows his actual face. In the fight against Luffy, he showed that he can create even 1000 of those armored biscuits at once.

Defeating Cracker is not easy because of his ability he always stays behind the biscuit army. Without Nami’s help, even Gear 4 Luffy was not able to harm Cracker. His main body is weak but you have to wipe the biscuit army first to reach his main body.

3. Charlotte Smoothie

Charlotte Smoothie Big Mom Pirates

Devil Fruit – Shibo Shibo no Mi (Paramecia)

Smoothie is the 14th daughter and 35th child of Big Mom. She is the Minister of Juice and one of the Sweet Generals. Smoothie is described as a complete monster by Vito. She is a hybrid from Long-Legged Tribe. So her physical abilities are insane and she is an expert user of Busoshoku and Kenbunshoku haki.

Smoothie’s fruit abilities can extract juice from any living or non-living thing. In the series, it’s shown that she can extract juice by twisting the target or by cutting the target with her weapon. Smoothie can grow larger by extracting the juice and releasing the extra power from her sword. Her sword also grows big with the fruit ability.

Smoothie is not only a good fighter, her strategic skills are also worthy of praise. She cornered the Thousand Sunny in the whole chaos against Germa 66. Her leadership skills are quite good.

2. Charlotte Katakuri

Katakuri Big Mom Pirates

Devil Fruit – Mochi Mochi no Mi (Paramecia)

Katakuri is one of the strongest 1st Commanders in the entire show. He is the 2nd son and 3rd eldest child of Big Mom. After Big Mom, he holds the highest authority over the Big Mom pirates. He is the Minister of Flour and one of the Sweet Generals. He is one of the 10 Big Mom Pirates’ Strongest Members.

Katakuri is an absolute beast be it in Devil Fruit abilities or Haki. He can use all 3 of the Haki on a whole different level than others. He has trained his Kenbunshoku Haki to the point where he can see ahead in the future. Because of his future sight, it’s nearly impossible to hit him.

What’s more surprising is his fruit abilities. Even though it’s a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit, Katakuri can turn his body or surroundings into Mochi (Flour) at his own will. Luffy was surprised to see that he can’t hit Katakuri even with Busoshoku. Later Luffy understood that just before getting hit Katakuri turns that particular part of his body in mochi and spread it not to get hit.

Katakuri copied all of Luffy’s moves and performed them in a better way than Luffy’s. He was trying to send Luffy into complete despair. But later Katakuri acknowledged Luffy. Charlotte Flampe did a sneak attack on Luffy in the middle of Katakuri and Luffy’s fight. In utmost disgrace, Katakuri stabbed himself to apologise to Luffy.

Katakuri vs Luffy in the Whole Cake Island arc is the biggest fight in One Piece till now. After a long fight Luffy finally unlocked his Gear 4 Snake Man to defeat Katakuri even after that it defeating Katakuri was nearly impossible.

1. Big Mom

Big Mom

Devil Fruit – Soru Soru no Mi (Paramecia)

Charlotte Linlin aka Big Mom is the captain of Big Mom pirates and one of the former Sea Emperors of the New World. She was once a member of Rocks Pirate. She fought alongside Kaido, and White Beard against Roger and Garp. These statements are enough testimonials of her strength. She is also one of the 10 strongest characters in One Piece.

From a very early age, Big Mom has a peculiar body that is somewhat similar to the Giants. But she was even more powerful than most of the Giants of Elbaf. Her body is extremely tough and almost impossible to penetrate only when she gets enraged or unconscious one can harm her. Big Mom is an expert user of all 3 versions of the Haki. She can also use the advanced versions of the 3 Hakis. In a clash of Haoshoku Haki between Her and Kaido heaven was split apart.

Her Devil Fruit grants her the ability to turn any non-living object into a living being these things are called Homies. These homies are loyal to Big Mom they can’t go against her will. Among the Homies specifically, 3 Homies are made from Big Mom’s soul they are on totally different than the other Homies. These 3 are Zeus, Prometheus, and Napoleon.

Zeus is a cloud that Big Mom uses to travel and it can turn into a thunder cloud during battles, Prometheus is a Sun that can emit fire during battles, and Napoleon is Big Mom’s pirate hat during battle it can turn into a sword and can extend on its own will. Big Mom can use the skills of Giants too. With Napoleon, she can release thrusts that are capable of spilling a mountain.

Your Questions on Big Mom Pirates

Who is the strongest Big Mom pirate?

Charlotte Linlin aka Big Mom is the captain of Big Mom Pirates. She is the strongest member of the crew. The World Government had given her the title of Yonko (Emperor of the Sea) because of her strength.

Who is the co-founder of Big Mom Pirates?

When Linlin aka Big Mom was still a child “Gourmet Knight” Streusen influenced her to start the Big Mom Pirates. So he is the head chef & the co-founder of the crew.

Who are the top 3 commanders in Big Mom?

The top 3 powerhouses of Big Mom pirates are known as Sweat Generals. Their authority and power in the crew is just after Big Mom herself. During the Whole Cake Island arc Katakuri, Cracker and Smoothie were the 3 Sweat Generals.


With this, our list has come to an end. Many other characters have not been properly introduced or have not used their powers. So there may be some characters who are stronger than this 10 in the Big Mom Pirates. But the Top 4 are unchangeable they proved their abilities in the story. They are not someone to be underestimated. Big Mom’s crew is capable of defeating most of the pirate crews of One Piece because they have both the numbers and powers.

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