Top 10 Strongest Members of Tokyo Manji Gang (2023)

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The series follows the journey of the “crybaby hero” Takemichi Hanagaki as he travels back in the past in an attempt to change the future so that he can prevent the death of his ex-girlfriend at the hands of Toman.

In today’s article, we will discuss the Top 10 Strongest Characters of the Tokyo Manji Gang. 

Disclaimer: The list is based on manga so it contains spoilers.

10. Sanzu

Position: Fifth Division Captain

Sanzu Haruchiyo Tokyo Manji Gang

Sanzu Haruchiyo is a childhood friend of Mikey and Baji. Sanzu is shown to have endless loyalty towards Mikey even though Mikey is the one who scarred his face. He is the elder brother of Senju and the younger brother of Takeomi Akashi. 

Sanzu wields a katana in a fight, thereby raising the stakes of him winning against an opponent who’s fighting barehanded. Sanzu can also fight both the Haitani Brothers who are considered to be an extremely powerful combination. 

9. Kazutora 

Position: First Division Vice-Captain

Kazutora Hanemiya Tokyo Manji Gang

Kazutora Hanemiya is among the founding members of the Tokyo Manji Gang & one of the most powerful members of the Tokyo Manji gang. He was sentenced to two years in a juvenile detention centre for the accidental murder of Shinichiro Sano, Mikey’s elder brother. 

After he was released, Kazutora joined Valhalla as its Number 3 and the leader of the Anti-Toman force. Kazutora is depicted as an unstable, sadistic, and violent individual. In a fight, Kazutora proves himself as a competent rival due to his unrestrained behaviour. He is also capable of defeating a delinquent with just two punches.

8. Hakkai

Position: Second Division Vice-Captain

Hakkai Shiba Tokyo Manji Gang

Hakkai Shiba is the younger brother of Taiju and Yuzuha Shiba. He is tall for a teenager. But he has a timid and friendly personality. Hakkai is shown to be very caring and compassionate towards his sister and friends, unlike his bloodlusty elder brother.

He can take down an average delinquent with just one punch and is a capable fighter albeit weaker in comparison to his brother. He is strong enough to punch Taiju square in the face. In the Toman vs Kanto Manji Gang fight, Hakkai was shown to easily defeat the Haitani Brothers after separating them. 

7. Angry

Position: Sixth Division Vice-Captain

Angry Tokyo Manji Gang

Kawata Sōya or Angry is the younger twin brother of Nahoya Kawata or Smiley. Angry has a short stature with curly blue hair. His expression is set in a constant snarl, therefore his nickname “Angry.” Contrary to his appearance, Angry has a kind and caring personality. His brother even states that Angry is too nice to beat anyone up.

Normally, Angry is considered to be an above-average fighter among the members of Toman, though weaker than his brother. But once his friends get hurt due to something unfair, he becomes “The Crying Blue Ogre.” which, according to Smiley, makes him “100 times stronger” than his usual self. Once in this state, Angry defeated the Haitani Brothers, Mochizuki, and Muto with relative ease. Hence making him one of the strongest members of the Tokoy Manji Gang.

6. Hanma Shuji

Position: Sixth Division Captain 

Hanma Shuji Tokyo Manji Gang

Hanma is a Staff Officer of Tokyo Manji Gang. He was Kisaki’s right-hand man and confidant, whom he followed into joining various gangs such as Toman, Valhalla, Moebius, and Tenjiku. Hanma was once Toman’s Sixth Division Captain. 

Nicknamed zombie, Hanma is infamous for his endurance on the battlefield. His trademarks are the tattoos “Sin” and “Punishment” on his left and right hands, respectively. He is also capable of blocking Mikey’s signature kick and can come out unaffected by the hit. 

5. Baji Keisuke

Position: First Division Captain

Baji Keisuke Tokyo Manji Gang

Baji is a childhood friend of Mikey and among the founding members of Toman. He is a former member of Toman and a recent member of Valhalla. He possesses immense aggressive physical strength and is known for his unpredictable nature. In his childhood, he once set a car on fire because he was hungry.

It has been shown that baji can take down entire crowds of delinquents single-handedly without any aid. Apart from his fighting abilities, Baji is also very loyal to the ones he loves. He was ready to be branded as a traitor while joining Valhalla just to preserve Toman. 

4. Taiju Shiba

Position: Seventh Division Captain

Taiju Shiba Tokyo Manji Gang
Taiju Shiba One of the Strongest Tokyo Manji Gang Members

Hakkai and Yuzuha’s older brother Taiju was the former leader of the 10th Gen Black Dragons. With a staggering height of 6’5″, Taiju dwarfs most delinquents. His powerful stature accompanied by his cruel nature makes him a formidable foe. 

Taiju isn’t afraid of engaging in violent ways, especially with his siblings. Unlike other gang leaders, there’s no line he refuses to cross. He fights to kill and show his dominance. Even as a brutal and sadistic person, Taiju is shown to be a devoted Christian who prays at church every Christmas. 

3. Draken

Position: Vice-president 

Draken Tokyo Manji Gang

Ryuguji Ken aka Draken, is one of the six founding members and the vice president of the Tokyo Manji Gang. He is a close friend of Mikey’s or rather Mikey’s heart as takemichi would describe it. Apart from his aggressive side in Gang fights, Draken respects others and has a strong moral compass. He is also very loyal to his friends. 

He is one of the tallest in Toman and strongest right next to Mikey. He is respected by fellow Toman members, alongside Mikey. Even in the most dangerous battle, faced with multiple odds against him, Draken manages to come out victorious. He even motivates the others to win. Thus he is one of the strongest Tokyo Manji gang members.

2. Senju

Position: Fifth Division Vice-Captain

Senju Tokyo Manji Gang

Senju is the only female character in the series who has elite strength and endurance. She was one of the Three Deities of Kanto and the president of the delinquent group Brahman. After it disbanded, she joined the second-gen Tokyo Manji Gang.

Her fighting prowess is on par with Mikey’s. She has the same kicking style as Mikey and can even take on South Terano in hand-to-hand combat. Her fierce mobility combined with her skillful techniques makes her a worthy opponent in a fight.

1. Mikey 

Position: Founding member and Leader

Mikey Tokyo Manji Gang
Mikey Strongest Tokyo Manji Gang Member

As the leader of Toman, Manjiro Sano also known as Mikey, is the strongest member of the gang. He is also the strongest character at the end of Tokyo Revengers. He is the one who came up with the idea to form the Tokyo Manji Gang with his friends when they were kids. His dream is to create an era of delinquents similar to that in his elder brother’s time. 

He is the pillar of Toman. Despite his short stature, Mikey is a wildcard among other delinquents. He is infamously known as the Invincible Mikey among other gangs due to his ability to incapacitate other delinquents with a single kick. 

Your Questions on Tokyo Revengers

Who is the strongest Tokyo Manji Gang member?

Manjiro Sano aka the Invincible Mikey is the strongest member & also the leader of the Tokyo Manji Gang. Till the end of the series, he remained undefeated.

Is Takemichi stronger than Mikey?

Mikey is by far the strongest character in the series. In the last arc of the series, Takemichi unlocked a new ability to see a little ahead in future. With that new ability, he managed to dodge some of Mikey’s attacks & landed a hit on Mikey. But even after that Takemichi stated that it’s almost impossible to evade Mikey’s attacks.

Who is the strongest girl in Tokyo Revengers?

Senju is the strongest female character in the Tokyo Revengers series. She was the leader of Brahman. Her main strength was her reflexes & high battle instinct.


Tokyo Revengers is a story with a unique plot line involving multiple delinquent gangs that ruled Tokyo in the early 2000s. Among them, the most prominent group was the Tokyo Manji Gang. 

As a delinquent gang, TOMAN has a lot of influential members but only a selected few among them can truly be considered to be the strongest. The above 10 characters have proven their strength in battles throughout the series to earn a spot on the list. 

It is a given that Mikey might be the strongest since he is the leader who remains undefeated but the others are unique in their ways, their strengths remain unmatched in the manga so far. With the release of season 2 of the anime this January, Tokyo Revengers has reached a new level of popularity among the anime community.

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