Top 5 Peak Arcs In One Piece

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Today I’ve shared top 5 peak arcs in one piece. Let’s find the answers and the ranking of the top 5 peak arcs in One Piece in the below comparison.

As we all know, One Piece is one of the most admired, loved & elongated shounen ever. There are many arcs in One Piece that have made this anime fabulous so far. So, which arc is the best until now?

Top 5 Peak Arcs In One Piece

5. Dressrosa Arc

In number five we ranked Dressrosa Arc. Though it’s slow pacing and long screen time in anime made many One Piece fans dislike it a little, but still this arc is one of the goated ones in the entire series. In this arc, we saw how straw hat pirates traveled hard so far to reach Dressrosa and how their journey continued as their battle started against Doflamingo, the most badass villain in One Piece. We have also seen Luffy’s Gear 4 transformation in this arc and how he defeated Doflamingo with the help of Trafalgar Law, captain of the Heart Pirates. 

The fights are also insane in this arc. As a result, we can say it is a pretty decent and wholesome arc that made us rank it in fifth place of our tier.

Top 5 Peak Arcs In One Piece

4. Whole Cake Island Arc

Next, we have the Whole Cake Island Arc. It is one of the best and most important arcs in one piece as we witnessed Sanji’s character improvement in this arc.

Here we saw how Sanji was captured and plotted into a political marriage which led Luffy to fight against Big Mom, an incredibly dangerous and powerful pirate. The fights in this arc are also impressive and fascinating. At the end of this arc, Luffy and his crew finally managed to escape from big mom’s domain making them realize how terrifying a yonko can be.

Top 5 Peak Arcs In One Piece
Enies Lobby Arc ~ Arc in One Piece

3. Enies Lobby Arc

Enies Lobby arc is an arc where we can say that the straw hats became men from boys which means it’s an arc where we saw the most potent growth of Luffy and his crew. Here Luffy and his team set on a journey to rescue one of his fellow crewmates Nico Robin from the clutches of the world government.

 It’s a perfect example of politics where a highly authorized person uses their powers to discriminate against innocent citizens for their own benefit.

In the end, Luffy saved Nico Robin and continued their journey for the one piece, he also recruited a new member named Franky at the end of Enies Lobby.

This arc is the most impactful and momentous story arc in One Piece anime.

Top 5 Peak Arcs In One Piece

2. Marineford War Arc

In the second spot, we have Marineford War Arc. It is the most hyped arc in one piece till now. Here we saw perfect war scenes of Pirates vs Marines. The arc started with an incident where the government captured Ace( Luffy’s Brother and Roger’s son) to execute him. But Luffy alone tried to save him from the clutches of the government but ultimately failed in the end. As Ace was the 2nd commander of Whitebeard Pirates, Whitebeard came to Marineford to save his crewmate. 

As a result, an incredible war took place in Marineford between Whitebeard pirates and the world government. But in the end, whitebeard died as his former teammate Blackbeard betrayed him and killed him in the war. After trying a lot luffy also failed to save Ace, and Ace died in front of his beloved brother. At last, Shanks appeared and put n end to this war. Thus this arc came to an end.

Top 5 Peak Arcs In One Piece

1. Wano Arc

In our top place, we have the Wano arc. It is still ongoing in anime but in manga, it is finished. Wano is the most peak arc of one piece till today. It is an arc where Luffy and his crew are set on a journey to save the Wano kingdom from Kaido(A yonko of the sea) and Orochi.  Here luffy reunited with Zoro and others after successfully retrieving Sanji. Then Luffy made an alliance with Akazaya Nine (Oden’s former crew in Wano) and fought several times against Kaido, the strongest creature in one piece.

As the story continued the hype and craze for this arc went more and more. We have already seen some tremendous fights of Zoro, Sanji, Law, Kid, and many others. It is an arc where the era of the old generation ended and the new era of the worst generation started to bloom.

Another reason why this arc is at its peak now is that the fans finally saw their favorite long-time awaited fights forms of exoskeleton Sanji, King of Hell Zoro, and Gear 5 Luffy (which is still not animated yet). 

At the end of the arc, Luffy finally defeated Kaido and made Wano one of his domains by becoming a new emperor or the fifth emperor of the sea.


So, this is the list of the top five peak arcs in one piece. I tried my fullest to make this tier list of 5 arcs in One Piece which will be pretty informative for your knowledge. Though it may vary a little as the series continues. Hope you enjoyed it and stay tuned for more amazing content.


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