Taijutsu Eight Gates| 8 Gates of Taijutsu

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Today I am going to discuss Taijutsu Eight Gates. There are 8 gates in the Taijutsu anime series.

The “Eight Gates” is a concept derived from the manga and anime series Naruto. In this anime realm where ninjas reign, a style of combat emphasizing physical powers and dexterity is what they call Taijutsu. Through intense focus and at the cost of damaging their own body, shinobi utilizing the Eight Inner Gates technique can temporarily maximize their physical powers far beyond human limits.

Here are the “Eight Gates” discussed below:

1. Gate of Opening(Meditation): 

The first gate is mainly situated inside the brain. While this gate is opened, it removes all the restraints on the brain and helps the user to focus and concentrate more efficiently.

2. Gate of Healing(Rest): 

It is also located inside the brain and in the upper body. It increases the rate of the body’s healing process and also helps in stamina replenishment.

3. Gate of Life(Life): 

This gate is mainly present in the waist and helps in boosting the endurance, strength, and speed of the user.

4. Gate of Pain(Wound): 

This gate is located below the stomach. This is opened also to increase the speed and power but deals severe pain to the body of the user.

5. Gate of Limit(View): 

This gate is situated inside the chest. It is used to enhance the speed, strength, and agility of the user.

6. Gate of Joy(Wonder): 

This gate is present in the stomach. On opening this gate, the user is able to get greater power, strength, and speed, but it inflicts higher damage to the body.

7. Gate of Shock(Despair): 

This gate is situated near the heart. When the gate is opened there is a significant increase in all the physical attributes of the user, but intensifies more pain in the user’s body.

8. Gate of Death(Release):

This is the final gate which is located in the brain. When this gate is opened, it releases all the restraints of the user’s body thus granting them tremendous power at the cost of their lives. It also pushes the user beyond the limits of an average human.

Here are the mains users of “Eight Gates of Taijutsu”:-

1. Might Duy

2. Might Guy

3. Rock Lee

4. Metal Lee

5. Kakashi Hatake

6. Shinnō

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