Vinland Saga: Top 10 Strongest Characters [LATEST]

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Vinland Saga Strongest Characters: In this article I’m going to share strongest characters of Vinland Sagar. Let’s see who is the strongest characters of Vinland Saga.

Vinland Saga is an anime written and illustrated by Makoto Yukimura. This anime is based on historical periods and the writer himself has said that some characters are inspired by Norse mythology. This anime portrays a relationship between people who follow their ideals and those who are realistic. As this anime is realistic and focuses on a period of Vikings, war, and slave trading this show is quite Gore genre.

Introduction: Vinland Saga Powerful Characters Ranked!

Here our main protagonist Thorfin Karlsefni is a child heard from Leif that “Far west across the sea, there is a land called Vinland It’s warm. And fertile. A faraway land, where neither slave traders nor the flames of war reach.” as they lived in a Iceland where there are no farmlands this tale was unbelievable for him but as time went after so many wars and decades passed by Thorfin decided to sail to Vinland and make a peaceful place.

So without wasting anymore time let’s proceed to our list of Top 10 Strongest Characters in Vinland Saga. This article is based on the characters shown in the first two seasons of the anime.

Fox Vindland Saga

10. Fox

Fox is a mercenary hired by Ketil to work as a guard for the farm he follows Hebi’s orders as he is their leader and he has huge respect for Hebi as he is the strongest warrior on the farm.

He has very little empathy towards others and will use violence to bring order and discipline and to show dominance. He confronted Thorfin by attacking continuously and thought he would spill the beans and ask for forgiveness for his life but was stopped by Hebi. He uses a medium-sized sword and is a warrior and can also assess situations quickly.

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Wulf Vindland Saga

9. Wulf

Wulf is King Canut’s right-hand man and is the one who proposes ideas and is also his battle instructor. He behaves calmly and can make quick decisions while also being able to use others as his will and is a great manipulator. He is the one who planned out the attack on Ketil’s Farm.

He also uses a middle-size sword and is quite capable in close combat and to hold down his enemy at whatever cost as in his fight against Thorgil he didn’t let him go even when Thorgell pierced his eye with his bare fingers. He is one of the strongest characters in Vinland Saga anime series.

Halfdan Vindland Saga

8. Halfdan

Halfdan owns a lot of farmland and even lend loans to other and provide jobs on his farm. He is a great businessman and also a great warrior. He is presumed scary, angry, and relentless by some and always remains unfazed . He uses iron chains to fight which is an odd weapon and is very skilled with it.

Hebi Vindland Saga

7. Hebi

Hebi or Snake is a mercery on Ketil’s farm who comes to work for Ketil learning that he is the great Iron Fist warrior to his surprise, he is not but they have the same name so he and many people have mistaken.

Ketil also played through it. Stil knowing the truth Hebi never leaves the farm and starts working their as a guard and is loyal to his master and his family and is a very serious person who can’t forgive someone who took his comrades live.

He is also the only one who by himself tried to talk sense to Ketil about not to fight to King Canut’s Forces but when Ketil refused he remained their to fight. He uses a curved and slim sword which is not seen by many and is very fast and athletic. Thorfin was struggling to fight against him. So Hebi is ranked in our list of top 10 Vinland Saga powerful characters.

Thorgil Vindland Saga

6. Thorgil

Thorgil is the son of Ketil and was in the Canuts force where he earned quite a name for himself and has a great reputation as a warrior. He is quite like the other Norse men and thinks that everything can solved by fighting and is quite merciless as he ordered to kill two kids who were stealing from their farm. He is quite good in making strategies to fight and has great strength to able to swim with a sword and to attack King Canut from the back he just sliced any normal soldier with only one swing.

Askelad Vindland Saga
Askelad – One of the strongest characters of Vinland Saga

5. Askelad

Askeladd who was Viking and was the one who killed Thors, Thorfin’s dad as Floki hired him to kill him from that age, Thorfin swore to avenge his father’s death and went with his group and challenged him to duel multiple times but couldn’t win one. 

His real name was Lucius Artorius Castus a Welsh Danish who always wanted to protect Welsh as his mother is from there and that’s why he helped Canut to become King.

Floki Vindland Saga

4. Floki

Floki is the Jomsvikings commander under Swen King and as the Jomsviking are considered ten times more stronger than normal soldiers they follows some rule and etiquette when he learned about Thors being alive whom he fought alongside ran away from Jomsviking he punished the death penalty and even after so many years Floki didn’t forget that and contracted Askelad to kill Thors. Even though he had fought alongside Thors he never liked him for personal reasons.

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Thors Vindland Saga

3. Thorkell

Thorkell is a war freak. He loves war more than anything else. He doesn’t care about the reasons or any other things like grudges he only cares about strong opponents and war. He was a former Jomviking Commander and then he made his group.

After fighting with Thorfin and Askelad’s force he also came under King Canut. He is a big tall guy capable of defeating even Thors but has only one weaknesses: his head and his simple thinking.

Thorfin Vindland Saga

2. Thorfinn

Thorfinn, Thor’s son lived in Iceland with his family peacefully when he was little he was an adventurous boy and loved to hear Leif’s travelling adventure stories. He spent over a decade with Askelad’s force to avenge his dad’s death but was unsuccessful due to his rage.

In his teenage he was driven only by his rage and forgot his dad’s teaching that he had no enemies he never understood those words neither could he become a true warrior, until his revenge was unsuccessful and before he could kill Askelad he died that’s when he became aimless and was sold to Ketil’s farm as a slave after that slowly with time he’s able to understand his dad’s teaching and has swore not to fight or even wield a weapon and has set his sail towards making a place of no war.

Thors Vindland Saga

1. Thors

Thors Snorresson was a Jomsviking Commander and was known as the “Troll of Jom”. Thors is the most strongest characters in Vinland Saga. He was a cold-hearted warrior able to defeat hundreds of soldiers alone but after the birth of his first child, he left his warrior life, Jomsviking and settled in Iceland after faking his death. He married the daughter of the third Jomsviking chief. 

Your Questions: At Vinland Saga Powerful Characters

How is Thors related to the Jomsviking?

Thors is one of the generals from Jomsviking and has married the daughter of the third chieftain of the Jomsviking.

Why did Askelad kill Ragnar?

Askelad killed Ragnar because he would stand in the way of King Canute and Canute couldn’t grow out of his shadow and wouldn’t become the King that Askelad dreamt about.

Why did Askelad hate the Vikings?

Askelad’s hatred towards Vikings is due to his father, a Viking abandoning him and his mother and also how war-raging and dumb Vikings are.



Though Thors and Askelad have passed away and Thorfin has sworn to never wield any weapon this is the way they can be ranked based on their overall strength while either fighting a single enemy or against an army. The Jomviking are considered to be the strongest warriors out there and all the Norse warriors think of how gracefully they can die on a battlefield so that after their death they will be guided to Valhalla, the hall of Odin in Asgard, to join the God’s Army to prepare for the comming final war, Ragnarok. The stronger the opponent the best it is and that’s why all the Norse Vikings love wars more than anything.

We have discussed all the strongest characters of Vinland Saga. If you know any character that we miss, let us know in the comment section. We will update this list of Vinland Saga Strongest Characters time to time.

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