Top 10 Best Characters in Ningen Fushin

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Ningen Fushin no Bokenshatachi ga Sekai o Sukuu Yo Desu’, or in English, Apparently Disillusioned Adventurers Will Save the World is a Japanese light novel written by Shinta Fuji, illustrated by Susumu Koroi and Itsuki Imazaki directed the anime at Geek Toys Seven studio.

Ningen Fushin is an anime of the Fantasy genre which portrays the story of four adventurers who all have experienced betrayal at some point in their lives and now have been banding together with the name of Survivors to lead their own free lives and save the world from evil.

In the article, I have listed the characters according to their roles and the strength they possess. So, wait no more and delve into the world of the Top 10 Best Characters in Ningen Fushin.

10. Agate 

Agate  Ningen Fushin

Agate is one of the main characters of the anime, Ningen Fushin. She is neither an adventurer like the Survivors’ members nor does she possess overwhelming strength. Belle Huggins was previously a tavern singer but later was scouted to become an idol, with the alias of Agate, mainly focusing on singing over dancing during her shows.

Agate, being an idol is extremely wise, helpful, and kind to people. She was the only person to help Nick, the captain of the Survivors when he was broken down and depressed by his trusted ones. Agate, through her vocal performance, spreads positivity among people and provides them the power to live on while keeping their pain aside.

9. Nalgarva

Nalgarva Ningen Fushin

Nalgarva is an ex-priest and a great doctor in the field of Yellow Demon Sickness. He became a doctor after losing his only daughter who was affected by Yellow Demon Sickness and began investigating its sources and symptoms.

Nalgarva is quite an antagonist in Ningen Fushin as he takes the title of Olivia, the Stepping Man to kidnap young teenage girls to be the test subject of his experiments regarding Yellow Demon Sickness. He also used a rare artifact, The Illusion King Gem to obscure his identity. Later, while encountering the Survivors, Nagarva was defeated and he died under the collapsed building.

8. Zem

Zem Ningen Fushin

Zem is an ex-priest and the healer of the party, Survivors. He was betrayed by a young girl who was falsely accused of being harassed by him as he rejected her advancement towards him. Angered, betrayed, and expelled from his priesthood and village, he vowed to stop being a kind-hearted man and changed to a drunken womanizer.

Though Zem became a womanizer after the betrayal, he cared for and treated all those who were sick and suffering from diseases. He has exceptional knowledge of all kinds of diseases and their respective medicines. He also can cast physical improvement spells, activating strength in his body. Therefore, he is one of the main and strongest characters of Ningen Fushin.

7. Leon

Leon Ningen Fushin

Leon is the party leader of the Iron Tigers and is a beast man. He is well-built and extremely strong as an adventurer. He respects those who possess strength as he praised Nick and cares for his teammates. He is the captain of Claudine, the girl who betrayed Nick and prefers her as she has made him rich by her conning.

Being the captain of the Iron Tigers, Leon is extremely strong and courageous. After losing the Bare Knuckle Mathematics Battle against the Survivors, he was put into jail for interrogation about the looted treasure, the Sword of Ruinous Evolution. But he used that relic to escape prison and evolves into a monster attacking the Survivors but was ultimately defeated by them.

6. Tiana

Tiana Ningen Fushin

Tiana is one of the main characters who is the Survivors’ mage and a former noblewoman who has a fierce look from the outside but is kind from the inside. Though she belonged to a noble family, Tiana tirelessly practised magic and was quite known for her magical abilities. Her overflowing abilities overshadowed her jealous fiancée and he betrayed her, tearing her nobility.

Tiana is highly skilled with her spells including air, water, and lightning. She is an important teammate of the Survivors but she is addicted to gambling to the point that she lost all her savings. Her immense magic abilities and presence of sharp mind make her one of the strongest characters of Ningen Fushin.

5. Curran

Curran Ningen Fushin

Curran is a surviving member of the Dragon Village who is naive, innocent, and a curious Dragon girl. Due to that reason, it was easy for Kalios and his party to fool her and take away her precious belongings. That made her trust no one and she joined the Survivors, the team of disillusioned heroes where she was entrusted to store their funds, as she had no habit of spending money rather than eating tasty foods.

Curran, being a dragon-kin is the warrior of Survivors and has the divine protection of the Fire dragon and hence can control fire breathe efficiently while dealing with enemies. She is extremely powerful with high combat strength and effective defense by wielding two-handed sword techniques. Her powers and abilities make her one of the strongest members of Survivors.

4. Olivia

Olivia Ningen Fushin

Olivia is a lone wanderer and one of the legendary artifacts, the Anti-Demon-God Sword of War. Being an immortal artifact, she is highly knowledgeable and spends her life as an adventurer with the alias of Stepping Man. She changes her profession to journalism after meeting the Survivors.

Olivia, being a legendary artifact, is extremely strong while using her humanoid form. She has extreme flexibility and immense strength which helped the Survivors during their fight against White Mask, the demon. Thus, she is one of the main and strongest characters in the anime.

3. Nick

Nick Ningen Fushin

Nick, is one of the main protagonists and the strongest character in the anime, Ningen Fushin. He became an irritable and loud-mouthed character after being betrayed by his trusted ones and by his love, Claudine, and began spending his life watching life concerts of the famous idol, Agate.

Nick is a highly skilled fighter, trained by Argas, a known adventurer but after the betrayal, he trusted no one and began adventuring in the labyrinth all alone. Later, he found some companions, who were also betrayed at one point in their life and created a party called Survivors. His splendid skills, intellectual strategies, and his urge to earn money make him the strongest adventurer.

2. White Mask

White Mask Ningen Fushin

White Mask is a demon and one of the most potent antagonists who fought against the Survivors during their conversation with Nalgarva.  As the name suggests, White Mask is a demon warrior whose face is clad in a white cover, obscuring his identity. He has an imperial ancient armor relic and is a follower of the Dark Demon God.

White Mask is extremely powerful and has exceptional demonic powers. During his fight with the Survivors, he was unscathed but dealt a blow in his face when Nick and Zem united with the Sword of Bonds. Amused with their power, White Mask spares their lives and disappears. Though his role in the first season was limited to a few minutes, he is one of the most powerful in Ningen Fushin.

1. Kizuna

Kizuna Ningen Fushin

Ningen Fushin is the anime that shows the importance of friendship and bonds and Kizuna is that string that binds the four adventurers of the party, Survivors in a bonding of trust. Kizuna is the Holy Sword of Bonds, a legendary anti-demonic artifact that gives immense power to its wielder.

Kizuna, being a legendary artifact, can change his appearance from a sword to a human at will. Being called the Sword of Bonds, he can unite the souls of two persons with mutual trust and surpass their skills to deal a lot of damage to their enemies. Moreover, Kizuna, with his experience from the past, is highly intelligent and worthy to be called the strongest character in Ningen Fushin.

Your Questions on Ningen Fushin

Why was Nick thrashed out of his former party?

Argas kicked out Nick of the party as he was accused of having been embezzling funds from the party.

Is there love or romance in Ningen Fushin?

Ningen Fushin, being an anime under the genre of Fantasy, shows no hint of romance other than pure action and bonding of trust and friendship among the Survivors. But a slice of love can be expected of the second season keeping the main character and the hero, Nick at the centre.

When will Season 2 of Ningen Fushin be released?

The second of Ningen Fushin is currently under production, but the official date has not yet been declared. It may be released in late 2023 or early 2024.


Ningen Fushin is quite an underrated anime series, rarely watched by most of the anime watchers but the fact of restarting life after betrayal, which it conveys is an important advice for all. Hardships and obstacles are part of life and the anime, Ningen Fushin portrays those adventurers who have experienced those hardships, overcame the depression and have begun a new phase of their life.

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