[Ranked] Top 10 Strongest Slayers in Demon Slayers

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I am going to share the top 10 strongest slayers in Demon Slayers in this article. Let’s not waste much more time and take a look at the ten strongest slayers in Demon Slayer.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba is one of the most popular Japanese manga series written by Koyoharu Gotouge and the anime series has been adapted by Ufotable. This anime has created a massive impact on fans worldwide through its extraordinary characters and outstanding fight scenes between the Hashiras, Members of the Demon Slayer Corps, and the Demons. 

The characters, in the clash between good and evil, each have some unique and different traits, abilities, and strengths. In this article, we will be discussing some of these overwhelming characters, mainly the top 10 strongest slayers in Demon Slayer.

Please note that I have listed the top demon slayers according to their skills, ability, strength, speed, and certain other important traits illustrated up to the end of season 3 of Demon Slayer, The Swordsman’s Village Arc. So, there may be some demon slayers who are stronger but not on the following list.

INOSUKE HASHIBIRA Demon Slayers Strongest Slayers


  • Species: Human
  • Occupation: Member of Demon Slayer Corps
  • Main Ability: Beast Breathing 

Inosuke Hashibira is the young, pig-masked, muscular, and exciting, hothead and one of the strongest characters in Demon Slayer. His talents include unpredictable wild actions and swift-controlled movements with strong senses of touch which makes him a powerful slayer within the corps and a formidable opponent for the demons. He trained by himself in the mountains and created his breathing technique, Beast Breathing which displays brute strength, and together with his animal-like reflexes, his attacks are very effective.

The most unique style which makes Inosuke a worthy opponent is his wielding two Nichirin swords at the same time, dealing a lot of damage to his enemies. The Nichirin swords are also chipped manually making them more lethal. He also has an insane range of flexibility, helping him to dislocate joints and even shift internal organs in his body.

During his fight against Gyutaro, he shifted his heart before getting stabbed by the deadly scythe. He also has the ability of poison resistance which even holds out the deadly poison of Gyutaro’s scythe. He together with Tanjiro, killed Enmu, Lower Rank One, and helped in defeating the Sixth Upper Rank, Daki.

ZENITSU AGATSUMA Demon Slayers Strongest Slayers


  • Species: Human
  • Occupation: Member of Demon Slayer Corps
  • Main Ability: Thunder Breathing

Zenitsu Agatsuma is one of the main characters and the strongest slayer in Demon Slayer. He is a coward and stays in a constant state of fear, still, he tries to live up to the expectations of others and never gives up. He was trained by Jigoro Kuwajima, the former Lightning Hashira but he could only use only one form of Thunder Breathing. Zenitsu is highly talented with great hearing sense, immense speed, extraordinary reflexes, and endurance and he created several modifications in that one form of his breathing technique.

The most outstanding ability of Zenitsu is that he can fight while sleeping and being unconscious, which allows him to awaken the actual power which he holds as it removes his fear of demons. Zenitsu is calm, precise, and capable of thinking exceptional strategies which were displayed in the fight with the Sixth Upper Moon, helping them to kill Daki.

Zenitsu is one of the most humorous characters in the anime due to his actions of hitting on cute girls as he does not want to die being single. He holds a crush on Nezuko and is obsessed with her even though she is a demon and protected her in the Mugen Train from the fatal attack of Enmu, Lower Rank One. So Zenistu ranked at no. 9 in our list of Demon Slayer’s strongest slayers.

GENYA SHINAZUGAWA Demon Slayers Strongest Slayers


  • Species: Human
  • Occupation: Member of Demon Slayer Corps
  • Main Ability: Demon Transformation

Genya Shinazugawa is one of the most important, strongest, and most interesting characters in Demon Slayer. He is the younger brother of Wind Hashira, Sanemi Shinazugawa, and a student of Stone Hashira, Gyomei Himejima.

He has a rough character, foul-mouthed and ill-tempered, and is never polite with his fellow slayers. He is the only demon slayer who has no physical talent and even no breathing techniques. His will to become one of the Hashiras became so desperate that he developed a very special and unique ability to transform himself into a demon upon eating a demon’s live flesh for a short period and generate demonic traits like enhancing physical strength and regeneration. 

Genya is the most special character in the Demon Slayer not only for his Demonic Transformations but also for his dual wielding, his ability to wield both a double-barreled gun and a sharp wakizashi, both made of Nichirin. So, he is a skilled swordsman and a great marksman and can use the Continuous Repetition method, taught by the Stone Hashira.

He displays his confident skills while fighting Hantengu, the Fourth Upper Demon, and was desperate to kill him for becoming a Hashira. Later, he cooperated with Tanjiro and others and defeated Hantengu.

NEZUKO KAMADO Demon Slayers Strongest Slayers
Nezuko Kamado Strongest Slayer in Demon Slayers


  • Species: Demon (former human)
  • Occupation: Member of Demon Slayer Corps
  • Main Ability: Blood Demon Art-Exploding Blood

Nezuko is the younger sister of Tanjiro Kamada and the deuteragonist of the anime, Demon Slayer. After her family got attacked by the demon king, Muzan Kibutsuji, everyone got killed, except her brother, Tanjiro and she transformed into a demon. She is the only demon who is not under the control of Muzan Kibutsuji and is a member of the Demon Slayer Corps. Her love for her brother knows no bounds and she follows him everywhere and protects him in his missions.

While Nezuko appears as a calm, cute, and timid woman in most of the anime, she can transform herself into her demon form at will and can also shrink her size at will. Nezuko’s strength is comparable to those of the Upper Moon demons due to her remarkable strength and instant regeneration even without eating a single human.

Moreover, her special Blood Demon Art, Exploding Blood, in the form of pink flames hurts only demons and acts as a cure for humans. Nezuko mainly relies on hand-to-hand combat. The best part is Nezuko is the only demon to overcome and withstand sunlight. Nezuko’s incomparable power was revealed during her fight against Daki, the Upper-Rank Six, and Hantengu, Upper-Rank Four.

TANJIRO KAMADO Demon Slayers Strongest Slayers


  • Species: Human
  • Occupation: Member of Demon Slayer Corps
  • Main ability: Water Breathing and Dance of the Fire God (Hinokami Kagura)

Tanjiro is the main protagonist in Demon Slayer who joined the Demon Slayer Corps to find a cure for Nezuko, his sister, and turn her back to human. He vowed to kill the demon and especially Muzan Kibutsuji, the demon king who slaughtered his family.

He met the Water Hashira, Giyu Tomioka who referred him to train under Sakonji Urokodaki, the former Water Hashira. He also learned Hinokami Kagura or The Dance of the Fire God from his father, Tanjuro Kamado which was revealed to be the first form of Sun Breathing used by Yoriichi Tsugikuni.

Tanjiro is honest, emotional, and very kind by nature with his gentle eyes and is confident and determined to achieve his goals. He takes everyone’s words very seriously and works relentlessly to upgrade himself.

He even shows his sympathy to the dying demons who regret their actions. His sister being his only family, Tanjiro loves and protects her from any danger and even accompanies her everywhere while carrying her in a wooden box to save her from sunlight.

Tanjiro has an excellent talent for master swordsmanship, endurance, and stamina which is reflected in his battle scenes. He also has an exceptional sense of smell, which helped him perceive his surroundings and even locate the Opening Thread.

His indomitable will, selfless acts, and outstanding strategies pave the way for him to slay the demons. Tanjiro is the first person to awaken the Demon Slayer Mark while fighting Upper-Rank Six, Gyutaro, and became the first person to behead an Upper-Rank demon, Gyutaro. He also beheaded Hantengu, Upper-Rank Four, and various other demons of the Twelve Kizuki.

GIYU TOMIOKA Demon Slayers Strongest Slayers


  • Species: Human
  • Occupation: Water Hashira of Demon Slayer Corps
  • Main ability: Water Breathing

Giyu Tomioka is the first Hashira we saw at the start of the Demon Slayer anime. He has a calm, reserved and serious composure and an emotionless personality with an unbothered expression on his face. He was the only Hashira to understand Tanjiro’s persistence to let Nezuko live even though she is a demon.

His sense of judgment made an exception for those demons who do not eat humans and so, he did not hesitate to violate the code of conduct of the Demon Slayer Corps by protecting Nezuko from other Hashiras. Sakonji Urokodaki, the former Water Hashira, trained him.

Giyu is one of those Hashiras who did not let his hatred cloud his judgment but he never showed mercy to the human-devouring demons. He is stronger than all the lower demons and his immense speed and swift-controlled movements can slice through the demons from various directions.

He showed his master swordsmanship while fighting the Spider Demon family and defeated Father Spider and Rui, Lower Rank Five Demon with ease in Mount Natagumo Arc. He did not show his true skills yet but he is definitely one of the strongest demon slayers, so let’s wait for the next upcoming seasons.

TENGEN UZUI Demon Slayers Strongest Slayers


  • Species: Human
  • Occupation: Former Sound Hashira of Demon Slayer Corps
  • Main ability: Sound Breathing 

Tengen Uzui is the boldest and flashiest character in Demon Slayer, known for his flamboyancy. He is a tall, broad-shouldered, and attractive person with outstanding hearing perception and flexibility as he is a former shinobi. He left the shinobi clan to save people from these demons and with the ideology to value their own lives over their missions. He is confident in his skills and refers to himself as the God of Festivals for his flashiness. He is an exceptionally powerful character who is the user of the Sound Breathing and dual-wielding swordsmanship style with his Nichirin cleavers

Uzui possesses exceptional physical feats of strength and speed, with immense stamina and endurance. His extremely hard shinobi training made him extremely stealthy and poison resistant which came into view during his fight against Gyutaro, Upper-Rank Six in the Entertainment District Arc.

He also displayed his indomitable will and tactical intellect while exchanging blows with Gyutaro after losing an eye and a hand and even completed his Musical Score which deflected Gyutaro’s attacks. Being strong, Uzui is also loving and caring to his three wives Makio, Suma, and Hinatsuru who work as undercover agents for him.  

KYOJURO RENGOKU Demon Slayers Strongest Slayers


  • Species: Human
  • Occupation: Former Flame Hashira of Demon Slayer Corps
  • Main Ability: Flame Breathing 

Kyojuro Rengoku was present for only a short period during the Mugen Train Arc movie, but in that short period, he showed his extraordinary skills and can be regarded as the strongest slayer in Demon Slayers. He is a strong, kind, and charismatic character with a flaming and warm personality.

He was trained by his father, Shinjiro Rengoku, and became the user of the Flame breathing. He has great knowledge and praises those with outstanding talents. He takes care of his father and brother and follows his mother’s teachings, ‘strong should protect the weak’.

Rengoku’s outstanding abilities like immense speed, judgment, and ample strength with master swordsman skills came into view while he was fighting the lower-rank demons. Later, during his epic fight against Akaza, the Upper-Rank Three demon, he surprised everyone with his extrasensory perception and exceptional stamina, strength, and endurance.

Akaza praised him for his excellent skills and even proposed he becomes a demon, but he refused and fought him on equal grounds with his keen intellect and indomitable will until daylight. They both were seriously injured, but Akaza ran off chased by Tanjiro while Rengoku died due to his serious internal injuries, protecting every human in that area. 

MITSURI KANROJI Demon Slayers Strongest Slayers


  • Species: Human
  • Occupation: Love Hashira of Demon Slayer Corps
  • Main Ability: Love Breathing

Mitsuri Kanroji is the strongest female demon slayer who passed the Final Selection trail of the Demon Slayers by practicing for only six months. She is the Love Hashira and uses the Love Breathing technique. She is a very cute, emotional, shy, caring, passionate, and very beautiful character who constantly praises people in her mind. She is differently built as her muscle compositions are eight times denser than that of a normal person which provides her ample amount of strength and rigidity. She has trauma regarding marriage but after joining Demon Slayer Corps, she tries to find a man stronger than her and has deep feelings for the Snake Hashira, Obanai Iguro

Though she has a caring attitude towards everyone, Kanroji shows no mercy towards the demons because they are the symbol of hatred, the polar opposite of her style, Breath of Love. During her fight against Zohakuten, a clone of Hantengu, the Fourth Upper-Rank demon, she gets serious and fights with all her strength and receives her Demon Slayer Mark.

The outstanding capability of Kanroji is her excellent endurance and stamina and her ability to use a long whip-like Nichirin Sword as her weapon which perfectly suits her extraordinary flexibility.

MUICHIRO TOKITO Demon Slayers Strongest Slayers


  • Species: Human
  • Occupation: Mist Hashira of Demon Slayer Corps
  • Main ability: Mist Breathing 

Muichiro Tokito is the strongest and most powerful demon slayer by the end of Village Swordsman Arc as he is the only Hashira who could defeat an Upper Moon ranked demon single-handedly. He is a child prodigy, of the same age as Tanjiro, surpassing his generation with extraordinary speed and reflexes due to his immense and difficult training.

Muichiro became a Demon hunter after losing his beloved brother who was killed by a demon and he was also on the brink of death. That trauma has left him without any emotions and memories and he became air-headed but while fighting a demon, he gets serious displaying his superior skills and talents.

Muichiro has great control over his Mist breathing technique due to which he could rescue himself from the trap set by Gyokko, the Fifth Upper-Rank demon. Moreover, his amazing combat style with master swordsman abilities and enhanced stamina, speed, reflex, and endurance helped him to corner Gyokko, even though he was poisoned by Gyokko’s Blood Demon Art.

The Demon Slayer mark appeared on Muichiro and he regained his memories while he fought Gyokko in his real appearance, whom Muichiro easily defeated, with his superior skill to engulf himself in nature and attack from the mist-laden surroundings with unbelievable speed.


The fights between the demon slayers and the demons have been significant since the past and even the entire history acts as evidence of this chaos. These powerful demons are controlled as chess pieces by Muzan Kibutsuji, the demon king and their cruel actions against the humans cannot be tolerated. This anime is one of the top 10 anime series that you should not miss.

Muzan Kibutsuji has also got news of Nezuko overcoming the Sun. Soon, there will be an all-out battle between these two sides where Muzan and the demons want to achieve their dream of immortality and on the other hand, the demon slayers want to destroy the very embodiment of darkness and slay those cruel demons for a better and peaceful future. So here is the list of strongest slayers in Demon Slayers is ended.

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